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Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by Kate-IRAN, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Kate-IRAN Member


    Please help pass this link along to anyone connected to the situation in Iran, or anyone you think could help the cause. The best way we can educate the public about what is happening and coordinate any protests is to have a lot of the information in one place, and that means helping people find a gathering point.
  2. Great video!
  3. Excellent. Needs to be spread.
  4. Video Gamer Member

    Linked, favorited, rated. Consider the word spread.
  5. Paulo-IRAN Member

    Linked on facebook.
    Italy is with you!
  6. I'm from Hong Kong, when i play this movie on youtube, it said that "this video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.", why? can anyone please help to post on the other site for me(us) to see?

  7. Outstanding!!!!

    One request, tho...

    Can we have it in farsi, please? :)

    And with "He's a Pirate" as the music?

    Farsi so they can read it, and uplifting music without words = more understandable for non english-speaking Iranians. :)

    Please? :)
  8. opus Member

    no avalivbe in my county ? slovakia ? wtf !!!

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