Project: There Will Be Caek

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by Anonhymous, Mar 14, 2008.

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    Project: There Will Be Caek

    Dear Anonymous,

    I have heard there are some of you that would have liked to take part in the current protests but were unable to because of work, prior commitments or just pure apathy. I'm also pretty sure that that money you'd planned to spend on transport fees is also burning a hole in your pocket.

    Do not fret! For there is a solution to this. The answer is a combination of the two factors: office workers and cake. Cake is cheap, and if you deliver it to your local office block yourself (anonymous delivers lol) then you can easily get a hundred people to check up on the site of your choice to "see what this is all about".

    You're sitting in your office, playing some flash game whilst supposedly working on accounts, when the secretary brings round a nice danish with "compliments from anonymous whoever the hell that is". "What's this?" you ask. "Someone mysterious bought me cake? I wonder if there is a website or other form of greeting card in the box so I can find out the meaning of this all." "You're in luck," the secretary says. "That guy dropped in these 'you found the card' cards."

    The office workers are in a good mood, the message is spread.

    And that, anonymous, is my idea.



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