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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Scientology is a cult.
    Narconon is part of the Scientology organization.
    Narconon has the highest death rate for any rehab in the US.

    Feeling uncomfortable with Scientology yet?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    you do not influence my thinking. You come across as an emotional extremist to me. I believe Sceintology to be just as flawed as everyone else. They do stupid things that are not in people's best interest just like every other dumbass human some of the time.

    I do not buy into Scientology and feel no pressure to do so. All religions seem wacky to me, the really old ones that were fabricated up long ago and people are less inclined to call BS on and the new ones where it is more obvious they are fabricated.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    What makes you think anything stated on an Internet newsgroup is supposed to influence your thinking? You have misunderstandings.

    Listen, we've heard the "I'm not a Scientologist, but... " line enough times here already... please.

    If you're not a Scientologist, yet you'll waste this much time and bandwidth just to play devil's advocate, you really need to consider other options :)
  6. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous wrote:

    I rsponded

    Says you.

    Listen, I have heard the "I have heard the I'm not a Scientologist, but... " line enough times here already... please" line enough times...please. You say the same thing every time. As if anyone who does not agree with you MUST!!!!!! be a card carrying Scientologist. They must be!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous Member

    OK, well then continue sucking cocks, see if I care LOL
  8. Anonymous Member

    Had some time on my hand and felt charitable, so helped it out with its spelling. It's welcome.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Y'all talk about "dicks" and "cocks" allot here in your closing words (not that there is anything wring with that.) Is it because there is allot of women posting in wwp or you fellahs just into that sort of thing?
  10. Anonymous Member

    transitive verb \ə-ˈlät\
    al·lot·ted al·lot·ting

    Definition of ALLOT
    : to assign as a share or portion <allot 10 minutes for the speech>
    : to distribute by or as if by lot <allot seats to the press>
    — al·lot·ter noun
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    Each speaker will be allotted 15 minutes.
    The newspaper will allot a full page to each of the three mayoral candidates.

    Origin of ALLOT
    Middle English alotten, from Anglo-French aloter, from a- (from Latin ad-) + lot, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English hlot lot
    First Known Use: 15th century
    Related to ALLOT
    Synonyms: allocate, allow, apportion, assign, distribute, lot, ration

    noun \ˈfe-lə, fə-ˈlä\
    plural fel·la·hin also fel·la·heen

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    See fellah defined for kids »
    Origin of FELLAH
    Arabic fallāḥ
    First Known Use: 1743

    IOW: wat
  11. Anonymous Member

    At least you did not talk about male body parts in that post. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)
  12. Anonymous Member

    Why? Have a button on male body parts? Homophobic? Fag-frightened? Cock-shy? Wishing for some goatse?
  13. Anonymous Member

    & OSA returns
  14. Anonymous Member

    Of course. That^ is EXACTLY what OSA would ask.
  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Yes you are quite correct a Layfayette Ron Hubbard aka Scientology was interested in all types of little sexual games. However Ron Hubbard liked little girls mostly as he always kept them close by on his ship.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, not getting in a conversation about your lifestyle choices here. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just trying to understand the culture here in WWP
  18. Anonymous Member

    Well we understand your lifestyle Scientology you have no life you are nothing but a robot. Some day you may awaken and become alive again and that is what we are all about.
    Death to Scientology!
  19. Anonymous Member

    Hey! Is OP even still here or are we just trolling each other? OP, if you ARE still here, what is the topic again? P0rn? Alternative lifestyle choices? How Narconon kills people and is a scam? The fact that Scientology sucks? David Miscavige and his particular brand of sociopathy? How it sucks to be living in your mom's basement with nothing better to do than troll WWP and wish some girl would like you?
  20. Anonymous Member

    I have nothing to do with that so called "Church". You have way more to do with "Scientology" than me.

    You believe in "robots"? There is a great show called Robot Chicken you might enjoy.

    Cool story bro.

    We taked like that when we were playing war games with cardboard boxes and little plastic soldiers as kids.
  21. Sneak Moderator

    This is still going?
  22. hushpuppy Member

    OP is very much still here. OP was 'last seen' on this thread between 'a moment ago' and '30 minutes ago' every time I've checked.
  23. Sneak Moderator

    Then we need more modparty caek and balloons and alcohol.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Okay. I think I am the only person here besides the OP, who is trolling HIMSELF. It's a big ass joke on ME, a thread with only two real people. Very funny. Verrrrryyyyyy funny.
  25. Anonymous Member

    So many silly questions. 1. LOL 2 who knows. 3. nope. 4. nope 5. CSB 6. CSB 7 CSB 8. Where did you get "basement" from?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Well, Mr. OP, if YOU don't know what the topic is, then how am I supposed to know? Just who is driving this big bus of fail?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Don't make me have to go all "NARCONON SUCKS" on your ass.....
  28. Anonymous Member

    the topic is alive and always changing moment to moment and is never fixed. What I want to talk about is the superiority of critics to that which they are criticizing, and the total lack of humility and decency towards people critics call "victims" and seem to have no problem revictimizing.

    David Misgavich is himself a child born into the "cult" yes? How can he know any better? That was Tori's excuse for staying so long, wasn't it? According to this interview I just listened to
  29. Thatcher Moderator

    Mod cake you say?

    Disclaimer: This is an artistic replication. No real moderators were hurt in the process of making it. Nor oranges.WWP staff is in no way condoning violence to people or fruits

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  30. Sneak Moderator



    I don't have the same work ethics as Thatcher. Made with real mods. Enjoy HOC.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    I have only harsh opinions about the COS and Narcanon ( the little I know anyway ) but i have no interest in talking about those things here. If I met a Scientologist in a bar I would say my 2 cents to them and ask them what the f is up , but the last thing that is needed here is one more person gossiping about Scientology. My interest is more these assassination squads that from on line that feel self justified in anything and everything they do and oblivious that they are being that way because they are so caught up in a mob of true believers with a mission .
  32. Anonymous Member

    Okay, OP. Try as I might, I just cannot help but be bored. I mean, really, you are posting Tory vids? I have things to do and just cannot continue to hang out with you during Troll Time. You may just continue to troll yourself. I am going to join the MOD PARTY because it looks MUCH more fun.
  33. Anonymous Member


    I actually have only harsh opinions about the COS and Narcanon (the little I know anyway ) but I have no interest in talking about those things here.

    If I met a Scientologist in person in a bar I might say my 2 cents to them and ask them what the fuck is up with your "church" ?, but the last thing that is needed here is one more person gossiping about Scientology.

    My interest is more these anti--scientology assassination squads that form on-line that behave so self justified in anything and everything they say and do, seemingly oblivious that they are being that way because they are so caught up in a mob of true believers with a mission .
  34. Sneak Moderator

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  35. Sneak Moderator

    Fuck yeaaah! Can you get nibbles and/or music?
  36. Anonymous Member

    DO IT
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    I'm in for chocolate chip cookies and a really good red wine. Prolly a Sonoma Zin.
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  39. Sneak Moderator

    Excellent. :D
  40. Anonymous Member

    Am I a disruption to your corruption?
    You ain't seen nothin' yet

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