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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by QuantumVyp3r, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Hey guys and galls,
    My friend recently brought to my attention the disturbing situation that on some fully legal user-submitted pornography websites there are users that post underage pornography, blatantly breaking the rules of said websites and law pertaining to such activity. The most horrifying thing is, this often goes unchecked by the administrators of said websites, giving these sick-in-the-head post-makers the thought that it is OK to continue.

    One idea I had was to in some way monitor some of the bigger websites and record IP's of people making posts of underage pornography, and then report said IP's (with evidence of the crime) to either the moderation staff of the websites or in some cases to the appropriate authorities.

    I know that would be very hard to do and is very far-fetched, but it is just a thought and I'd love to hear any ideas you have.
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  2. rickybobby Member

    What about reporting the offending posts to the website mods for removal? Not sure how this works... does it require IP addresses or can you just report it?
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  3. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator works and it helps people /v/an these sick fucks. More specifically here.

    Honestly though, if rickybobby's advice (which is sage) doesn't work, go to law enforcement in your area. Most law enforcement centers have their own detectives, agents, etc. that can deal with things like this effectively. So, I'd advice reporting the posts to the mods of that forum first (If you are unsure you want them to know your IP, then Net Condoms are always a wise idea. Tor works too.) and see what happens. If nothing does happen, then you may have to report it to the authorities.
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  4. I have an alternative Idear.. perhaps:) - I suggest creating an underground "game" - based on true intent - where the purpose is to

    "POP A PEDO" - By APPA (Anonymous Pedofile Prevention Agency)

    The Idear is to create a framework for "evidence" strong enough for either a) intervention by anonymous or b) a true trial (or strong enough to initiate investigation/intervention by the lawman)

    Framework should cover gathering solid evidence of "child pornografy" on two , three or four fronts... where one would gets points related to the degree of evidence/ violation

    1. Evidence related to Child Pornografy related to a server hosting company - 25 points
    2. Evidence related to Child Pornografy related to a Server - 50 points
    3. Evidence related to a person - 500 points
    4. Evidence related to a group of individuals - 1000 points

    If evidence falls into category 1 or 2 - Mod Edit: LOL! No!

    One could make official ranking sites - and for each hit in category 3 or 4, the "system" pays tribute bye donating x$$ to Unicef or some other charity decided by the "pop a Pedo" evidence

    If I am not mistaken with a little result - such a course could get a "dangerous" crowed of MOMS stampeeding... making headlines, political goodwill... creating a net where Mod Edit: LOL! No!.. closing their no. 1 way of communication

    ... how does something like this sound?

    Best Surf-In
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Or dox them and call their landlord.
    That's a joke because we don't support the illegal.
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  6. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    WWP is NOT about doing illegal or violent activities. I changed your posting because of that and wanted you to reconsider your posting rather than just up and deleting it.

    No sense in sinking to their level. If you do as you say, that is exactly what happens.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Besides- re-posting child porn is posting child porn.
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  8. rickybobby: since i dont go on those kinds of sites, I have to take my friend's word that reporting posts to mods doesn't really do anything.

    samurai: i like that idea, but i feel like anonymous can do more than just be tattle-tales. Maybe we could set up a system where people can anonymously file reports or complaints which then get reported to both the website's admin staff and to the FBI. That way anons and non-anons could scan through sites and not worry about getting namefagged. also a system run by anonymous for reporting child predators or child pornography would probably produce a great deal of good press for anonymous :)

    webceo: nice idea but that would be pretty complex to set up and funding for donations to Unicef might be hard to come by...

    anon: i would love to just dox child predators, but sadly that is illegal... *cough* i hang out on #cananon lets talk there *cough*
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  9. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Here is the problem: It is far better to be tattle-tales in this matter because taking matters into your own hands has serious consequences that some would just rather not have happen.

    If it turns out that said site is taking actions but your friend doesn't see it, what do you suppose the FBI would do if you/your friend/some retard here did something illegal? The FBI isn't going to just ignore the info and investigate those involved in the illegal action, the FBI will dig their heels in and continue to believe that Anon is "hackers on steroids". Not to mention the legal retaliation the site could do because you/your friend/retard decided to be vigilantes.

    Being a tattle-tale in this case just cuts this middleman crap and is much more likely to be taken seriously. In addition, it shows we are taking a moral high ground. Namefagging/Doxing only invites trouble especially if it comes to find out the person is innocent or something very bad happens.

