PR Director of Scientology’s Las Vegas C.C. Arrested in Plot to Assassinate a Cop

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. wolfbane Member

    Man who pleaded guilty to police kidnapping plot violates probation conditions

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  2. The Internet Member

    Homeless guy cannot get his van back? Dang that is harsh.
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  3. vaLLarrr Member

    He don't need a van in prison.
  4. Los Angeles Times California Sunday Magazine: The Vegas Plot: In the world of right-wing extremism, how do you tell who is dangerous?

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Scott liked what he heard and later agreed to store David’s water at the warehouse. Several mornings a week, David and Devon pulled up to the garage around 8 a.m. to haul Dasani bottles to and from Devon’s Civic. Devon, a devout Scientologist who’d served as a church spokeswoman, was David’s business partner and a fellow student of sovereignty. She scrawled notes constantly in a print-cursive hybrid: sketches of Renaissance-style dresses, recipes for kale-celery-apple juice and coleslaw, and details of sovereign concepts known as “common law.”

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    CLAD IN NAVY jail garb, Devon and David sat at the defense table, scowling. It was September, and more than a month had passed since their arrests were briefly national news. Devon was mortified. Behind bars, she had to beg for contact solution. Her perfectly coiffed hair fuzzed. Her beloved church had distanced itself. She asked about David constantly. He found jail lonely, and cold. He seethed that he’d been assigned a public defender — unlike Devon, he clung to the belief that sovereignty could spare him, and wanted to represent himself.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    HT - Smurf on ESMB:
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  5. Scientology Flack Arrested in Plot to Kill Cop | Gawker

    By Tony Ortega


    Apparently there's quite a few bugs to be worked out regarding L. Ron Hubbard's claims of Scientology creations for the World.

    Having had LRH's 'ethics' put in on her for decades, Devon Campbell Newman's years of LRH processing led her to become the Director of Scientology's Celebrity-Center in Las Vegas and to a hookup with this fine gentleman (a match made in heaven) whom she plotted to kidnap and kill a random police officer with, so theta, Thanks for this contribution to mankind, Ron.

    Devon, put the cans down and slowly back away from the 'Tech' ........oops, nm........Too Late!

    How's OT8 Rex (I need Scientology like a hole in the head......or 2) Fowler doing in prison for murdering the only non-scientologist (Tom Cianci) at Fowler Software?
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  6. Herro Member

    AM I BEING DETAINED!?!!??!?!
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Las Vegas Deep Dream.jpg

    Deep Dream Las Vegas.
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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    This is barely worth mentioning, but Devon Campbell was mentioned in passing in an article today, in the last sentence of what's quoted below.

    YouTube-trained ‘Dr. Rick’ promises to cure your cancer in exchange for guns or pure silver

    A “sovereign citizen” who spent time at the Bundy ranch has been charged with practicing medicine without a license.

    Rick Van Thiel, who goes by “Dr. Rick,” claims he learned surgical procedures from YouTube videos and promised to cure cancer, AIDS and most STDs at “unbeatable prices.”

    Authorities arrested Van Thiel on more than 30 felony counts last week after they said he spread infectious disease among clients who sought medical assistance at his filthy trailer — where investigators said they found bloody instruments, controlled substances, firearms, non-human remains and bags of bodily fluid lying around.

    “I would say most of these people come to me because I’m not one of the Rockefeller-trained, drug-pushing doctors,” Van Thiel told KTNV-TV after his arrest.

    The 52-year-old Van Thiel said he doesn’t believe he needs a license to administer “natural remedies,” perform abortions — which he calls making a woman “un-pregnant” — or surgical procedures — which he says he learned from watching YouTube videos.

    “You don’t watch one, you watch like 20 or 25 like I do,” Van Thiel told KSNV-TV in another post-arrest interview. “Pretty close to anything you want to learn you can learn it off YouTube for free.”

    He admitted that he was not actually a surgeon but joked that he “played one in a movie” — which the FBI is using as evidence against him — that shows him removing a cyst from a client’s back.

    Authorities said Van Thiel has previous felony convictions for attempted battery, assault, burglary and robbery in both Nevada and California, and one of his websites boasts of other previous activities before opening his bogus medical practice.

    “Prior to becoming a professional doctor, I was a sex machine inventor, swinger, BDSM master, porn actor and producer,” he claims beneath a nude photo of himself.


    Van Thiel promised his clients that he could deliver “sovereign babies” in his trailer without a birth certificate, which he told parents meant the child would have the choice upon turning 18 years old whether to become a “free being or to become a slave.”

    His views on politics and the law inspired two other sovereign citizens who plotted to kidnap and kill a random police officer before their August 2013 arrest.

    David Brutsche, a convicted sex offender from California, was introduced to the concept of sovereignty the previous year by his friend, Van Thiel — who he told undercover police was “a great resource for sovereigns.”

    Brutsche and co-conspirator Devon Campbell, the former public relations director of Scientology’s “Celebrity Center,” were each sentenced to a year on probation after pleading guilty to conspiracy charges.
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