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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Nov 13, 2012.

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    What I have been responsible for.

    What I have not been responsible for.

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    Narconon Georgia has just recently been cited by a sitting judge for lying it is in the court record.

    So go on OSA by the way how does it feel to be paid .50 fifty cents an hour to write your dribble?
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    no u
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    And they are not in jail why? Refresh us all why Narconon has "killed" people and are not in prison for that?
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    OSA has a full belly of rice and beans so they are very feisty this morning.
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    Yes, cocksucker, yes. ANSWER.
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    OJ Simpson killed people and he's not in jail for that. Try again, misbegotten faggot.
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    They don't know about scientology "Rev." Rex Fowler and his jail sentence.
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    Duh! Who do you think you are addressing? A classroom full of 3rd graders?
    In case you haven't noticed, the world is not perfect, and justice is often elusive.
    That is why we protest. To bring the world's attention to the travesty of Narconon "treatement."
    And we are succeeding!
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    How many doctors are in jail for malpractice? This is more of a medical malpractice issue than it is murder issue.
    Nice way to comvolute the issue though. someone had their Wheaties this morning.
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    It's a medical malpractice issue when Narconon knowingly administers a dangerous drug rehab. Lies to prospective clients loved ones saying it has onsite housing and is a licensed residential treatment program when it is not. Narconon Georgia lies to the state of Florida in regards to clients. Narconon Arrowhead allows Stacy Dawn Murphy who they know is high on opiates to go into an unsupervised room where she is later found dead. There is not a single drug rehab in the country that would allow for that type of behavior.

    I have a question for you as you have been at this for a couple of days so is it OSA or a scientology volunteer group you are with?

    Oh and I would prefer Wheaties to a breakfast of beans and rice as would any sane human being.
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    The "cyber world?" Who the heck uses the word "cyber" anymore? Is grandma OSA trying to sound "cool?"

    Still waiting for you to show us what total freedom is all about....
    If you can't spell "David Miscavige Sucks" correctly, you flunk.
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    I was talking to OP, refuting the "Why aren't they in jail argument"
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    Passionate anti-scientologists seem to make little or no distinction between their plausible sounding heart felt opinions, which they have repeated a hundred timers and now have bought into those plausible sounding heart felt opinions, versus FACTS.

    Anti-scientologists = true believers, and conformists drunk on group think.
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    Now you're just repeating yourself.
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    Fact scientology is a dying system with only 25,000 members worldwide. Fact Scientology's Narconon is being sued in Oklahoma, Georgia, Michigan as well as ongoing investigations and court matters in Canada.
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    Newsflash, that is not a fact.

    That, if true, is an example of a fact.
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    Why don't you go ask your Master-at-arm or ethics officier why they perform sec-checks semi-annually against LRH true writings and orders I dare you.

    But you won't do that because you are afraid of scientology then sending you to ethics.
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    Hi guise! You realize you are in a conversation with someone whose opinion/mind you will never change right?
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    Drugs brought about this woman's death. End of story IMO. Blame whoever you need to blame. This was a high risk individual. I don't have the facts around her death and trust that if someone broke some laws in their care or lack of care promised her or promised her family, the law will take appropriate actions.
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    Yes I realize that just giving them something to write-up for their compliance report as they are being ordered to try to harass people. Scientologists are such a pitiful species of morons.
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    Spoken like a true scientologist
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    Here's some facts:
    Narconon Arrowhead currently under investigation by the State of Oklahoma.

    DeKalb County State Court Judge Stacey Hydrick issued sanctions against Narconon of Georgia, finding the program's director lied under oath and hid evidence.

    Narconon Trois-Rivières shut down by Quebec governemnt, citing to dangers to patients and violations of many of the criteria regulating Quebec's rehab centres, including no medical supervision and no scientific basis to the treatment.

    So no, this isn't something being made up by a bunch of cranks on the internet.
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    You know that drugs brought about her death and that she was a high risk individual. Yet you know none of the facts however you just wrote of some of the facts. That 9th grade education you have is coming around to bite you in the ass again.
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    I think that's a very sensible attitude. Be sceptical until you see proof positive.

    We've got positive documentary evidence (often known round here as 'dox') for most of the allegations against Narconon. For example,

    - that they fraudulently misrepresent their success rates,

    - that the 'drug education information' they spread is inaccurate (all that stuff about vitamins, drugs remaining in body fat indefinitely, saunas and niacin removing them etc - it's just quack medicine, fiction made up by Hubbard),

    - that their centres have been shut down by regulatory authorities (e.g. in Quebec),

    - that recent deaths at their centres are under investigation by FBI and other law enforcement (e.g. in Oklahoma).

    Some of the others allegations - such as that Narconon's death rate is higher than that of genuine rehab facilities - could do with some more proof.

    To other Anons who are crying "OSA!!1!" - I don't care who Anon is, I don't care if he/she is a Scientologist or not.

    He/she wants to see the dox for the various Narconon allegations - I think that's fair. That's how we work. I commend his/her sceptical attitude.
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    According to the latest survey, the total number of people who identify as Scientologists is just 25,000 in this country of more than 300 million human beings.
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    I am not and have never been a Scientologist. But you keep calling everyone who does not buy into nor parrot your conformist group-think whatever you need to call them.
    This message by Anonymous has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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    Another fact.
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    Why are you here?
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    Yes, and we're BANKY, too, being stuck in an electronic incident and all.
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    And I say you're a lying motherfucker, and a scientologist. You can't prove that you are not either one :)
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    For an "up statistic" LMAO
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    Well then you are what Freud would call insane as you continue to talk to a group where the outcome of their opinion will never change yet you expect a different outcome.

    WWP is for the destruction of scientology, narconon, cchr, able, criminon etc.

    As you know our opinion will never change yet you continue to post here then you can be clinically declared insane as you meet the classical definition.

    Have you considered getting some psychological counseling for your disorder?
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    I am annoyed by internet mobs that all drank the kool-aid and fiercely enforce conformity on any who come near and sell their brilliant opinions as if they are facts , and anti-scientologists caught my eye.

    I am being a pinhead for spending any time at all on this but what can I say but the truth.
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    It is insanity

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