Prevent Dead Agenting - "Live Agenting" Flyers

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  1. Fluke Member

    Prevent Dead Agenting - "Live Agenting" Flyers

    One of the preferred tactics of OSA and ReligiousFreedomWatch *cough*
    is to flyer a critic/protesters neighborhood with anti-religious extremist flyers.

    Examples ..... anti-critic flyers allegedly handed out by Scientology

    Tory has just recently put up a video discussing the flyer spread in her neighborhood the last week or so by RFW, mostly discussing her leaving her husband. As if anyone in the world cares. I lol'd.

    As some of the Anons are the young side, so far they've taken the "letter to the folks" route. For the older Anons that get outed as time goes on, they will possibly use this flyering tactic. I've created a tl;dr (forgive me Xenu) for my own purposes in the hopes of starting a thread other's might get inspired by. Credit due to whomever created the "survival guides", I copypasta'd some from it.

    Since we go for opposites around here when it comes to the CoS, I'm calling this action "Live Agenting." I'll leave it to others to come up with the short hooky type of flyer. The plaintext is below, you may grab the .pdf here ....

    [ Tip : It's a good idea to observe your local flyering laws, US Mail boxes are off limits, mail slots on homes/doors are private property and subject to local laws. ]



    Hello Dear Neighbor,

    For purposes you will understand by the time you finish reading this message, I will remain Anonymous. This message has been sent as an attempt to protect myself from future harm. I ask that you please read this message in its entirety.

    Who are you ?

    I am a member of a group called Anonymous, a collective of individuals, with no leaders, that has sprung forth and evolved on the Internet. If you have not heard of Anonymous we are currently involved in the online activism and monthly picketing protests held in over 100 cities in 37 countries around the globe against the "Church" of Scientology. We are protesting against the "Church's" human rights abuses and crimes. We are protesting a very dangerous cult that uses progressive brainwashing to indoctrinate and intimidation tactics against both its members and critics to further its goals.

    Why are you personally sending me this message ?

    My reasons for delivering you this message are two-fold. The first is the most obvious, it being to spread awareness of an abusive cult to as many people as possible. The second is to protect myself. Unfortunately I feel it is a necessary precaution I must take because of the "Church's" long documented history of attacking anyone who criticizes it. The "Church's" policy or "law" is to "always attack never defend." This cannot be more evident when you read the "Church's" policy of Fair Game. This is the policy that covers penalties for specific "conditions" of those who have committed "crimes" inside the "Church" as well as it's "enemy" critics. It reads as follows ... "LIABILITY ... TREASON ... DOUBT ... ENEMY …

    "ENEMY - SP Order. Fair Game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed." - HCO Policy Letter of 18 Oct. 1967

    The acronym SP means Suppressive Person. The "Church" claims that the Fair Game policy was canceled in 1968, however the so-called cancellation policy only cancels the use of the term Fair Game for public relation issues. The policy also states that it "does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP." Ex-Scientologists leaving the "Church" have confirmed time and time again that in fact Fair Game is currently in practice.

    How is your message to me a way of protecting yourself ?

    By openly criticizing the "Church" in any way, shape, or form I am officially an SP. This makes me subject to the Fair Game policy outlined above. If my identity is discovered I am opened up to the tactics well documented and long used by the "Church." These tactics include what is called "Dead Agenting," a method used to discredit and disrupt the lives of anyone who dare criticize them openly. Dead Agenting tactics can include creating fliers or "Dead Agent Packs" to be distributed in the critic’s neighborhood or place of employment with claims that you are anti-religious extremist and part of an anti-religious hate group.