    TL;DR: Webceo's idea is fail. Report and let the law take care of it. Vigilante Justice isn't as effective as Actual Justice.
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  10. Im not interested in doing anything illegal... That cough was a joke :p

    I agree that illegal things will attract the wrong kind of attention. I still think that an anonymous reporting system might be a good idea, as more people might be willing to help out and report stuff without tarnishing their images publicly.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Go look at Op Darknet and try hooking up with those guys. Doxing pedos is exciting but ultimately soul killing.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    WWP does not support or condone illegal activities...
  13. Anonymous Member

    Yeah that too
  14. RavenEyes Member

    Actually, feds want people to report that stuff here:;jsessionid=B7CDFBEF6483CC1769406FE88D97BB11.iwt1

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  15. fishypants Moderator

    Best to report such things to law enforcement.

    Bear in mind that there is no "I only looked at it because I was campaigning against it" defence on these kinds of charges (here in the UK at least).
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  16. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Neither is there in the US. Hence avoiding and reporting is far better than collecting lists of sites or whatever fail idea Webceo had (Vigilantism is never a good idea). The FBI would be really curious how somebody came to collect such a list and gets their jimmies rustled at the mere name of Anonymous or any Anon Op.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Stop spouting off assumptions, especially when you know nothing about what you're talking about.

    They don't cringe at the "mere name of Anonymous or any Anon Op". lol
  18. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Yeah... The FBI totally forgot Anonymous took down their site and isn't going after them.

    Still: The whole point is that people, using various protection, would still have to go and find these sites in order to report them. The FBI/Law enforcement would still wonder how said whistleblower came across this info. Whether they act or not on this info remains in their own discretion and would result in better outcomes. However, the fact remains that taking matters into one's hands has a lot of strings attached that people may not want involved into especially if it turns out action was taken before all the facts were in.
  19. I'm not talking about purpose-built CP sites, I mean legal user-submitted sites. The example my friend used was a site called never heard of it, dont plan on looking at it unless I have to, so I'll take his word for it...
  20. Anonymous Member

    It's still illegal (whether user-submitted or not) - your friend should still report it to the police.

    This is not a suitable topic to start playing Miss Marple - you'll land yourself in a world of shit.

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  21. I know, I don't want to do anything illegal. I still like the idea of a reporting service/middleman that would allow people to remain anonymous when reporting something...
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  22. fishypants Moderator

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  23. Anonymous Member

    Perverted Justice might be more your taste
    Application Information

  24. Anonymous Member

    Convicted Pedophile Outing Website Goes Live.

  25. Anonymous Member

    Not what I said. FWIW, they're not going after Anons in general. WWP, for example, has not received any LE backlash....even though most on here are anonymous or Anonymous.

    Not necessarily. How do you know what LE/feds think? I've directly spoken with/asked FBI special agents in the cyber crime and child tasks forces on how to report sites. The information is in this thread. gets too many requests, to be honest, and they'll just forward it on to the other site. PM me if you need further clarification.

    Agree completely. Taking matters into ones own hands can negatively affect successful prosecution of those sick pervs.
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  26. fishypants Moderator

    QFT. Important point being made here.
  27. Anonymous Member

    There is already a sub-forum on this site dedicated to stopping child sexual abuse.

    Its called OpInnocence.
  28. Yes and OpInnocence did not exist when I made that post...
  29. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Shall I move this thread to the OPInnocence section?
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  30. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Done. Enjoy.
  31. FloGold Moderator

    You love that nonono cat dont say PS? :3
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  32. FloGold Moderator

    Hey quantum
    I moderate the anti child sexual abuse forum as well as moderate the fb page and a few of the related websites.

    look through that and see if there is anything you can get behind and help us with.
    Also let me know if you use IRC and ill direct you to our irc network where you can get to know the rest of the guys who work with me in stopping this abomination that is thrust forward to our kids
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  33. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    You bet I do. Best video to express my disdane for illegal activities until a cat or dog says "Fuck you, NO!".

    Although my best efforts to teach my cats to say it has been unsuccessful...
  34. FloGold Moderator

    baby step PS baby steps.
    Im sure one day we can teach our pets to mod wwp for us LMFAO!
  35. FloGold Moderator

    Trust me you DO NOT want to go the way of the darknet.
    Ive been there WITH #OpDarkNet back in late 11 and there is nothing you can do as a noob or a skilled hacker to try and bring these people who operate in there to justice in a way that will not compromise all your hard work aka legally.
    Lets just put our efforts to where we can make a difference for the kids and their families.
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  36. FloGold Moderator

    That is the main issue we have been having in trying to handle FaceBooks rampant CP problem for them, they discredit us and delete our pages left and right just because of our associating with Anon.
  37. Yeah I'm on IRC... and irc.anonops.con
  38. FloGold Moderator

    Ok, Ill let the person that handles all the irc crap for op know to look for you.
    what channels you usually hang out in?

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