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  1. Gruezi Member


    we got some newspapers on the hook and need some proofs.

    we got the sweet tone scale where its said that everyone who is under 2.0 should be erased. but i want to see that tone scale where they say that these also include black and jews.
    also we need proof for them believing in a world conspiracy of the jews.

    thank you very much

    i am sure i will need some other proofs in the next days :p
  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: proofs

    Perhaps there is no quote of the type you are looking for, but about LRH's vision of blacks, you could look at the recent thread about South Africa.
  3. azonymous Member

    Re: proofs

    L.Ron Hubbard, Scientology, Dianetics and Racism

    Hubbard invokes the "N-word":

    You shouldn't be scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees. Get yourself a nigger; that's what they're born for.

    –L. Ron Hubbard, in a letter to first wife, Polly Grubb

    Hubbard describes the spiritual state of blacks:

    Actually, have you ever noticed how a Negro, in particular down south, where they're pretty close to the soil, personifies MEST? The gatepost and the wagon and the whip and anything around there—a hat. They talk to them, you know. "What'sa mattuh wi' you hat?" They imbue them with personality.

    –L. Ron Hubbard, Therapy section of Technique 80 ("Route to Infinity" tapes), Part I, a lecture given on 21 May 1952
  4. indeedindeed Member

    Re: proofs

    I don't believe there will be proof for this as I don't think these things are part of Scientology's doctrine.
    I think it's pretty well established that Hubbard was racist and homophobic personally and that at least homophobia also went into the doctrine of Scientology (Tone Scale 1.1), he also believed in world conspiracies against Scientology by secret services, the press, the US government, the field of mental health and then there is the following quote from Ron's journal 67:

    Operation Clambake and present: Ron the Conspiracy Lunatic

    There have been similar antisemitic conspiracy theories, but I don't think he ever accused "the jews" of a worldwide conspiracy, at least not in any document that I know of.

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