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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Unregistered, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Has anyone thought of making posters or art that people worldwide can use?

    I'm in the process of making a poster in photoshop right now and need some slogans or something. It will be 18" by 24" resolution.

    Let's discuss and we could all make some change happen.
  2. Geraldanthro Member

    They don't need slogans.

    posters transcend languages.

    Love logos, for PR

  3. Well the poster has an image of three hands holding onto a flag.

    Should I stop now, if so, tell me.
  4. Is there a message or symbol that the protesters use?

    I would need the message in farsi, and the symbol to be in high resolution.

    And also any Iranians here have access to offset printing presses?

    After the poster is ready I'd upload it so anyone can download it and use it to protest or show support
  5. Something like this would be nice:
    Instead of Natalie Portman, Neda.
    On the background, Tehran. And instead of the vendetta V, the peace V they're kinda became their symbol.

  6. 2wq75nn.jpg


    Here are two small sized versions of what the poster will look like. The first one is for 8.5 x 11 paper and the second one is for the poster

    Just need something to put on them. they feel empty
  7. Geraldanthro Member

    love it

    V for victory.
    Nadia , anonyous, iranian flag with peace symbol on it.

    love it.

    do a dozen different and post for feed back.
    GREAT stuff.

  8. Geraldanthro Member

    think smaller


    like for on millions of blogs.
    Banner ads,


    GREAT start.

  9. WeAreTogether Member

    Some stuff I've put up. I have no problem handing over the vector and layered files for those who wish to use them

    Resources : SOLIDARITY
  10. Geraldanthro Member

    Really great stuff

    I will be using them all.

    Excellent work

  11. Some thoughts for you...

    Great design!!! Here are some thoughts:

    For freedom.
    For Iran.

    We stand together
    so we do not fall.

    A people united can
    bear any burden.

    Where there is truth,
    there is justice.
    Where there is justice,
    there is hope.
    Where there is hope,
    there is a free Iran.

    Till our last breath, we fight
    Till our last tear, we endure.
    We are free. We are Iranians.

    I hope some of those ideas work for you... Post if you want others.
  12. WeAreTogether Member

    Thank you, feel free to use them however you wish. Click on them to get the high resolution versions.
  13. So, here's what I put on it so far..let me know what you think

    The one with "we stand together" is for 11 x 17

    The other is poster size, 18 x 24


  14. WeAreTogether Member

    Let me preface by saying I think you've done wonderful work!

    But for many people protesting outside of Iran, the "Allah" symbol on the flag will probably create an issue. It's a religious symbol that many expats will not want to see. Perhaps two versions?

    Again, wonderful work.
  15. If I had a good picture of Neda I would work on this right now
  16. what should be put instead?. I was going to put text there...but a symbol would work better.

    Yeah I get the whole flag deal...I just need something that is universal maybe....
  17. WeAreTogether Member

    Perhaps holding V for victory sign, or a clenched fist or maybe even the map of iran. Or instead perhaps you could make the flag red / white / green stripes .

    Not quite sure, I just know that when I go to rallies here, whenever someone has any religious symbology it seems to cause static among people
  18. WeAreTogether Member

    Wonderful idea, I'll give it a shot
  19. WeAreTogether Member

  20. 1z2obur.jpg

    Freedom in farsi. what do you people think?

    We need to get this finalized asap....
  21. Is it a symbol that carries "good vibes"? I've seen some pics from protests worldwide with people holding the Iranian flag with the lion in the middle of the flag.
  22. WeAreTogether Member

    Unfortunately, there are many things that divide Iranians, the flag is one of them. There are many Iranians who are against both the Islamic flag AND the Shahs flag. It more or less says "I support the Iranian monarchy".

    As far as flags are concerned, the safest thing to do is to use the red white and green stripes. If you want something in the middle, a word like "freedom" or a peace sign or a v for victory sign or something would probably be your safest bet.
  23. WeAreTogether Member

    That's wonderful :) Anyway you can offer a transparent BG png of it so we can insert it into any layout?

    edit: I believe the spelling is off, going to verify.
  24. Protest Art - Need opinions ASAP

    Yeah I used a google translation, but it looks the same as the "freedom" on the Mousavi poster that one guy made...

    Maybe I should use a different word? I need opinions here people, work with me here

    It needs to appeal to as many people as possible, maybe I should replace "freedom" with "peace" instead?
  25. WeAreTogether Member

    This is how you spell freedom in farsi, this is layered file you can open in Photoshop and copy out the text:

    As for the word, I think freedom is one of the best to use. The people of Persia, and now Iran, have always been dictated to by some king or another. They want freedom. Freedom is a great word choice.
  26. WeAreTogether Member

    Not sure how this would look in there


    It's an outline I made from

  27. Would it be selfish to have a poster which shows the support of the people of Iran by anonymous and the pirate bay? Something we could use?
  28. they probably have no idea who anonymous or the pirate bay are, and i doubt people would see the support as "good" as we think it is
  29. WeAreTogether Member

    Good call on posting that.
  30. WeAreTogether Member

    I've been trying to do something with Neda for the past few days.

    An anonymous friend agreed to help me. She drew a few sketches and this is what I came up with.

    For those of you who don't speak farsi, as she is dying the man above her repeatedly says "Neda natarse." Neda, don't be afraid.

  31. Please finalize this soon I'd like the finalized version with correct spelling. AWESOME design :)
  32. Provocative art

    Ive been looking for a piece of art that has a woman,draped in the Iranian colors and laying on a map of Iran...As well a flag in the shape of Iran with a lady who is tatooed...both of these are provocative.
    The poster of a wall with candles stuck to it and Death to Dictator in red...
    Stuff like this is what sticks in peoples minds

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