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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Unregistered, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. EPG Member

    Hey, I love what you have made, I was just wondering if it'd be ok with you if I modified your work a little as an Idea. I fixed the spelling and also used Persian Calligraphy as an idea.

  2. anyway we can keep the pole green, keep the iran map outline white and change the actual flag to red?

    those would be the national colors
  3. Lara Member

    Thanks for the dA link, whoever posted it. I've been looking for Iranian stuff there for a while now, perfect place. Some pretty poignant art there (probably not poster material though).

    I'll work on some poster art if I have time.
  4. ech0 Member

    Done. But I just don't think it looks good. Aesthetically, I think the pole & flag have to go together as the same color.


    Here's an alternate with just red text.
  5. A red flag evokes communism; keep it green. I don't think the flag needs any design on it, honestly. Though if you really want more embellishment I would suggest a higher-contrast photomontage of the protests in Azadi Square in the background, if anything.
  6. Geraldanthro Member

    keep up the good work

    I've posted every thing so far.


    Great art .

  7. Artist

    I'm keeping the flag green, a lot of people have problems with the red/green/white on the map (basically the red part), plus green has been the color they are using to associate with the protest

    I'm uploading the final version soon, different sizes and layouts for giant poster size ("18 x "24) and regular paper sizes
  8. It looks wonderful, but many of our sisters have shed blood in this revolution, we want to remember ours sisters too, anyways one hand can be female?
  9. axo1dt.jpg.gif
  10. K_Gar Member

    Sea of Green Poster

    Here's my poster. Created in Illustrator. Let me know what you think.

  11. That is amazing. K_Gar for president. Thank you.
  12. Awesome. It's in the new Anonymous video.


    Composed and Performed by Anonymous
    For Solo Piano
    4 July 2009

    Please spread this around, it is a serious piece.
  13. Ray Murphy Member

    One of the best I've seen.

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  14. Ray Murphy Member

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  15. David Hume Member

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  16. Thanks for doing it.
    Send in more posters:
    If youre not an artist, send your poster ideas or mockups and lets work them out!

  17. need lion

    Hi guys,
    does anyone have the lion on our flag in HIGH RESOLUTION for print ? thanks in advance
  18. Sorry but it's too Islamic, as colorwise and that head scarf etc etc take it off this is not about Islam you made it like it's about Imam Hossein baba.
  19. let's try avoiding use of the lion/sun flag. it seems divisive and it got a prisoner beaten up.
  20. Tex foaling


    i understand u dont like shirokhorsheed flag

    but they beat u up for anything, not just that flag, if that flag not there they have another excuse, easiest one is always to say u are mohabareh

    u really think they will say "oh ok u don't have shirokhorsheed flag, u can go free" lol

    thank u for caring tho
  21. i don't even know what shirokhorsheed or mohabareh means. and i'm a girl. :)

    i know they'll probably use any excuse to beat them, but let's give them one less reason to.
  22. The lion has come to mean all sorts of things:

    the flag
    some people associate it with the Shah's lion
    it has also symbolized Babylonia (Iraq)

    The bear is the symbol of Iran. So is the rose. But both are ambiguous. Sometimes the bear also symbolizes carnivorous violence. The rose can be divine wisdom or it can be vanity or treachery.

    I think you are looking for something to represent freedom. I have seen a really good image on one of the videos: a chain breaking and two hands holding each other in front. Brilliant! An open door is another one.

    Don't give up. All the best to ya. :)
  23. The peace sign throws the image off balance. It is too much. Best to lose it. Without the peace sign this is a really good poster.
  24. Its a beautiful poster. But not all Iranians are Muslim. Try replacing the face with a bird maybe? Or an open door maybe?
  25. a desert Member

    I think enough of them are that this is a non-issue. Me personally, I associate the woman's face being covered as protection, not as part of the burqua/hijab rules.
  26. Keep the woman on the poster, it could also be taken for Neda.
  27. I agree with Bugs Bunny. (Why hello there, its wabbit season!) The peace symbol is something from an older time that has little relevance now and belongs to the hippies, we don't need that. If you really must have a symbol, use a green Islamic crescent.
  28. a desert Member

    A symbol is probably unnecessary, period. If it's going to be out there for general distribution, something bold and clean is preferable. Too much detail gets lost during resizing and can lead to confusion. The symbol should be the picture itself, not something from a heyday thrown in.
  29. You've a good point, might as well get rid of the symbol. Didn't think the resizing would have an effect.
  30. It's not a non-issue for the persecuted minorities.
  31. You want the eye to take in the arms and then to travel to the Farsi Azadi. The peace symbol or any other symbol in that position confuses the eye, makes the poster too busy, and undermines the bold diagonal of the design. Remember that this is a poster, not a book page. So the images have to be big and bold, not small and subtle.
  32. kenj Member

    Protest Iran Flag Image

    Hi, I a professional illustrator.
    Here's my contribution.

    You can download a high quality pdf from the link below that can be enlarged indefinitely and still look good.

    (I don't know how to embed an image into this text, sorry!)

    Attached Files:

  33. i like this one the best. Its not corny, and its straight to the point.
  34. Kruge Moderator

    The Cunning Plan:



  35. Supertyler113 Member

    My contribution made in Photoshop

  36. Kat-IRAN Member


    Those are Funny! :D

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