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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I shall the cyber world expect more of the same "sceintology sucks" "david misgavich sucks" "narconon sucks" for a few more years ?
  2. Anonymous Member

    What did those people die of? Anyone have a specific detailed listing of each death and cause of death?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Hey dumbass, I chair recovery meetings regularly.

    NarCONon sucks ass.
    Every Narconon survivor I have ever run met is well aware that they wasted their money. Typical comment about Narconon "They mean well but they don't teach you anything, just give you busy work like talking to an ashtray..." Yeah, Narconon survivors almost always mention the ashtray.
    Second most common thing they mention is what a utter shithole the place was, dirty, bedbugs, and broken shit.

    So yeah, asshole, I do help people recover.
    Now that I have taken your bait, I await your next attack angle.
    Before you try, I don't do it for money or religion.
    What's the OSA manual say to attack me on next?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    ok "asshole".
  5. Anonymous Member

    I shall what the hell?

    ^Also fixed
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    no u
  7. Anonymous Member

    ^OSA programming, can't write "David Miscavige Sucks." Compelled to misspell!
    Oh, what a Free Mind you have, OSA!
  8. Anonymous Member

    So I am guessing you don't want a glass of wine with your cookies?
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    WTF, are you for real? My grandma says shit like that!
    Grow some, son!
  10. How do you know that wasn't one of our grannies?

    But, hey, if you like bashing critics, have I got a link for you! I confess, I laughed right along with this critic even though I have no personal experience of the situation. You might want to set things right.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Cody Bates hanged himself to death
    Sharon Nederlander was found in a hotel where she is believed to have drank herself to death.
    Stacey Murphy self inflicted overdose
    Patrick W. Desmond died from a self inflicted heroin overdose

    Just a few that I looked up. High risk people, sadly, causing their own deaths. They were not murdered or killed. They had problems and it is not known if ANY treatment, cheap, free, expensive, cult non cult, would have saved any of them. Parents, loved ones and anonymous can say it was all Narcanon's fault. It does not make it true. In our society when a person is at fault, justice is pretty swift. High risk people sometimes die no matter how amazing the efforts are to save them and professionals involved are still blamed.

    I know a Dr. who had a patient and their family complain against him once. He had looked at a person and saw no signs whatsoever of a certain affliction. Later one they went to another Dr and a certain affliction was discovered. And the family concluded that the first dr was negligent. The Dr explained to me that he had given the family the best service to the best of his abilities and did not find anything and that is what happens sometimes, it is life. The family never forgave him and pursued their complaint against as far as they could. I do not know how it ended. But that is how people are. They want Drs to be God to save out loved ones and when they don't - they sometimes, in their grief , want to lop off the head of someone, they do not care who.
  12. Anonymous Member


    I know a Dr. who had a patient and their family file a complaint against him once.

    He had looked at a person/patient and at the time saw no signs whatsoever of a certain affliction.

    Later on, that same person/patient went to another Dr. for a second opinion, and a certain ( very upsetting and serious) affliction was discovered. The family concluded that the first Dr. was negligent to have not caught it and if it had been caught earlier would have helped the person/patient. The filed a complaint.

    The Dr. explained to me that he had given the family the best service to the best of his abilities and the test he just did not find anything and that is what happens sometimes, it is life, some tests for some problems are not effective every single time. But the family never forgave him and pursued their complaint against him as far as they could. ( I do not know how that story ended.)

    But that is how us people are. They want those that try to help to be God to save our loved ones and when they don't - sometimes, in our grief, want to lop off the head of someone, we do not care who. It is folly IMO.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Recent trolls lack a certain je ne sais quoi that I associate with OSA. Less mean, maybe. But they are similarly repetitious and invested.

    I'm guessing the Scientologists have rallied a few allies. Maybe Moonies, chiropractors, or naturopaths. All could be convinced that the effort to shut down Narconon has implications for their own bottom lines.

    The strongest argument against Narconon is its lack of any kind of sound, scientific, evidential foundation. So Chanologists should make that argument early in these conversations.

    What was that Montreal doctor's name? Copypasta what the judge said about him. That was good.

    The other points regarding deaths and fraud are good. But you will get a lot of back and forth that goes nowhere and eats up your time.

    On the evidential point the Moonies will point to testimonials. But those don't count as evidence. If they did we'd have to accept Bigfoot and fairies are totally real.

    tl;dr: Use the lethal bite, unless you plays with your noms.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I think the distinction to be made is between:

    - Genuine attempts to help those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction (even if those attempts are ultimately unsuccessful), which are to be applauded,


    - Narconon's exploitation of the victims of drug and alcohol abuse.

    When Narconon knowingly misrepresents its success rates to the families of addicts, for example, that's simply fraud against this rather vulnerable section of our community.

