Protest In Iran Gear Recommendations And Preventive Measures

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    The information provided here is intended to help you prepare in advance for the action and is not a substitute for first aid trainings, which are quite thorough.

    Here is a basic list of supplies to bring for your first aid kit, and to donate to the medical team.
    • water (as much as you can carry. this is for you and your friends to drink, for irrigating eyes and wounds, for cooling off. it's worth its weight--bring lots)
    • several pairs of vinyl gloves (protect against blood AND pepper spray, latex works but is a common allergen)
    • change &/or card for telephone call
    • paper, pen, duct tape, marker
    • wound care supplies (Band-aids, steri-strips, 2x2 & 4x4 bandages, 1st aid tape, Bactroban or other antiseptic)
    • ace bandage
    • chemical weapons decontamination supplies (3 small bottles of canola oil, alcohol, and a solution of liquid antacid/water, 1:1 ratio--this in a spray bottle, lots of gauze sponges or clean rags, stored in several small plastic bags)
    • small tampons (good for nose bleeds)
    • tongue depressors (for splinting)
    • clean shirt in plastic bag (to change into if you get heavily gassed)
    • sun screen or rain gear, weather depending
    • Emergen-C (or other powdered electrolyte mix)
    • Rescue Remedy (good for shock, trauma)
    • snacks
    • tube of cake icing (or hard candy--good for raising blood sugar)
    • aspirin, ibuprofen
    • inhaler, epinephrine, benadryl (for those qualified to use them)

    What you bring and wear will largely determine how long you'll be able to stay there. If you pack your bag too heavy, that will also limit your mobility and increase your fatigue.


    • comfortable, protective shoes that you can run in
    • clothing which covers most of your skin to protect from sun and pepper spray exposure
    • shatter-resistant eye protection ie: sunglasses, swim goggles, or gas mask
    • gas mask or goggles paired with a respirator or bandanna to protect during chemical weapons deployment
    • weather-related gear (i.e.: rain gear or sun hat)
    • heavy-duty gloves if you plan to handle hot tear gas canisters
    • fresh clothes in plastic bag (in case yours get contaminated)
    • a cap or hat to protect you from the sun and from chemical weapons


    • lots of water in plastic bottle with squirt or spray top, to drink and to wash off your skin or eyes if needed
    • energy snacks
    • identification and/or emergency contact information.
    • just enough money for pay-phone, food, transportation
    • watch, paper, pen for accurate documentation of events, police brutality, injuries
    • water- or alcohol-based sunscreen
    • your inhaler, epipen, insulin or other medication if you require it
    • several days of your prescription medication and doctor's note in case of arrest
    • menstrual pads, if needed. Avoid using tampons--if you're arrested you may not have a chance to change it (tampons left in more than six hours increase your risk of developing toxic shock syndrome)

    • Don't put vaseline, mineral oil, oil-based sunscreen or moisturizers on skin as they can trap chemicals.
    • Don't wear contact lenses, which can trap irritating chemicals underneath.
    • Don't wear things which can easily be grabbed (i.e.: dangly earrings or other jewelry, ties, loose hair)
    • Don't go to the demo alone if you can help it. It is best to go with an affinity group, or some friends who know you well.
    • Don't forget to sleep, eat, and drink lots of water. No matter how well rested and prepared we are and how tight our plan of action is with our affinity group, we can never really predict what will happen in an action, how the police will (over)react to our demonstration, no matter how peaceful we may be.

    A little information can go a long way towards dispelling myths, fears and misinformation, so we want to share as widely as possible what we have learned about tear gas and pepper spray:

    PROTECTION AGAINST TEAR GAS AND PEPPER SPRAY, 101 The first thing to remember about exposure to these chemical weapons is that it is not the worst thing that could happen to you. The hype and fear surrounding them is enormous, but in reality, if you are careful and smart, you should survive it with little problem. This information is the result of conversations with experts, pepper spray trials done by the Black Cross Health Collective in Portland, Oregon, and our combined experiences of treating lots of people in various actions, including the WTO in Seattle, the IMF/WB in DC, and the actions against the electoral conventions in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

    Unfortunately, we have no direct experience with these chemical weapons in Europe, so please be aware that this information is based on research from around the world, but experience only from the US.

