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  1. for im on #cananon and both of the boston channels

    for im on #anonops
  2. Think need to take different approach, than exposing predators. educating ignorant parents and especially children about what you should or should not allow to happen in regards to their bodies.

    This way your not breaking any laws. The end goal is to reduce the exploitation of children. There is more than one way to achieve the end goal.

    I know from personal experience, here in the US, that there is a lack of easily accessible educational material that keeps up with different ways that children get exploited in the every day community that has nothing to do with having access to the internet . I mean that I can't go to my library for example and get material on how our kids get exploited, without having to go online for the info. Even then, unless you know exactly what your looking for you will not find it online either.

    Example my Psychologist has no idea what sexting is, which to me I suspect is the primary form of youth exploitation in the US. For one, due to lack of education and our society closed lip attitude about the subject of "sex". Young people do not know what is or isn't appropriate as a result, they find themselves in a situation where they wind up being exploited . Think facebook theft of photos of private albums comprising of youth nudity of non "sexual nature" then the stolen content winds up on a user posted porn site, changing the context of a previously NON-sex related nudity to a sex related nudity.

    Point I am trying to make is that people need to be educated, not to put such compromising content up to begin with, that way it can't come back to haunt them when said content is used out of context.

    Then people visiting said porn site being unaware that the content is stolen and is not of legal age, accidentally views said content, Not knowing the content is illegal in the context it was being used for on the porn site.

    What I know of is the content is screened by moderators before the general public is allowed to view it.(I am sure that FBI has helped set the criteria of acceptable, since they used the site for several stings) The problem is is that people that go there as visitors(not uploaders) may not know the age of the people the content was taken of. The fact of matter is, it does not matter if they look less than 18, it is if they actually are 18 or older. There are plenty of posts that claim teens or jailbait and such when actuality they are of college age people or older. So those looking for 18-20 may use terms as "young" or "jailbait" as part of a search with "NO INTENTION" of looking for CP. They are simply trying to look for recently legal age people.

    I have reported Snuff content to admins at and at that time the site was setup to show "most controversial" as one of its selections. I pointed out, that if their site promoted content that was reported to them frequently by users as to be illegal content, then the site itself could be held accountable, because they would not be-able to claim we have no control of the content, when in fact they were promoting it by drawing people to the content, users found to be most offensive like snuff and perceived CP. As a result of that reporting to them, they removed the "most Controversial" selection within just a few weeks of my reporting that issue.

    Also certain search types can only be done from membership section. My guess is any key words are clearly considered illegal in the US. But there is one search that isn't but it is related to bestiality. "Doggy style" That does require you to be a member to search. when I did a search it had nothing to do with animals, but it said you had to sign in to do that search criteria. I am making the assumption because bestiality is illegal.

    I been reading a lot of the subject. Several articles who referenced to the FBI people claiming DO NOT seek CP, because the FBI see NO distinction between the predators and the vigilantes when it comes to searching for CP. Also they recommend that if you accidentally see it, delete it and never speak of it. Basically they recommend you plead the fifth. I think the reason they don't want you talking about it is because you bring unwanted attention to the CP by making it easier for the predators to find.

    Also my understanding is that if you view and search for CP as a vigilante, you are unintentionally supporting the "CP ring" through money collected through advertising and such on the site to which is sponsoring the CP..

    I think the only time the FBI would want you to get involved is you accidentally see CP and you just happen to personally know the victim of the crime.

    Also here is a noble goal that would work and to my understanding be within the law that will help. Create a browser addon that stops redirects when visiting links This prevents third parties from redirecting people to illegal content that the user had no intention of seeing but was forced there due to the previous site programming of built in redirects. example you click on image that is clearly adult and the addon prevents you from being redirected to CP. anyone who searches galleries will know what I am talking about.

    Also exposing predators, can destroy innocent people, who you claimed to be predators by mistake. I recently saw a movie borrowed from local library that puts in to context of how an innocent person can be harmed for life by actions taken on bad information of an act that never occurred. The movie is called "The Hunt" 2012.
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    this guy currently stalking a 16 y.o all info is up to date, fellow anon requesting people to help make his life horrible. thanks guys
  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    thanks but we don’t click on dodgy links like that. The best plan is post information about this here so we can read it. We act legally and peacefully.
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    Be safe you too:)

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