    So your basic thesis - that doing something, whatever it is, is better than looking on from the sidelines and doing nothing at all - is, I think, flawed if (as in Narconon's case) the purported 'cure' is not a good-faith attempt to help the addict, but rather an attempt to defraud and exploit them when they're at their most vulnerable.

    In that we're trying to stop them from being defrauded and exploited by this predatory cult, I'd say that we are doing something for addicts and their families.
  16. BigBeard Member

    Jeez! Things must be really slow for this thread to hang around for 5 pages...

    I think "they" forgot the 'Ignore Thread' button when the format got revamped.

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    If the conclusions you are presenting here on Narconon are irrefutable concrete facts, they are 100% true and not just your brilliant opinion conjecture, speculations, and plausible theories, then yes, I agree with you.
  18. Anonymous Member

    whenever someone does not join in on your true believer anti-scientology agreement party, you or someone else eventually rolls out this tired line in an attempt to marginalize the point of views that are failing to conform to the group think here.
  19. Anonymous Member

    There is far from group think present here on WWP it is a very diverse group including various age groups and educational backgrounds.
    However anyone with at least some education or life experience can easily come to the conclusion the

    Scientology & Narconon are only interested in money.

    To Scientology & Narconon death & destruction are just the price of doing business.

    Again 13000 drug rehabs in the USA with 12 deaths reported annually nationwide however over a 9 month period Narconon Arrowhead had 3 deaths.

    Even an elementary school child could see that Scientology & Narconon both run by David Miscaviage are killing machines that destroy more lives than they will ever help.
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    This is an anti scientology website. We came here because we agreed with the thinking and objectives of the "group". We often disagree with one another but the basic objective is the same, hence the "group think". To try to insult us for agreeing with the objectives of the group is ridiculous.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    You're a scientologist. I recognise the standard phraseology you people use.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Where are you getting your numbers? I don't find them plausible.

    Drug addicts are often very sick with AIDS, hepatitis, pneumonia, abscesses, endocarditis, depression, etc. Delirium tremens has a significant risk of death associated with it.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Plus this troll seems to think mere assertion is an argument.

    And lol, he is himself Anonymous. Somehow he missed that.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Doesn't your "treatment center" Necronon insist on full medical examinations being done before admitting addicts manifesting the above, so as to PREVENT DEATH, instead of waiting for it to happen then shrugging and saying,"Well, they were fucked-up to begin with, so... "?

    Where your sense of responsibility in all this? Or did the addicts just "pull it in".

    Also: you're a scientologist and Necronon is a scientology sub-organization, lorded over by David "Pope Laphroaig" Miscavige.
  25. Anonymous Member

    I was just pointing out enforcement of the group think and the reaction to anyone who does not join your agreement party - if I am insulting a behaviour t it is that.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Baloney. Is that phrasey enough for you?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    You've proven that it is, by responding as you did.
    No, I'm very much aware, and I'm still Anonymous.
    And, you're still a scientologist.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Is this the 5 minute argument or the 30?
  29. Anonymous Member

    There is no enforcement of group-think here, as opposed to the pervasive and invasive social control excercised within your organization. We just agree to agree. Either that, or we are all the same person :)

    You're a scientologist.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    People here do not want to acknowledge that high risk groups are just that high risk groups. The list of people who died all died of some circumstances as a result of their self inflicted abuse. But of course, it is easy to say Narconon did it to them. Just like Michael Jackson's Dr. Murdered Michael jackson. Micheal Jackson had nothing to do with it.
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    There are a lot of drug addicts with hepatitis the other disorders are mostly nonexistent, yes a number of Americans suffer from depression. However Scientology or Narconon will only take someone who is depressed and make them so much worse if not suicidal.

    Narconon takes young adults uses unsound unsafe treatment protocols without needed medical supervision and kills people.
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    Bullshit. These people died while under the (dubious) care and supervision of Narconon. which held itself out to be a medically staffed in-patient treatment facilty.

    Narconon lied, people died.
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    Conjecture, assertion, opinion. Your saying the above does not make it true.
  35. Anonymous Member

    What have you been responsible for?
    What have you not been responsible for?
    Answer alternately to cognition and EP.
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like a crappy Dr. who should retire immediately before killing anyone else.
  38. Anonymous Member

    no u
  39. Anonymous Member

    You are obviously illiterate or lazy Scientology's Narconon often employs chiropractors' as their primary intake physicians. They perform physicals, blood draws and other intake exam duties a chiropractor of all people.

    Narconon Kills people with unsound unsafe treatment protocols go find one (1) peer-reviewed study that validates Narconon's treatment program. I can save you the time you will not find a single one.

    So OSA with your 9th grade education what will you write now?
  40. Anonymous Member

    Your saying it is not true does not make it not true. Also, herp derp.

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