Project Clean G

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by belg, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. belg Member

    Project Clean G

    Enkele ideeën:

    Project Clean G

    Clean the search engine results of CoS critic Jeta Eggers.

    Jeta Eggers - Google Search

  2. AlwaysLurking Member

    Re: Project Clean G

    Uh what?
  3. belg Member

    Re: Project Clean G

    Jetta is one of the brave people to publicly stand up against the C of S, the org has put up sites trashing him which show up in Google results when searching his name.

    From another poster:
    Some methods:
    - Try to take down the slander sites (legally)
    - Create new positive sites/blogs/etc. about Jetta.
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Project Clean G

  5. belg Member

    Re: Project Clean G

    Someone asked a question about the OP (Uh what?) in English so I responded in that language. And altough this post is mainly targeted at Dutch people, some help from others is also welcome.

    Iemand vroeg zich af in het engels wat er bedoeld werd in de OP dus reageerde ik in het engels terug. Daarnaast is help van niet nederlanders ook welkom.

    Anyway, ik hoor het wel als er interesse is............
  6. belg Member

    Re: Project Clean G

    Zonet een klacht ingediend bij Google over een bericht in google groups met titel P sycho Jeta Eggers zie de eerste results wanneer je klikt op de link in de OP en klik in de groups pagina op .more options. en dan op .Report this message. Als meerdere mensen dit dan word het vanzelf verwijderd.

    De site die op Freewebs stond is al verwijderd WIN!.
  7. belg Member

    Re: Project Clean G

    For who is wondering what this is all about

    "Johan Wevers wasn't the only resident of the Netherlands to become involved in the controversy over NOTs. A newcomer to the Internet controversy named Jetta Eggers ( posted the text of NOTs 34 to alt.religion.scientology on October 1. On October 2, she received an email notice from Helena Kobrin. And on October 10, she posted the text of the judgement against Arnie Lerma to the newsgroup, thereby prompting another email notice from Helena Kobrin.

    Things heated up for Jetta on October 28, when she placed the text of NOTs 22 and NOTs 34 on her Web page at This apparently included a translation into Dutch, along with commentary. Scientology contacted XS4ALL about the page, threatening a lawsuit. But Jetta apparently refused to take down her page, as she stated her intent to start a public discussion and a judicial investigation of the medical activities of Scientology in the Netherlands.

    Jetta received a written letter delivered via courier on November 11, again requesting that she remove the NOTs documents from her Web page. A second letter was sent to her on November 22. Jetta is covering her unfolding story on her Web page, where you read the latest happenings."
    From NOTs on the Net: Other Appearances of NOTs
  8. moose Member

    Re: Project Clean G

    Well, there is some idiot who keeps posting stuff about him or making stupid websites.
    This guy, Gerrit Wammes is not a Scientologist (AFAIK), but just a bumbass troll who thinks he is a guru.

    Belg, you should have mentioned not just the date, but also the year, because it's probably from 1995. And this has been going on for years...

    Jeta is one of OG's in the Netherlands and was at all of our protests.
    I can ask if he really cares about the slander sites and such. ;)

    And btw. He's a great source for information! Jeta is a great guy and has been a critic for >10 years, he has an enormous amount of data on his site (and doesn't afraid of anything...)
  9. moose Member

  10. Piranon Member

    Re: Project Clean G

    One of those Dutchfags even got kissed by Karin Spaink. Do a Google on her, relating $ci. :flowers:
  11. GooD Member

    Re: Project Clean G

    well this page is on the first google results page.
  12. Anon23525 Member

    Re: Project Clean G

    Excellent :eek:face:
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