Protest in brisbane on september 20th for better internet no internet filters and tony abbot issues

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by anon_Kirby, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. anon_Kirby Member

    I am proposing that we do a march on spetember 20th for our rights to information and to get our proper nbn not just shitty 25mbps internet and also not get this shitty internet filter and try get this tony abbot fucker out of parliament

    ty:) Kirby
  2. Anonymous Member

    Do you have any details of this filter?
  3. anon_Kirby Member

    Yes he is monitoring traffic from the 7 main lines in Australia if you are caught on pornography, pirating, hacking or websites that promote or are themed around nefarious activities you will get one warning tjen a fine and if it continues you will be disconnected from your internet

  4. Anonymous Member

  5. anon_Kirby Member

    Whas dox lol
  6. Anonymous Member

    Do you have a link to the details of this proposal?
  7. anon_Kirby Member

    Ill try find one
  8. Anonymous Member

    So many things wrong with this thread, it is hard to know where to start.

    1) Trying to make removing an elected official pretty much after he got elected a protest goal is so full of fail and aids.
    2) 25Mbps is a fuck load better internets that what most people in the world have, and I don’t really think ‘first world problems’ are a sensible recruiting point for any action you wish to be successful.
    3) You’re trying to organise a protest in 10 days, a really tight deadline that most experienced protesters wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, and from the looks of the posts ITT it seems you need a whole fucking day just to post the dox on the one issue folks might give a shit about???

    This isn’t going to happen is it?
  9. anon_Kirby Member

    <mode edit>Anonymous means NOT POSTING person dox</mod edit>

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