Press Release Brainstorm

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by Consensus, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Consensus Member

    Press Release Brainstorm

    I like the idea of a weekly press release. Some weeks it can just summarize recent events, other times it can have a focused message. In any case, I'd like it if we could aim to have one done by Saturday night.

    One thing we could push is the popular media's attention to the issue. Between Kendra's interview finally airing on ABC and the episode of Law & Order scheduled for this week, we should be able to make some case that Scientology (and its criticism) is 'in the forefront' this week.

    Other ideas?
  2. Consensus Member

    Re: Press Release Brainstorm

    What do Scientology and Communist China have in common?
    Human Rights abuses
    forced abortions
    child labor
    interrogation techniques
    calling all dissent 'terrorism'
    radical collectivism
    internet filtering & other information control methods

    How do scientology and communist china differ?
    China is flexible and adapting, whereas Scientology regards L Ron's words as unalterable 'source'
    Scientology is as cutthroat as capitalism gets

  3. Anonymouse Member

    Re: Press Release Brainstorm

    Let's worry about a weekly one when we get one actually published that we've already written.

    Has anything come of the three big ones that were being worked on? I know the TomKat one was pretty much ready...

    We can't afford to jump around so much. Let's try and get those three earlier ones actually *published* with a reliable contact, then see what happens.
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Press Release Brainstorm

  5. D... Member

    Re: Press Release Brainstorm

    IMO, once every two weeks would be better. Just to get more information in one place and we don't run the risk of having a slow week.
  6. Consensus Member

    Re: Press Release Brainstorm

    Every two weeks works for me.

    As far as targets, I think we need to look at our audience. A press release aimed for celebutainment mags will be entirely different from one aimed at financial papers (bankrupting an organization worth 3.5 billion dollars might be of interest to wallstreet journal types, y'know... even if it's not publicly traded...). Highlighting government action against the cult around the world would aim for the new york times/newsweek people. I think we should do more targeted press releases, and consider our audience.

    I do think we got a nod in that LATimes blog last week on Jason Beghe - it followed up with the headline 'scientology facing criticism worldwide' (or somesuch), and mentioned the story we highlighted in our press release with the same headline.

    In any case, I don't think we should 'wait for the ones we've written to get published.'
    We want to build a library for the press to quote from. We want comments - good, quotable comments - on every possible angle the press could run an article from. And we don't want press releases printed in full - we aren't writing articles, and I question the motivation and integrity of any print media that simply regurgitates press releases. We want the media to digest what we're saying, and we want to provide a resource for them to present our side to the public.
  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Press Release Brainstorm

  8. Consensus Member

    Re: Press Release Brainstorm

    It's getting to be about time to make a new press release. Anybody have any ideas?

    Or should we wait until finals week is over to maximize our pooled talent?

    e:how about a 'summer of lulz' themed press release? Emphasize that the students in our movement are finishing their semesters, and ready to focus all efforts for the summer. Also include invitations for people who have been following the story but not involved to GET involved, inviting them to attend our may protests and register on enturbulation?
  9. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Press Release Brainstorm

    We should be writing press releases targeted for our audiences we have now ie:Wikinews, Digg, etc in addition to dead tree news.

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