Problems with Church of Scientology of Battle Creek building

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  1. Problems with Church of Scientology of Battle Creek building.

    From Mike Rinder's Thursday Funnies.

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    “We have had our Ideal Org Building for over 15 years now”

    And it’s about to be closed down as a derelict. Give us your money now.

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  2. RightOn Member

    Karma is a bitch!
    Was this the org where the guy came out and ripped up the protestor's signs?
  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientologists seek OK for Hart Hotel redevelopment

    By Dillon Davis, Battle Creek Enquirer, July 18, 2016


    Plans to redevelop the long-vacant Hart Hotel could move forward this week with a vote by the Battle Creek City Commission.

    The Church of Scientology, which has owned the property at 31 N. Washington Ave. since 2001, has applied for a special-use permit to utilize the building for church services. In its application to the city, the church proposed using the space "for religious assembly and related uses including offices, study rooms, a café and counseling rooms."

    A special-use permit is required only for the part of the building that would be used for religious assembly.

    The Rev. Brian Fesler, a regional representative for the church, said the project is part of its national concept for an "ideal organization." Fesler said Battle Creek's congregation was ahead of its time with a vision for the project that dates back more than a decade — even if it didn't know what that would look like just yet.

    "When they bought the building, they had the building but didn’t have the mechanism," he said.

    Fesler said a letter from the city of Battle Creek accelerated the redevelopment effort by the church.

    Community Services Director Marcie Gillette said the city held a hearing earlier this year and designated the Hart Hotel as a dangerous building. Gillette said the building was unsecured after being clipped by cars as it stood vacant for more than a decade.

    The church has until August to appeal the dangerous building status with the Housing Board of Appeals, she said.

    That dangerous-building designation spurred the decision to put a development plan in motion, Fesler said. The church's attorney, Nelson Karre, spoke on its behalf at a Planning Commission meeting in May — where a special use permit was endorsed on a 6-1 vote — and church representatives met with Neighborhood Planning Council No. 2 to share its plans and answer questions.

    "Honestly, I think the city there sent a notice that caught the attention of the local church and they sent it to the international office," Fesler said. "We can credit the city for getting enough attention to say ‘let’s move.’ It’s embarrassing a little bit, but we work with our community and our community is working with us."


    The Church of Scientology purchased it in 2001. It replaced the building's windows in 2005 but it has done "minimal work to the structure" since then, the city said.

    "I am excited to see it functioning again," Commissioner Kaytee Faris said. "I understand the interior is not what it once was and it has been gutted. They have taken care to replace windows and replace the roof. Hopefully it’s still structurally sound indoors.

    "Getting some life on that corner would be good for downtown Battle Creek."

    Fesler said the church does not have a timeline for the completion of the project. He said the Church of Scientology soon will open a facility in New York City's Harlem neighborhood, with the Battle Creek site high atop the priority list after that.

    Here's the full article:
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  4. Quentinanon Member

    "Fesler said the church does not have a timeline for the completion of the project."

    OSAbot Brian Fesler's statement implies the Hart Building was acquired as a real estate investment.
    If the city condemns the buidling, the value plummets.
  5. DeathHamster Member

    15 hour course.
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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientologists: Hart Hotel project is moving forward

    By Kalea Hall, Battle Creek Enquirer, August 20, 2018


    Officials from Battle Creek's Church of Scientology say they would one day like to make the historic Hart Hotel building on the corner of North Washington Avenue and West Van Buren Street the local church's home.

    It's been 17 years since they bought the building at 31 North Washington Ave., but Jeff Breedlove says plans to remodel the building are moving forward, though a start date for the project hasn't been set.


    In February, the church submitted an application to the city's inspection department to rehabilitate the building. The city needs a contractor of record and permit fees of just over $15,000 to issue the permit for construction.

    "It appears to be a worthy project to have in our city," said Richard Bolek, chief building official and supervisor of the city's inspection division. "We are waiting for them to finish the steps on their side to begin that construction."


    In the Battle Creek area, the church has a few thousand members, Breedlove said.

    The Church of Scientology has two locations in Michigan: Battle Creek and Detroit. The church currently operates out of 151 North Ave. in Battle Creek and will soon have a new downtown Detroit location, Breedlove said.

    More at
  7. Efteling Member

    that is what you get when you out ethics

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