Project Blockbuster

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by Hubbard-Telescope, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Bunny Member

    IDEA: throw a few of these in video store drop boxes along with rented videos, or anywhere
  2. captainslug Member

    Having worked at Blockbuster I know that foreign objects that get put in the drop box either go in the trash, or into a junk drawer.
  3. David Ogilvy Member

    I only now saw the inserts, but apparently they're 404'ed. Is there another link to them, or an RS?
  4. eclipsael Member

    The inserts are still there, the links just got corrupted in the platform switch.
    Remove the ':30ctgud9' at the end and the link should work.
  5. captainslug Member

    Links fixed
  6. Sargo Member

    anyway we could get blockbuster to put these on their selves?^_^
  7. cheezymadman Member

    Is a new version in the works, or is 1.0.5 the current run? just wondering, because my internet at the moment is really crappy (256kbps, mostly) and i'd rather not spend a few days downloading 1.0.5 if a new version is expected soon.
  8. captainslug Member

    v1.0.5 is the final. No updates planned.
  9. SamuelAdams Member

  10. cheezymadman Member

    Cool. I've got < 10 blank DVDs, but jewel cases are in no shortage. Too bad it's not the other way around.
  11. GRGLFLGN1 Member

    so this is pretty much the best thing ever.
  12. Puddlewhite Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    there's just one seeder :/ Cmon ppl, get in
  13. Dubber Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    Yeah this is great, but what would really kick ass is if WBM could edit together a DVD of the best ex-scientologist interviews, put it on sale, and send some promo copies to major TV news departments.
  14. Puddlewhite Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    Are we talking about the same torrent? How did you DL it so fast, and if you did, why are you not seeding?
  15. captainslug Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    I count 5 as of now.
    He has his own DVD that covers all of his original material and other material he got permission to distribute.
  16. Re: Project Blockbuster

    Just found this thread today, downloading the latest version and the seeds are at 11, peers are 13. I'm going to keep seeding until my share ratio is at 3.0 at least.

    A point of concern that I know has been raised before, though I'm not sure has been addressed satisfactorily is the issue of copyrighted material. I see that Matt and Trey are cool with people dling their stuff, but are Paramount (or whoever pays them and owns the copyright) cool too?

    Still, the multimedia angle really show exactly how many cakes... pies anonymous has it's fingers in.
  17. captainslug Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    As long as you're not selling copies of this it should be fine.
    It's owned by MTV, which is owned by Viacom. And if they had serious issue with stuff like this then there wouldn't be TONS of sites up where you can watch and download most/all of the episodes.
  18. Re: Project Blockbuster

    My appetite for procedure is sated, thank you fellow captain.
  19. Dubber Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    As a matter of law it isn't fine, it's copyright infringement. You take the risk of legal action by the owners, regardless of what they've done it in the past.

    None of the DVDs advertised on XenuTV include ex-Scientologist interviews.

    FYI I haven't downloaded the torrent, I just thought the general concept was OK.
  20. captainslug Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    Yes I'm aware of that. I was simply stating that charging for copies of the discs will raise flags much faster than if you don't.
    If the property owners want to go after the creator of this DVD they would also first have to concentrate on going after the copies available for viewing through Google Video and Youtube.

    The usage expressed by the creators of this DVD do not condone uses outside of private showings to small non-paying audiences or discreet non-profit distribution. As an alternative you could just e-mail the list of URLs to those interested in watching the contents of the disc.
    This disc seems to be primarily meant for playback in situations where you are pressed for time and do not have an internet connection ready for playing the videos from alternate sources.
  21. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    someone should buy the youfoundthedvd domains
  22. Re: Project Blockbuster

    Where can I get this Video now?

    The links on page 1 give me an error message.

    anyone RS this yet?
  23. Gentleman Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    RapidShare is a massive, massive pile of cunt and I don't know why everyone on the Internet wants to ruin everything ever ever ever by using it.