    The "Church" employs private investigators to identify their critics, canvas their neighborhoods asking questions, and dig into credit reports, court and other public records looking for any past trouble they can use in these fliers. Picketing the homes of critics is another popular tactic. Obviously this can put a something of a damper on your relationship with your neighbors, in particular the ones who don't know you personally. Dead Agenting is tame compared to far more serious tactics in the Fair Game arsenal, all designed to ruin the person's life and either make them stop and/or to devolve them into depression and suicide. If you dig any deeper for yourself, you'll find that the "Church" has developed Fair Game into a very effective tool. This message to you is an attempt to preemptively discredit any Dead Agenting tactics that might be used against me in the future.

    Certainly that isn't the only reason you are protesting them ?

    Disconnection - We protest their policy of Disconnection, a type of religious shunning that has no parallel. It has separated families with complete denial of communication, often for the rest of their lives. If you are a member of the "Church" and anyone who speaks negatively to you about it, you must "handle" or "Disconnect" from that person as they are an SP. Unless the SP converts and sees the light, or desists in his criticism, Disconnection is the only option left to the "Church" member. If you fail to do so, you will be declared an SP as well and lose all standing in the "Church." This means you are at risk of your friends and your own family members Disconnecting from you. This is the pinnacle of emotional blackmail. If communication is allowed by the "Church," it is normally subject to censorship and must be only "Good Roads, Fair Weather." I think that phrase speaks for itself.

    Human Rights Abuses In The Sea Org - The Sea Org or SO is the "Church's" faux military organization, members who join sign a contract for one billion years of service. 12 hour or longer work days, a 7 day work week for $25-$75 a week are commonplace. The “approved” leaving process involves up to 3 years of hard physical labor, E-metered confessionals, social isolation and group pressure. SO members are subject to the RPF or Rehabilitation Project Workforce as punishment. This is a system of prison type work camps intended to rehabilitate members who have not lived up to expectations, failed Security Checks or have violated certain policies. Conditions in the RPF are nothing short of appalling. SO members are not permitted to have children. If pregnant, they are coerced to abort the baby or they must leave. It has recently been claimed by an ex-Sea Org member that the abortion rate is currently at or near 100%. Please watch this video about the RPF on YouTube.

    Tax Exemption - We protest their not-for-profit tax exemption. The special exemption they hold offers tax benefits that no other religion can enjoy. That intrudes into the Establishment Clause in the Constitution which holds that the government cannot give preference to any one religion. This exemption was gained in 1993 through the onslaught of over 2200 lawsuits launched against the IRS in an effort to demoralize by burying the IRS in paperwork; and documented digging up of "crimes" of high ranking IRS officials for blackmail. The decision made by the IRS bypassed the usual IRS department that examines and rules upon not-for-profit applications. The agreement was sealed and cannot be reviewed, even by the tax courts when members of other religions press for their right to the same fair and equal tax benefits.

    Why not some other cause, aren't there more important issues ?

    Well, one hears that regardless of what you protest, short of war. I put it to you that most of the people who asked that question haven't ever stood up and used their first amendment right and made themselves heard on any issue, nd assume I don't have any other causes or concerns. Indeed, I think regardless of whether that is true or not, there's no need for me to justify why I am protesting what I am. But I will. My short personal answer is that I believe families and lives can be saved. And it's working already because AT THIS VERY MOMENT I am infecting YOU with the truth. That's why. The Anonymous collective would say...

     Scientology has enjoyed decades of powerful rule, using its vast amounts of money and its fearsome legal team it has effectively quashed any dissenting voices. This not only includes anyone critical of them, from the average man on the street to the news media, but more importantly the "Church's" own ex-members who have already been victimized.
     The age of the Internet has created unique new opportunities in the fight against the "Church" of Scientology's abuses. Technology and new methods of communication overcome many of the dirty tactics that have kept the criminal organization of the "Church" safe for so long. This and the emergence of Anonymous, who are standing alongside ex-members and those who have been long time critics, has now made an even safer environment for more ex-members to come forward and speak. Indeed they are coming forward and they are speaking up.
     Scientology can easily sue an individual into bankruptcy, but an Anonymous collective of individuals can not be targeted this way, giving more people more freedom to express their views with less fear of retribution. We fight the "Church" of Scientology because it is a cause worth fighting for and because we CAN.

