Project End Christian Rape

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by 3headsandasword, May 23, 2015.


Will you fight the good fight?

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  1. The Cause

    Come hither my brothers and aid me in my cause to end the idolization of those who rape children.

    I have found a target that hides the Duggar family behind their God. They support them and have deep ties with them and their orginizations. Unfortunately to see this you would need to register. A lot of the forum posts that were already attacked by others were deleted since the owner did not understand how to delete a post when the page was covered.

    They promote them and encourage parents to send their children to their concentration camps.

    Public evidence of support. Excuse the cache, but the original page was removed. &cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
    Look under "Other".


    The Target

    The Methodology
    Run a copy of Tails or Tor, which you can get here:

    Get an email from here: http://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion

    Temporarily enable cookies: Tor Button > Privacy and Security Settings > Enable Third party cookies
    Temporarily enable JavaScript

    Register on their site, verify, and then disable those two previous settings (cookies and JavaScript).

    Their forums accept HTML in all forms. You may use iframes.

    Their profile pages have shoutboxes on them for posting messages to eachother.

    To exploit this go to your own profile page. Open up your prefered developer tools (Such as firebug). In the form tag there is an area where it lists an id string such as this,


    Remove the trailing = and replace the ID with the ID of the person who's page you wish to post on (otherwise to post directly on theirs you need to be their friend). You can get this by going to their profile and copying the link that says Profile on the top left hand side of the page. Their image url will usually have a copy of the ID at the end as well.

    Now go to the bottom and in a hidden input field there called post_id, replace the value to their ID so it looks like it came from them. Yes, the ID of the poster is not done server side, but client side inside the form!

    You may post as them to their own profile now. You may use HTML and iframes. Posting to your own profile first with a full page covering iframe makes it much harder for them to delete your account since the common way is from the profile.

    Other exploits may exist as well.

    This works on ALL spruz sites.

    I must warn of the dangers of JavaScript and cookies, so verify the scripts before you allow them to run and keep an eye on tracking and take extra measures! Tails helps.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Shut up. I think it is a brilliant idea.
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  3. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Posting the same post over multiple threads is thread spamming. Your posts will be deleted
  4. You don't mean me right?
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  5. Ersatz Global Moderator

    No, it was intended for poster swishersweets.
  6. Their tv show was cancelled.
    Their reputation is mud.
  7. Ersatz Global Moderator

  8. UPDATE:

    Listen to the owner blame athiests for actions of an unknown party. Have you ever heard such ignorance? Why couldn't it be someone of a different religion? Nah, to them it could only be the sinister free thinkers we call athiests!
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  9. heh, apparently they think athiests are enemies too.

    "Sadly, the enemy takes advantage of freedoms."
  11. Hey do you think you can rename this to "Project End Christian Rape Support", I can't find the thread tools option anywhere... Thank you!
  12. That is stupid, too.
    This message by swishersweets has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  13. I have come to the conclusion you only oppose this thread because you support the behavior of individuals such as these and the people they defend.
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  14. Dumbass, I oppose this thread because you are a dumbass.

    It would be inaccurate to suggest that all Christians are rapists because of one dysfunctional family featured on television is dysfunctional.

    There is nothing to be accomplished by whatever incoherent proposal it is that you are trying to forward.

    btw, you are a dumbass.
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  15. go.

    Disambiguation, what kind of a name is "three heads and a sword"?
  16. You made that leap of logic, not me. I proposed a campaign against a known supporter. You side tracked it as a campaign against christians in general.

    The title is to reflect that pedophiles and rapists should not be hidden from justice behind a bible and neither should the supporters.

    Incoherent? I supplied a valid exploit and the method to use it against the intended target. You are just illiterate.

    My conclusion stands.
  17. Reference to a hydra and a sword I guess, it was a last minute oh crap what name have I never used kind of deal.
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  18. White Tara Global Moderator

    Can we keep the NoU's and derails down to a dull roar, some people are trying to pray here ;)
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  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Good question.
  20. AssaultTiger Member

    Why not Project end Rape? I agree with the thread, just not the idea that sexual assault is more of an issue in religious groups. Its a problem period.
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  21. agreedo not disagree, however religion is making it to easy for these people to walk away scott free with no punishment.
  22. eh, my bad, i mean i do not disagree. My keyboard suck!
  23. AssaultTiger Member

    I disagree with you on that. If anything it spotlights it. Outside of the religious groups rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment are treated accordingly with out much extra attention brought to it. Unlike when these things occur in religious groups, in these groups it quickly gains attention, simply because these groups are so strongly and openly against it. Please don't get me wrong I'm by no means defending the actions of the individuals in or outside of the religious organizations, but simply stating that the reason we know about cases such as Josh Duggar's is only because he is a Christian. Had he not been a Christian (and not on TLC) we never would have heard of this.
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  24. ravenanon Member

    I think the problem with such a broad statement is you need to pick which group to start with. You list off the Duggars. I forgot the name of the freak show they use, but I would go with it and not Christian. I protest the cult of Scientology due to their physical, sexual, and mental abuse of children and adults. I don't say I protest all cults. I mean lets me honest I sort of due, but I focus on Scientology the most and that allows me to zero in on their weaknesses the best.

    AssaultTiger is right though. Without this being on TLC we never would of heard of them. Jim bob is has been politician who was probably grooming his freak of a son to step into politics too. That might of been the only other way we knew about them.

    Without a doubt this all needs to be ended, but you need to focus down more on the specifics
  25. AssaultTiger Member

    Ravonanon, I agree with you completely. I was just trying to point out that this isn't a widespread issue in Christian organizations. Unlike Scientology where it seems like there are constantly new atrocities, in Christianity its much less common.
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  26. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Religious organizations are a set up for sexual abuse, and the more isolated the women and children are the more likely to be victimized.
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  27. AssaultTiger Member

    You could say that for many organizations. I just don't want this to turn into people saying that Christians are terrible people, and they are a bunch of rapist. There are some Christians that shouldn't call themselves such because they are rapist, but to attack Christians as a whole is wrong. For instance I am an active duty military member, and there is a growing issue of rape, and sexual assault here in the military, but to say that all the military as whole has a problem, and that is creates a setting where women are unsafe is false. The problem in the military, like the problem in churches has been publicized much more so than cases outside such organizations.
    The problem is there, and yes something does need to be done about it, but we should be careful not to attack the groups as a whole or think that all people in these groups are involved. Most people that call themselves Christians are really good people, all I'm trying to say is that we need to go after those who are guilty, not the whole group.
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  28. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  29. Keithl Member

    law is law and it should be the same for all Religious and non-Religious we have to look at it as this going on all over the world and we have to stop it and call it what it is ..................... and not give it a name as there is no name that can be used for is. it is what it is and that is

    and we all have to stop this from going on not for Religious or non-Religious but for ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. AssaultTiger Member

    Exactly right.

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