    What They Are:

    Tear gas (also called CS, CN, or CX) and pepper spray (OC) are chemical compounds that are weapons designed to be used by the military and police to disperse crowds and subdue individuals. They are mucous membrane (the inside of your mouth and nose, among other places, are lined with mucous membranes) and skin irritants. They are mixed with solvents, and delivered through the use of propellants. Some of these solvents are registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency as causing cancer, birth defects and genetic mutations. In Seattle, one batch of tear gas contained methylene chloride, a highly toxic solvent which can cause mental confusion, headache, tingling of the limbs, rapid heartbeat, visual and auditory hallucinations, menstruation cycle disruption, spontaneous abortion, and varying effects on lungs and the digestive system.
  2. Lynx Member

    How They Are Deployed:

    Tear gas and pepper spray can be sprayed from small hand-held dispensers or large fire-extinguisher size tanks. Pepper spray also comes in plastic projectiles which are fired at the chest to knock the wind out of a person, who then takes a deep breath, of pepper from the burst projectile. Tear gas is most commonly deployed via canisters, which are fired into crowds, sometimes directly at people. It's important that you know not to pick up the canisters without gloves as they are extremely hot. Be aware that the time it takes you to throw it will allow you to be heavily exposed.

    How They Affect You:

    Both tear gas and pepper spray are skin irritants, causing burning pain and excess drainage from eyes, nose, mouth and breathing passages. Pepper spray is more popular with authorities as an agent of control because of its immediate pain-causing qualities. It is harder to remove from the skin and has the capacity to cause first degree burns.

    If you are exposed to either, you may experience:

    • stinging, burning in your eyes, nose, mouth and skin
    • excessive tearing, causing your vision to blur
    • runny nose
    • increased salivation
    • coughing and difficulty breathing
    • disorientation, confusion and sometimes panic
    • intense anger from pepper spray exposure is a common response; this can be useful if you are prepared for it and are able to focus it towards recovery and returning to the action.

    The good news is that this is temporary.

    Discomfort from tear gas usually disappears after 5-30 minutes, while the worst pepper spray discomfort may take 20 minutes to 2 hours to subside. The effects of both diminish sooner with treatment. Because pepper spray penetrates to the nerve endings, its effects may last for hours after removal from the skin.

    There are many myths about treatment and prevention. Much of this misinformation is potentially dangerous. Some of it, if applied, could greatly increase or prolong a person's reaction to exposure, or at the very least provide a false sense of security.
    For most healthy people, the effects of tear gas and pepper spray are temporary. However, for some people the effects can be long-lasting and life-threatening.

    People with the conditions listed below should be aware of these risks and may want to try and avoid exposure. Please be aware that in intense actions, police behavior can be unpredictable, and avoidance is not always possible.
    • Folks with respiratory diseases, such as asthma, emphysema, etc. risk exacerbation, or permanent damage if exposed.
    • Vulnerable people such as infants, the elderly, and the immune compromised, risk intensified and possibly life-threatening responses.
    • Anyone with chronic health conditions or those on medications that weaken the immune system, (ie: chemotherapy, Lupus, HIV, radiation, or long-term corticosteroids such as prednisone) risk exacerbation of illness, intensified response and possible delayed recovery.
    • Women who are or could be pregnant, or who are trying to get pregnant, may be at risk of spontaneous abortion, or increased risk of birth defects.
    • Nursing mothers risk passing toxins on to their infant.
    • Folks with skin conditions (ie: severe acne, psoriasis, or eczema) and eye conditions (ie: conjunctivitis or uveitis) risk an intensified response.
    • People wearing contact lenses may experience increased eye irritation and damage due to chemicals being trapped under the lenses.


    • Avoid use of oils, lotions and detergents because they can trap the chemicals and thereby prolong exposure. Wash your clothes, your hair and your skin beforehand in a detergent-free soap (such as Dr.Bronner's or most eco-friendly products).
    • We recommend using a water or alcohol-based sunscreen (rather than oil-based). If your choice is between oil-based or nothing, we advocate using the sunscreen. Getting pepper sprayed on top of a sunburn is not fun.
    • We also recommend minimizing skin exposure by covering up as much as possible. This can also protect you from the sun, as can a big hat.
    • Gas masks provide the best facial protection, if properly fitted and sealed. Alternatively, goggles (with shatter-proof lenses), respirators, even a wet bandana over the nose and mouth will help.

