Project: PartyHardRadio

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anonitard, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. anonitard Member

    Project: PartyHardRadio

    I had an idea pop into my mind while reading the Atlanta thread. They said they were going to bring music to their protest, and I thought "Why not provide music to Anons who either can't make it to the protest or are in a different time zone?" I don't have the means to do this myself, but we could do a stream over winamp or something with Anonymous requesting songs, and cut in every so often with reports from the various protests. I was thinking this could be a 24-hour broadcast with Anons taking DJ shifts (I being one of them if I can figure out how to do this).

  2. Phanon Member

    Re: Project: PartyHardRadio

    Sounds like a great idea. I'm not a technological person myself, but I can provide music files if need be.
  3. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Project: PartyHardRadio

    Ensure you understand the legality around broadcasting music onlines in case the Scientologists set the RIAA on your ass.
  4. anonitard Member

    Re: Project: PartyHardRadio

    Good point. I've heard of various MMO groups doing webcasts (CoH is the most recent example I can think of), but I never knew of any RIAA problems.
  5. Sir Anon Member

    Re: Project: PartyHardRadio

    Nice idea. Don't forget Rick Astley!

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