proposal: worldwide memorials on Thursday

Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by Unregistered, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Since memorial services for those peaceful demonstrators who have lost their lives have been banned in Iran, I would like to propose that we hold non-political memorial services around the world instead. If I understand correctly, Mousavi has proposed to remember these brave men and women on Thursday, and so I will suggest that we do the same.

    It seems to me unseemly that such memorial services should be overly political, so I would suggest no ostentatious displays of the color green or symbols of nationalism. I would also suggest two messages or perhaps three to go with the events, to wit:

    (1) We are many, we are one.

    (2) Today, we are all Iranians.

    (3) No greater love.

    Any comments? Any takers? Any such memorials already planned that I should simply join instead?
  2. VeritasPyre Member


    I would suggest facebooking this as an event, and coordinate with the time differences, i.e Vegas has a time difference of 3hrs give or take a few minutes against the east coast here in Philly so setting a time for noon(Philly as example) is not good because it would be nine am over in Vegas. That is if your intention is to have all these protests/memorial services happen at the same time, another example 7am Thursday our time is 4-4.30 pm Thursday Iran time.
  3. I don't have facebook (I know, I know, paleolithic, ain't it?), and not sure how it would work - I expect it would take a while to get up enough of a base where anyone would notice if I posted something there.

    My usual means of socializing online are blocked because there's only one way to access the net here, and it's filtered to keep us from reaching anything some religious kook in Kansas or some liberal weanie in Oregon might possibly find objectionable. Proxies are blocked too, so that's out.

    As for choosing a time - besides the fact that it could be limiting to people who have to work, it would also be limiting to whoever ends up trying to stage an event at 3 in the morning. So I would suggest a rolling event, with perhaps a suggested time to be observed locally.

    But, it doesn't look like anyone is much interested in the idea or someone else would have commented by now.

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