Presenting Alternatives to Scientology

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by juanguy, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. juanguy Member

    Presenting Alternatives to Scientology

    I was thinking about the fact that many Scientologists who have left have said there is good in some of the early lessons, but that those lessons by be easily found in other religions.

    I says to myself, "Well, which religions?"

    I think it would be good if we could come up with alternatives for ex-scio's who are still looking for a good, solid, spiritual/philosophical path. It might also work to help guide the curious-but-not-yet-scientologists toward something that will help and educate in lieu of Scientology.

    Now the thing I am not suggesting is that we advocate any particular religion or set of religions, just that we have something to compare Scientology with and perhaps offer as alternatives if someone is still looking for something after they leave or before they go in.

  2. WMAnon Member

    Look at it this way: if your friend just got him/herself out of an abusive relationship that spanned years or even decades, would you encourage that friend to start dating right away? NO. People coming out of Scientology need some time to readjust to life with us wogs before they consider starting up another relationship with any church, no matter how benign. Give them the ex-scientology boards to contact, don't put them in touch with another church until they've had time to heal.
  3. anonymous3347 Member

    I agree with juanguy, these people are going to be very vulnerable. It will be a big part of their healing to seek out religious involvement on their own, when they are ready. They have been so controlled by the CoS that cognitive dissonance is going to be a huge problem for them. They have to work through that, however painful that may be, before they engage in a new belief system. If they just leap blindly without having a chance to get themselves together, I can't see them having much success or satisfaction.
  4. Skeptic1337 Member

    Noble and misguided, as in this is not an anonymous deal. There are plenty of others out there (FZers primarily) that can help with that. Advocating anything even if it's by mere mention as an anonymous concept has been shot down a few times already.

    In my opinion that means as a collective we remain non-sectarian and just work on bringing down the CoS. Seems we have made great strides in putting the word out there that we aren't anti scientology per say (not me personally but that's neither here nor there) and even the mere suggestion of "this is an alternative" taints our message.

    tldr; No advocacy, it's not an anonymous deal.

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