    I am more curious about whether or not we should update it -- videos like this bring available.
  24. captainslug Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    Forum changeover broke the links. They do still work if you just copy the address.
    First disc image contains pretty much all it can. Project: Blockbuster II - LURK MOAR Edition is supposedly in the works at the moment.
  25. BahamutXone Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    If someone were to put this on Rapidshare, you would need to download abut 39 or 40 hundred-megabyte files, then recombine them into the whole image. Given Rapidshare's wait time between downloads, this method simply isn't feasible.
  26. FelixF'anon Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    Is anyone still seeding the iso torrent? I haven't made any progress since Sunday. 95.7%GOGOGO

    EDIT: nvm. I only just noticed it was v 1.0.0.
  27. Re: Project Blockbuster

    Fix'd first post.
  28. captainslug Member

  29. GRGLFLGN1 Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    i downloaded the iso for 1.0.5 and burned it to dvd using ImgBurn, and it didn't work. in my dvd players, one brought up the menu but when i went to play the videos, they where like the tracking was way the fuck out of whack, and in my other two, it didn't even load up. it worked in my computer but the menus where all fucked up. i tried mounting the image using alcohol 120 but it did the same thing as the dvd. is this just a corrupted download? or have others been having the same problem.
  30. captainslug Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    Sounds like your download wasn't complete or is corrupt. The image when downloaded should work flawlessly if you mount it from the .iso using Alcohol 120%, or Winmount, or similar.

    I would recommend that everyone test their .iso file this way before trying to burn copies to disc.
  31. Guy Fawkes Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    Downloading now. Looking forward to seeing this.

    Keep your Torrent client open and this file in the Seeding section - there are only 11 seeders right now. The more of us who actively seed this file instead of deleting it after we download it will insure more people have access to it.

  32. Re: Project Blockbuster

    can you guys look at this &amp; tell me if I'm missing anything?

  33. captainslug Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    You need to "burn disc from image", not extract the files onto a disc and just burn it that way.

    If you burn the disc from image referencing the .iso file the resulting disc will have a different lead-in and lead-out and when viewed with any file explorer it will contain two folders.

    Due to the software used the resulting disc will be compatible with any computer that has a DVD drive and DVD playback software.
    DVD Player compatibility is around 80% of existing models. Some have issues reading burnable discs or handling menus with static images.

    To verify that the .iso you downloaded does not have any errors or corruption it would be best to proof it using a program like WinMount or Alcohol 120% that can create a logical drive from a disc image.
  34. BahamutXone Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    I found that the burned disc would not play on my PS2 (Slim model). Just throwing that out there.
  35. Re: Project Blockbuster

    can someone help me in PM? I'm having problems downloading this and want to burn some copies to pass out. Thanks
  36. anon_NRG15 Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    Is there a NTSC or Region Free version of the DVD? The posted torrent is in PAL format, and thus can't be played on US DVD Players...
  37. captainslug Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    AHA! So that's the problem. It worked fine in all of the DVD players I own, but those may support both formats.

    v1.1.0 Torrent: Anonymous Project: Blockbuster v1.1.0 ISO : Other > Other - Mininova
    Changes from v1.0.5
    + Fixed NTSC Issue
    + Changed "Road to February 10th" to FINAL version

    1 seed for now. Will have 2 more up tomorrow.
  38. BahamutXone Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    Thanks a lot. Mention this AFTER I deliver copies to media outlets. Well, one media outlet, anyway. There goes another 4 gigs of bandwidth.

    EDIT: So, is there any chance of a PB3? If so, I suggest that the full Jason Beghe interview be put on it.
  39. captainslug Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    v1.0.5 worked in every DVD-ROM drive and DVD player I tried, but I didn't have any older DVD players to try it in. DVD-ROM drives are not at all picky about PAL/NTSC differences.

    Yes, that's the current plan. Blockbuster III will focus on firsthand testimonials more than anything else.
    Blockbuster I: Documentary
    Blockbuster II: Media
    Blockbuster III: Interviews

    Some spectacular ones are surfacing now and it will take some effort to edit some of the older ones into the correct format.
  40. SamuelAdams Member

    Re: Project Blockbuster

    Can you kill the links to all of the old versions in the parent thread. We want people downloading the best, latest & greatest version.

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