Project Surrender

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Ann O'Nymous, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Project Surrender

  2. Tom Socrates Member

    Re: Project Surrender

    - Complete transparency and accountability of church leaders.
    - Eliminate
    - Eliminate
    - Shut it down entirely. People in RPF deserve a formal apology and complete reimbursement for any past courses/auditing - at the very least.
    - Absolutely.
    - Eliminate
    - Sure. First, staff should earn at least minimum wage, work reasonable hours (e.g. 40 hour week). I'm sure the church could make more than enough to pay staff if they stopped with the lawyer bullshit and sold off some of their buildings.
  3. Anónimo Member

    Re: Project Surrender

    Also, formal appologies for every fair gamed critic and full disclosure of possible infiltration plans. Cancelation of SP declaration, desconnection. Full cooperation with the authorities to investigate child abuse and many more.
  4. Anonvox Member

    Re: Project Surrender

    And, most obviously, no more membership fees and fees for access to church teachings.
  5. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Project Surrender

    When we have exposed enough crimes and brought enough public awareness and pressure so that the FBI, interpol and any other government agency raids, incarcerates and punishes all those currently responsible for all of this being allowed to go on.

    Then, I'd be willing to listen to their surrender terms.
  6. thisoldman Member

    Re: Project Surrender

    Not just apologies, but compensation for those fair gamed.
  7. Re: Project Surrender

    Who exactly are they going to surrender to? Anonymous?
    Are you high?

    When the CoS goes down, it will go down by the LAW.
    We will have no say in it whatsoever.

    We are merely generating awareness.
    We are catalysts for investigation.
    Nothing more.

    I think the OP post is ridiculous and arrogant.
  8. thehunter Member

    Re: Project Surrender

    As much as I hate to burst everyones bubble, shit is not gonna go down like this.

    They will never surrender.
    What will happen is some/all of the following: the church will run out of money and close certain branches; loose several large court cases; ppl inside the church will boot DM and make changes necessary to avoid public disgrace but will NEVER publicly admit any wrong doing and will claim he 'retired with dignity'; Co$ will splinter into several groups as head leadership disintegrates and each tries to start their own org and take the copyright laws with it. As the church fractures and splits, lawsuits from former members will go after specific members, this will turn into a long running legal battle with defendants being seperated from the actual org in an effort to save face.

    New orgs WILL form, but will likely abandon most of the CRAZY illegal shit, but will also likely continue on things like charging for services, perhaps disconnection, and copyright fights. These new orgs will form because not EVERYONE in Co$ is on staff, and have not been witness to the many horrible things in it, and will try to save what they feel are the "good" things in Co$ and to continue their faith. Think freezone.

    Anyone here read the "Dune" series by frank herbert? The whole series. It's like the Lord Emperors way of saving humanity (god I forget what its called, and I love that series! The golden path maybe?) by basically causing it to fracture so explosively that fragments are spread everywhere and therefore can never be snubbed out. Scientology will fracture and explode and the fragments will continue to exist for a VERY long time. DM will be villified and there will be a re-discovery of Hubbard, saying that DM perverted his teachings led the church to its downfall.

    I know everyone hopes for a final grand battle, but reality just doesn't work that way. Things drag on and become mundane and fizzle out.
  9. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Project Surrender

    Talking about surrender is pointless at this stage, because it's a long, long way off. That said, if CoS is forced to pay its taxes like every other citizen, and David Miscavige is arrested for beating his staff, I'll consider that about 80% of my wishlist fulfilled. With their cash flow crunched and the public humiliation of Miscavige's arrest, as well as all the other bad news that will start flowing when Miscavige is out of the picture, CoS will essentially cease to be a threat. Either they reform more democratically, or they fade out of existence. Freezone will likely swell regardless, but I don't see them lasting a long time either.
  10. WCCube Member

    Re: Project Surrender

    Until I saw your post count, I assumed this was OSA getting ready to throw in the towel. DAMN YOU FOR GETTING MY HOPES UP!

    I started to get out the flour to bake a cake. :(
  11. WCCube Member

    Re: Project Surrender

    Even if the laws knock Scientology to the ground, I'll still hold Anon responsible. Remember Mr. Pedophile? Anon is responsible for him, are they not?
  12. Re: Project Surrender

    I think one productive way of looking at this is from the standpoint of current $cn peons: if the "org" could be "purified", what would they gain?

    What I mean is that this is a possible way to connect with the desires of scientology staffers, in order to undermine $cn from within. We can sow the seeds of doubt:

    Wouldn't you like to be able to practice your faith without having to watch your back all the time? Without wondering if someone is going through your trash for incriminating evidence? Without fear of blackmail or public release of information obtained in auditing? Without fear of bankruptcy? Without stressful stat reporting and being declared out-ethics? Without constant security checks and so on?

    If $cn deconstructs into something like the Freezone movement, that would be more than enough for me. I do not share their belief system, but having irrational ideas is not a crime.

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