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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, May 4, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Lets discuss pro active actions that can be taken online.

    For example, has anyone ever thought of monitoring QA sites oft frequented by the under aged for keywords that may indicate abuse, and contact a potential victim providing them with information where best to solicit help.

    e.g: "my uncle touched my hoohaa"
  2. Well....
    We have been doing alot( Im not sure whether its prudent to discuss it in an open forum like this), but our main thing here is not to give victims a sense of false security just cuz we come plunging in to the rescue.
    We try to star as neutral and un emotional as possible.

    We try to make people see that while we are a bridge for them to use to cross over the bad shitty parts of their abuse, they should by no means get hung up on us here and forget to move forward.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Looks like I found the right place....I have discovered a very common situation....I think it fits with the theme....if not forgive me.

    I know a lot of people in there 20's or early 30's molested by coaches/teachers when they where in school. They either said nothing ,or where ignored. Problem is that the teachers still hunt in the schools. I know of one specifically. He molested his step daughter while he was also her softball coach when she was around 12 or 13. Since then he has moved from small town to small town. He never gets a job in a town with more then a population of 600 people. Always a softball coach. Any idea's?

    Things I know, or thought of:

    It's VERY possible to make things much, much, worse.
    Even the most reliable and trusted source can only be trusted 99%.
    Many of the victims have moved on with their lives and interfering could just make things that much more difficult.
    This is not a save all operation. It's slow, tedious, and precise.
    It's dangerous. If the accused is guilty, and suspects the victim told on them things could go horribly wrong.
    To catch the person, they would have to be active and stupid.

    I'm just fishing for idea's. It's hard to just watch a predator, and not be able to do anything about it.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Have you considered possibly using memes and trying to distribute them via FB or twitter to the users in the area. Use softball coaches in the background with generic statistical information in the forefront, like 1 out of every 4 girls in the U.S. will be sexually abused. Just enough to give their sub-conscious a nudge
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  5. Anonymous Member

    That's good. That's real good! Well, played sir. Well, played indeed. The first time I read it I was like, "post meme's on face book, what good would that do!?" Then I was like, wuhhhhh. Clever indeed.
  6. What we need is to work on way to report FB to the LEA's.
    The have continuously wasted our time with empty promises to take care of the problem themselves, so now its time to inform the authorities, and make them the butt of a media scandal.

    We need to figure out a concise and easy to repeat way to do so, the produces results.
    Another thing that might work to out advantage would be to rally up the media.

    The only way these people respond is when they are backed into a corner with the proverbial sword stuck right at their throats.
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  7. Anonymous Member

  8. We have tried that, I personally have sat on kid oriented chat rooms for hours monitoring self described child lovers interaction's with be it real children or adult posing as kids(this action is called pedobating) as well as chatroulette and omegle. we have reported our finding to LEA but we never seem to get anywhere with them. I dont know if its because they dont take us seriously or they are trying to catch us (anons) when we make contact with them, rather that concentrate on helping the kids.

    I try to keep my team from letting victims get too comfortable with us, because we dont want them to mistakenly think that we can offer the help of let say a professional psychologist, doctor or police officer can offer them.

    The best I think we could do for these guys is pool resources and have them at the ready for them.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Again this is just in the UK, but here the law would see what you're doing as entrapment, I suspect.

    Which would make a conviction unlikely.
  10. Its just so hard for me to get something going at the moment ,since Ive been having some personal issues that are eating me alive, not to mention that my semester at college is ending with in the next 14 days and i have to do final projects, make sure my notebooks are in order and study for finals.
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. I dint say we did that, I said I observed that happen.
  13. Anonymous Member

    God damn!

    These Anons are acting and thinking without your approval!

    They think they can do whatever they want!

  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    Other things to try
    1) Contact facebook partners and companies who advertise on facebook. Poon their corporate contacts. Post in YELP. Target just partnered with Facebook. The more noise online about OpInnocence the more likely Target will be to respond.
    2) if you have $$ buy a share of stock in facebook or partner and then you are a more important person. . IDK how to launch an initiative as a share holder for the annual meeting. Anyone?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Also there was a mainstream vlogger who helped with pedo hunting on YouTube, someone here might know him. R J Carter.
  17. Boris Korczak Member

    Any suspicious thing can, should and must be reported directly to the police, FBI or any other law enforcement agency. You can do it from the public phone, or if you are 100% positive you can do it in person securing your anonimity with the agency. Your information does NOT have to be verified by you or investigated by you. You are not Sherlock Holmes.
    There are children that need your help.
    Stay safe.

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Wanted to touch base and see how this situation was playing out...have you had any luck touching base with the community he's moved to?

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