    How to deal:
    • STAY CALM. Panicking increases the irritation. Breathe slowly and remember it is only temporary.
    • If you see it coming or get a warning, put on protective gear, if able, try to move away or get upwind.
    • Blow your nose, rinse your mouth, cough and spit. Try not to swallow.
    • If you wear contacts, try to remove the lenses or get someone to remove them for you, with CLEAN, uncontaminated fingers.

    We have been doing trials with pepper spray to find good remedies and have found some things will definitely help minimize the discomfort. None of these are miracle cures; using these remedies will help people to feel better faster, but it will still take time.

    For the eyes and mouth:

    We recommend a solution of half liquid antacid (like Maalox) and half water. A spray bottle is ideal but a bottle that has a squirt cap works as well. Always irrigate from the inside corner of the eye towards the outside, with head tilted back and slightly towards the side being rinsed. It seems from our trials that it needs to get into the eye to help. This means that if the sprayed person says it's okay you should try to open their eye for them. They most likely won't be able/willing to open it themselves, and opening will cause a temporary increase in pain, but the solution does help. It works great as a mouth rinse too.

    For the skin:

    We recommend canola oil followed by alcohol. Carefully avoiding the eyes, vigorously wipe the skin that was exposed to the chemical with a rag or gauze sponge saturated with canola oil. Follow this immediately with a rubbing of alcohol. Remember that alcohol in the eyes hurts A LOT. Anyone whose eyes you get alcohol in will not be your friend.
    Secondary treatments can include: spitting, blowing your nose, coughing up mucous (you don't want to swallow these chemicals!), walking around with your arms outstretched, removing contaminated clothing, and taking a cool shower. In fact, it is essential to shower and wash your clothes (this time in real detergents--no eco-friendly stuff here) as soon as you are able. This shit is toxic, and will continually contaminate you and everyone around you until you get rid of it. Until then, try not to touch your eyes or your face, or other people, furniture, carpets etc. to avoid further contamination.

    Remember, it is only temporary, and we are extremely strong.


    A bandanna soaked in water or vinegar and tied tightly around the nose and mouth is a last resort. It is far better than nothing, but remember that it is merely a barrier and not a filter and so won't do much for long-term protection. You can keep it soaking in a plastic bag until ready to use. Bring several, as multiple uses will render a bandanna as gassy as the air around you.

    For protecting your eyes, swim goggles work well as they have a tight seal. Shatter-resistance is another nice quality for goggles to have. Most goggles have air holes to prevent fogging--fill these with epoxy.

    Covering these holes with duct tape can work in a pinch against an initial attack, though not for long term protection. Try them on with your respirator or bandanna to ensure that they are compatible and that both will provide a tight seal.

    You should be aware that whatever protection you choose will be visually quite powerful. Gas masks work the best; they also look quite scary and intimidating and can be alienating to others. They can however also make you a target of police violence. Think carefully about your impact on others when you decide how to protect yourself.


    Take care of yourself. If you are grounded, well-rested, fed and watered, you will have much more endurance. Dressing appropriately and preparing for the weather is key. Think water, comfy shoes, rain gear/sun protection, more water. Think mobility and comfort. Think creative energy and sustainability.
  3. kldickson Member

    If you are attacked with pepper spray and no oil is available, use milk or any other fat-containing liquid. Capsaicin is fat-soluble.
  4. Cheap gear

    You can slow people on motorcycles by scattering ball bearings, marbles, or rough gravel on the road. Lots of ball bearings and marbles can also slow down marching police or troops.

    Cut the handle off a frying pan. Lay the pan upside down in the street. It looks like an IED/mine, and might slow Basiji down as they inspect it.

    Surgical tubing (Or any heavy elastic) and ball bearings make a good slingshot.
  5. Ravenmore Member

    This seems counterproductive. The more peaceful the protests, the better.
  6. Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, and that's the way it always has been.

    Let me put it this way: if you saw a man raping a woman, would you simply sit there and yell at him to stop, or would you take that motherfucker down?

    It's the same way with oppressors; if you don't hit them, they won't fall.
  7. I like this guy
  8. Nihad Subasic Member

    Seconded, I like him as well.
  9. If you must resort to violence, do not kill those that attack you, doing so will only give the propaganda departments more fodder.

    If anything, injure them, strip the weapons and body armor off of them if they have any, then pull them out of the way and have someone make sure they don't die.

