Proof that Fair Game persisted after 1967

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  1. anonEmouser Member

    Proof that Fair Game persisted after 1967


    Check the date: 1968, a year AFTER the practice was supposedly discontinued.

    ...not that anyone really believes that they ever stopped, but this directly contradicts their "cease and desist" order--and its issued by LRH himself. Guess the CoS rules are part of the laws that no longer apply to you once you're OT VIII. :lol:
  2. L.the.Anon Member

    Ha! Anonymous is ace attorneys!
    Shouldn't that be posted in Education or something though?

    Edit: Just realized it is... Disregard that, I suck cocks. :roll:
  3. HCO letter ending the use of the term Fair Game, but not ending the practice, has been well known
  4. anonEmouser Member

    Yes, but the letter ending the use of the term Fair Game was issued in 1967.

    This decree, sent not one year later, has in point #4: "They are fair game."

    In other words, this memo basically proves that not even LRH believed in the cessation of declarations. So if a Scieno apologist tries the "well, that practice was officially ended in 67" you can throw this back at their face.

    Not that they'd ever acknowledge the practice in the first place, or that you had a counter point, or that the document ending the practice exists. Or this one.

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