    Isn't it wrong to protest a religion, isn't this religious bigotry ?

    Everyone has the right to believe what they want, but they have a right to believe it for free, and without persecution by the very religion they choose to follow. Anonymous does not focus on what individual Scientologists believe, but rather bring attention to the corrupt leadership and management structure of Scientology which harms it's followers and their families emotionally, physically, and financially while profiting themselves. In fact, it should be noted that in some countries Scientology is not considered to be religion but a for-profit corporation or pyramid type scheme and has been banned or restricted. We do not take issue with the FreeZone, whose members practice the “Tech” of Scientology outside of the “Church.”

    This sounds a little paranoid, have you at least looked at the other side ?

    In a word, yes. I honestly have and already have made up my mind. In closing I say this to you. You do not have to believe a word I say here. All I ask of you is to look at both sides with an open mind and decide for yourself. Educate yourself and share what you find with your family, friends, and co-workers. The people you love. You, like I, may unknowingly save someone's family from being destroyed or even their very lives by a dangerous cult that thrives in the silence it enforces. By simple word of mouth.

    Also, be sure to stop by, the official religious watchdog of the “Church.” Please note that only critics of the “Church” are showcased here. If you can count the number of times the word hate is used on this website, you are a greater person than I. You are also probably the same kind of person who likes to guess at the number of jellybeans in a jar.

    These are the actions of a Church ? Thank you for your time and I wish the best for you and yours, no matter your faith.
  2. Fluke Member

    Re: Prevent Dead Agenting - "Live Agenting" Flyers

    It should be noted that there would be a small security concern with this. Should you flyer a Scientologist's home or (insert other scenario) your general area might be revealed. As far as myself and my location I think that unlikely.

    I'm amused thinking I'm making people scratch their heads wondering who in the neighborhood is the Anon.
  3. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Prevent Dead Agenting - "Live Agenting" Flyers

    OP= tl;dr for most people

    I am opposed to flyering in neighborhoods. I dont read the crap that gets stuffed by my mailbox and my gate, I think it's a waste of paper and it creates resentment--and all my neighbors feel the same.
    If you ABSOLUTELY feel you have to this, us 1/4 sheet RECYCLED paper and be BRIEF

    Dear neighbor:
    I am a member of a group called Anonymous, a collective of individuals, with no leaders, that has sprung forth and evolved on the Internet to protest abuses within the cult of Scientology.

    We wear masks to protect our identities because of Scientology's written policy of harassing those who speak out against its abuses.

    If you have not heard of Anonymous we are currently involved in the online activism and monthly picketing protests held in over 100 cities in 37 countries around the globe against the "Church" of Scientology.

    We are protesting against the "Church's" human rights abuses and crimes. We are protesting a very dangerous cult that uses progressive brainwashing to indoctrinate and intimidation tactics against both its members and critics to further its goals which include undermining our government.

    Freedom does not come with a risk. My risk for the freedom of others is my privacy and that my neighbors could receive false, defamatory information about me. Please understand the "Church" of Scientology allows to members to sue and harass its critics, and neighbors of other members have been on the receiving end of so called "dead agent packets."


    If you have questions come to one of our protests. I may be the masked man or woman who speaks with you.
  4. Lrononymous Member

    Re: Prevent Dead Agenting - "Live Agenting" Flyers

    Good stuff fluke. Bumping until I have time to really add something useful!
  5. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Prevent Dead Agenting - "Live Agenting" Flyers

    that was a good write up.
    This technique is listed in Lermanet's page for "Setting your Permiter" HERE which is a list of all the people you must inform to practice safe "cult busting". The Set Your Perimiter page is linked from the How to get involved page HERE by Arnie Lerma, it also has Tory's recommendations on a linked page.

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