    If you're aiming to kill, kill the Ayatollah, Mullahs, and Ahmadinejad as they are the true evil behind this.
  10. Video Gamer Member

    If you don't injure those who oppress you, this makes you a victim, and the world government will be much more sympathetic towards you all.
    If one person kills one police officer, the entire riot will be condemned, worldwide.
  11. agreed

  12. I don't think the Iranians should be left defenseless. In the eventual event of imminent danger for the current Ayatolla and/or Ahmadinejad, the government will use (deadly) force against the protestors, or else the basij or another militia will use that force against the protestors.

    The basij/pro-status quo militias seem more deadly and unstable than the protestors; it only makes sense for the protestors to be able to improvise methods of portable self defense.

    Of course, I'm not Iranian, so they ought to decide for themselves.
  13. I'm the same guy writing at 6:06 for self defense, just wanted to add that it only seems inevitable that the current government will eventually begin to actively and widely apply deadly force to quell the protests. The protesters in that case should be capable of resisting.
  14. Video Gamer Member

    Yes, but only AFTER. If the government acts first, it makes the protestors the victims. If the protestors act first, then they are terrorists.
    I personally don't believe that, but that's just how it will happen.
  15. they already killed 20+ ppl. let em have it. its a fucking revolution not a tea party.
  16. Different tactics needed for a revolution. The time to act is now while there is still fresh blood on the ground.
  17. Don't use ball bearings!

    I don't recommend ball bearings, marbles or other such things. Remember, people are also walking on the street. If people get injured, evacuating them could be hindered by a street full of ball bearings.

    A better bet: bring sheets, blankets or netting. Fling them over people with weapons, or hold them up. This will obstruct their vision, making it harder to target people, it will entangle their limbs, making it harder for them to use the full range of motion to develop full hitting power (and it will certainly inhibit their ability to use firearms), and it can tangle and stop the bikes. These will at the least keep people harmlessly occupied while others escape and/or form other barriers. The sheets and netting are even more effective if wet; if you've ever tried to get out of wet clothing, you know what I mean. Douse sheeted attackers with water; this will also spoil their guns and make their batons more slippery to hold. Don't be cruel here; don't use very hot water. You don't want to burn or hurt people, you just want to quickly stop attacks. A burned, armed person is not a problem you need to deal with.

    Speaking of which, if you have access to fire trucks, use them against the bikes and soldiers. You can use them to block their passage, and to spray them with water.

    Park cars in a staggered chevron pattern in the streets (45 degree angles, perhaps like a zipper, or fish bones). This pattern will allow people on foot to run easily past them, but will significantly slow down bikes; they'll have to serpentine through them, while people can run in straight lines. If car doors are left unlocked, the people closest to the bikes can open the doors as they pass, further impeding the bikes. I know cars are expensive for many, but if they're parked on the street during a violent demonstration, they're going to get damaged anyway. Better to sacrifice them to save people; they're easier to replace than a loved one.

    My heart goes out to the Iranian people. May you all make it safely through this, and have the government, the leader and the freedom you want once it's over. Good luck!
  18. I agree, but I have heard that the crowd pulled police off their motorbike and set it on fire, they are very angry, with so many people and the shootings of protesters I doubt they will be completely peaceful
  19. Twit iran now

    Please join this people at twitter and give them a hand on how to go on with the revolution. Post your ideas and support the Iranian revolution now

    We are trying to form groups of people to block streets in Teheran. Help us to get connected with other people and form other small groups.

    thank you
  20. Shoes

    Wear boots or high-backed shoes if possible. When fleeing riots, people often get their shoes knocked off by someone running too closely.

    Remember, the masses outnumber the oppressors by a large margin - although they have the huge psychological deterrent of authority + guns + armor + clubs, any one person tackling an oppressor can change the tone.

    The riots in Greece in December of 2008 were aided greatly by laser pens. Youths were utilizing laser pens to point out military personnel, and to temporarily blind them when they were attacking.
  21. kldickson Member

    Yes. Arm yourselves with laz0rs.
  22. A tip I got from palestinian demonstrators in an oslo prison after the Gaza demonstrations in feb, they heard it from the Norwegian "Blitz" group:
    Smear lime fruit juice on the inside of any fabric which covers your mouth such as a scarf - anything you use to cover your mouth. This is claimed to remove all effects from the CS gas (tear gas) although I haven't really tried it myself.
  23. More Rioting Tips

    1. To protect your brain from Lasers, wear a NATO-issue tinfoil helmet.

    2. When planting landmines, carry your dental records in a handbag, you know, just in case ...

    3. If you have access to F-16's, save them to dive-bomb the last pockets of Basiji resistance.

    4. Coil a 1-metre length of garden hose inside your jeans, this will make everyone think you have a monster cock and you'll be promoted instantly to Leader of the Revolution.

