PROTEST IDEA: Party For The Press - honor those who have faced the CO$

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by redplaidsofa, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. redplaidsofa Member

    PROTEST IDEA: Party For The Press - honor those who have faced the CO$

    Apologies if this has been suggested before...

    IDEA: some month from now, have this theme for the worldwide protest:

    Call it "Party For The Press" event.

    This event honors the brave reporters, writers, journalists and other members of the press out there who - in the past - have braved the worst wrath of the CO$ for reporting the truth. We publicly offer gratitude and cheers and thanks.

    Have signs that say things like "Thank you, Paulette Cooper!" and have flyers detailing what Paulette Cooper went through.

    Find other members of the press who have braved thru the consequences as well, thank them publicly too like we do Paulette Cooper.

    Thank Time Magazine, for instance for their 1991 cover page report as well as naming and thanking whoever wrote the article. Publicly thank the BBC and their reporter who was bullbaited. Make sure they see that we KNOW that they were brave and that we are grateful to them! (Who else can we name?)

    Maybe have a general flyer naming and thanking the past brave members of the press who faced the CO$ and what they went through.

    Best of all: make darn sure that this flyer has a callout to the rest of the press that they be as courageous now as the particular people were against the CO$ in the past.

    We could have a public speech too, also naming and thanking these press members.
    At the end of this speech we call for the current members of the press who are still afraid to take heart, have courage and TELL THE STORY.

    I'd DEFINITELY include the Old Guard in this honoring process, even though they are not necessarily members of the press, but they DID take the worst of what the CO$ had to offer - and wrote lots about it - before Anon came along. :cool

    And we get to feed 'em cake as well. :)

    (Edited for "Paulette" misspelling)
  2. saerat Member

    FANTASTIC idea =D I am sure loads of news programs would pick up on that... imagine the opportunity to tell the masses that they are great =F
  3. redplaidsofa Member

    Best of all... we can give the bravest of them all (gotta decide on one) the "Wise Beard Award".

    Can you imagine what THAT trophy would look like? :rofl:
  4. cheezymadman Member

    It's Paulette Cooper.

    Don't take offense, I'm just anal for details.

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