    5. Good luck and remember to duck for any flying lead.

    [MODEDIT -- learn to ignore trolls or upsetting posts]
  24. This isn't a joke

    To Benjamin the Donkey:

    This isn't a joke. If you don't care about this topic don't interrupt.

    I strongly believe that the citizens of Iran are intelligent and free-willed enough to make some changes in their country. I would love to see the country changed from within. A good old fashioned revolution. I was just driving down the street today thinking how absoulutely spoiled I am that I live in such a peaceful country as Canada. I can't imagine my life being on-the-line for something I have said or done.

    Vive la revolution.
  25. for those of you who don't own gas masks

    everyone? okay, here's what you do. find a bandana. or a rag. something to wrap around your head made of fairly good material.

    now find some charcoal. smash up the charcoal. soak the bandana/rag/whatever in water. line one side of the bandana/rag/whatever with charcoal dust. fold bandana/rag/whatever over and wrap around your nose and mouth.

    you'll have to deal with stinging eyes unless you happen to have goggles handy. glasses don't help all that much. also, don't rub your eyes. it only makes it worse.

    as for taking out motorcycles, the best method as determind by the fine people at mythbusters, is to take out their spokes. go to a construction site and look for steel rebar. find sticks and tape/tie/whatever them to the rebar like it were a spear. this does two things: gives you reach when attacking their spokes and makes it so the rebar can snap off without taking your hands with it should you score a hit.

    safety in numbers. stay organized. stay safe. viva persia.
  26. They use it in Norway, I've tasted it. CS gas, that is.
  27. Facemasks soaked in vinegar can dramatically lessen the effects of CS gas on the respiratory system, though do not reduce the other symptoms. While OC spray remains effective after many exposures, one can develop a "tolerance" to CS gas. Be prepared to vomit and be disoriented the first time.

    Do not carry identification of any kind, if you are arrested they can use this to go after your family. Exceptions for if you have a medical condition, or if you are attending the protest without an affinity group. Try to establish a buddy system, groups of four instead of two. Set up rally points along the protest route in case of attack. If you can, set up escape routes to known safehouses from the protest site.

    Not only can tampons be used to stop nosebleeds, but they are also good initial treatment for gunshot wounds. It will hurt like hell to get it in, but it will dramatically slow the bleeding.

    Wear reversible clothing if you have it. This tactic has been used in protests worldwide. Either this, or wear layers. This way you can run from the site of a beating chased by authorities and remove or reverse your layers, blending with the rest of the crowd. Camoflage can be used by protesters and military alike. If you can go from looking like a Mousavi protestor to Basij with one zipper, do so. You can expect they will be doing the same.
  28. I've seen videos ofwell covered and protectedprotesters using cheap cooking pots to cover up tear gas grenades in an effort to limit their effectiveness. Of course, this can only work if the person doing the covering is protected themselves.
  29. A little advice

    Try your best not to attack the police, as they may attack back. It's best to wear a gas mask, or a rag soaked in vinegar or water. Cover your mouth when you see smoke of any kind, as it maybe a chemical weapon, or a fire.

    Do not carry any form of identification, and help any injured protesters. They are your allies, and you must protect your allies. I do not want to see anymore death due to the police there. Please be careful, and I hope your cause is successful.

    You have the support of many people, such as Anonymous, and several international governments, and companies. You are not alone in this.
  30. linuxrebel Member

    from experience

    Pepper spray, Milk for eyes skin will survive. Wear long sleave shirts the less skin is exposed the better it is. Goggles are best but wrap around sunglasses come close.

    CS gas. Easy to defeat IF you don't rub your eyes, After about a minutes they will be watering so heavy you can actualy survive it ok. Don't rub your nose, let it drip otherwise you irritate it.

    Decide on a rally point and time in case you get scattered. Be there count heads and you will know who to look for. Don't wait days or hours.

    Tactics. Eyes are the secret, lasers, flashlights fingers whatever attack the eyes. Don't aim to kill aim to injure. An injured soldier takes 2 buddies to carry them off the field. If a column of soldiers attacks your line, let them in, it's too late to study the tactics of Mardonius but, once they come in you fold up behind them.

    Fight a guerrilla war. Right now they are using it against you. Hit and run, don't take them on in a grinding fight. They will win. Hit do any damage you can and run. Attack supplies, not people.

    laundry soap + Styrofoam + gasoline = napalm It's nasty but great for destroying equipment and building Fire lines they can't cross (the fire sticks to tires, shoes etc.)

    A piece of pipe + a thin nail + a cotton ball and you can make a blow gun that is good at 10 ft. Won't kill but hurts.

    Never under estimate the power of fear. Hit and run, erratic tactics and patterns all cause your enemy to become unnerved. Don't let the enemy sleep. Even if the attack causes no damage he will be wasting arms and sleep on you.

    Control the terms of the fight. Do it where, when and how you want. Ignore his strengths attacks his weaknesses. Never be a hero, make him a hero, as hero's are those who die for a cause. Live to fight tomorrow.

    Above all keep the faith. In your comrades, in your cause, and in your God. As faith will help you keep your sanity.
  31. And you haven't figured out that, maybe, people taking the streets precisely because they *do not* want to be victims any longer ?

    The "sympathy" of governments is just a different source of oppression ; it would be way better to have the (concrete) sympathy of other revolted people around the world, instead of censoring oneself with this victim ideology that leads to behave like sheep in times when you finally have the opportunity to be proud humans...
  32. @ Spoiled Canadian, + all NATO-approved funtime 'revolutionaries'

    Actually, it is a very cynical joke which your 'masters and leaders' play at the expense of the Iranian people, whom they hope to enslave even more firmly than you.

    Your lack of imagination stems from state-induced political ignorance and fear to think freely.

    If every Revolution begins at Home, ask yourself why there can never be a 'Color Revolution' in Canada, Britain, USA, Germany, etc, against their hugely unpopular governments, yet why the inversely large proportion of harnessed NATO-mindslaves offering 'revolutionary' tips to Iranians?

    Satire is a form of critique, you knew that, right?
  33. More tear gas first aid

    If you don't have any vinegar or water-soaked bandanas, or may be around someone who doesn't, carry an onion on you. If gassed, break it in greatly reduces the irritation in the eyes and nasal cavity. Learned that from a photojournalist in Gaza.
  34. Pyxis Studios Member

    In agreement

    This guy is on the money.
  35. thx

    hey to all of you supporting not just my fellow countrymen and women, but supporting a movement of freedom and peace, that now more than ever is needed all over the world!
    once again, it is young people against an elite of old men lust for power and a huge greed!
    to those, who understand this movement and this people, you enjoy my high admiration!
    to those, who doesn`t, you have been living free for a long time to be able to retrace the gift of freedom!

    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Thomas Jefferson

    my dear countrymen and women,

    you enjoy a great solidarity from even non-iranians,
    i wish you the best, success, freedom, peace and security.
    be peaceful, but don`t forget, a revolution is never peaceful!
    if you want the revolution, capture the TV, capture policestations, capture weapons, and at least for the symbolic weight capture that damned evin-prison!
  36. the young are foolish and easily manipulated

    "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner" - Benjamin Franklin

    And more recently:

    "television has taught us that we'll all grow up to be millionaires, movie stars and rock gods, but we won't! and we're slowly learning that fact and we're very very pissed off"
  37. Or ... you're supporting minority which is stirring up trouble to destabilize Iran so the rightfully elected president can be overthrown and replaced by US puppet.

    Just maybe ...
  38. we who have 'freedom' know its a lie

    Democracy is chosing which millionaire will be your owner. We in the west know its a sham.

    Our internet is censored by a secret commitee that is immune to public scrutiny.
    90% of our media is controlled by 3 billionaires.
    We can be arrested without charge and held in jail without commiting a crime.
    Over 100 deaths caused by police shootings and beatings in the past 10 years - none went to jail.
    Police disperse non-violent protests with pepper spray and/or truncheons, and confiscate video of such incidents


    What fascist dictatorship do I live in?


    The dream they are selling you is a lie. If western media is so free, why is only one side receiving attention? They do the same to North Korea. Or anyone else who opposes their corporate imperialism.

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