PR Director of Scientology’s Las Vegas C.C. Arrested in Plot to Assassinate a Cop

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Different charges laid, according to this report:
    And a bit of info on why the "attempted" charge:
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Were are the dox re the actual charges and details like those above?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Usually if one person in the couple meet the age requirement, they let them in.
  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tony Ortega posted this on Facebook:

    20-PAGE POLICE REPORT NOW ADDED: We have several updates to our story about Devon Newman, the PR Director for Scientology's Las Vegas Celebrity Center who was arrested for allegedly taking part in a plot to kill a cop to make a political statement.

    ALSO: Devon tried to reach Karen de la Carriere, her former landlord, to ask for help with her bail!
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  5. Older Scientologist woman and a younger sex offender husband living with Karen de la Carriere. Maybe a three way?
    Not J Swift
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Police Report Dox itt plox?
  7. wolfbane Member

    The police report is cash! These two crazy mofos didn't just get caught in a sting, they practically got caught in the act - literally... open up the shop doors to roll out to kidnap a cop and oh hai! SWAT TEAM!!
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  8. wolfbane Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Thanks Devon. The most LULz I've had in awhile.

    Maybe one of your SO buds will help U out by sending you a black dildo in jail. You should be able to have one as they are a first amendment right in scientology and thus you should one available to you in your cell.
  10. DeathHamster Member

    Maybe someone should send her some of these? I hear they promote a wonderful secular moral code.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Statement from LV Cult:

    The Church of Scientology follows the law of the land as is clearly covered in our scripture. For more information, see our FAQs at

    Membership in groups which advocate violation of the law disqualifies an individual from membership in the Church of Scientology.

    Regarding your questions of activities of former rogue members of the Church more than 30 years ago, these people were removed from the Church by current leadership in the early 1980s and forbidden from ever serving again on Church staff. Their office was disbanded.

    Media Relations Department

    Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Las Vegas
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  12. Anonymous Member

    What is the bolded part referring to? Halp.
  13. Criminon.jpg home_12.jpg


    For further information and sales, contact Criminon International at Individual cards are available for $3.00 each. Orders of ten are $25.00. $4 shipping and handling included for all orders. full spread/pages/EDDIE-MILLS-GROOVY-UNICORN.htm
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Operation Snow White ... no dwarfs back then.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Oh okay- I was taking it literally- as though it was a response to an email or a statement of some. Sanks.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, it is just pure obfuscation. When I imagine the panic stricken at the LV org, I lulz, a great deal. :)
  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    Suspect in alleged police kidnapping plot has ties to Scientology | KTNV Las Vegas

    By Stacey Gualandi

    New information about 67-year-old suspect Devon Newman connects her to the Church of Scientology. Today, the Las Vegas branch confirmed that she was a member. Representatives for the Church said they were shocked at the news of the arrests. They wouldn't speak on camera, but said they would provide answers to written questions about Devon Newman. But in the end, the Church declined to comment. They did say that the Church "follows the law of the land as is clearly covered in our scripture...membership in groups which advocate violation of the law disqualifies an individual from membership ... if you are involved in one of these groups, you are out of the Church. It is as simple as that."

    Police say Newman has no criminal record, unlike 42-year-old David Brutsche, who is a 6-time convicted felon and registered child sex offender. Today Metro released additional details of his criminal past. He was arrested on 17 outstanding misdemeanor warrants including obstruction of a police officer and traffic-related offenses.

    Continued at
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  18. Anonymous Member

    After reading a few pages of the 20 page police report, I am astonished that this wacko had bail set at all.
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  19. Random guy Member

    Considering her "sovereign citizen" thing, I would expect her not only to mention it, but make it a major point.
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  20. jensting Member

    So, you going to be fickle and change avatars?
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  21. timthephoto Member

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  22. firebug Member

    The police report says they discussed getting firearms training from Front Sight
    Front Sight is owned by a scientologist, Ignatius Piazza
    The report goes on to say that on July 2nd they attended a class designed to familiarize them with firearms and how to train with them. It doesn't state if the training was with front sight.
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  23. Enturbuleak Member

    No worries Scientologists, this will all blow over and be forgotten by the time SUPER POWER opens in 6 weeks.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    The fact that Devon has been labeled as belonging to a domestic terrorist group, is especially sweet.

    The cult is trying to put as much distance as possible, between itself and the Sovereign Citizen Movement. IMHO, the cult's response has two significant and deliberate misrepresentations in it.

    First, their comment about always following the law of the land - I don't think so... Their FAIR GAME policy -anyone criticizing scientology may be deprived of property or injured by any means...May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed is in full force today, and a new law suit against the church alleging this has just been filed by Monique Rathburn this past week.

    Their second comment about kicking anyone out that breaks the law is also doesn't ring true. There are certain people who were directly involved in Operation Snow White, that were subsequently re-employed by the church. Not to mention L Ron Hubbard was convicted of fraud in abstentia, by a high court in France - and was an unindicted co-conspirator in Operation Snow White. More recently, David Miscavige (the head of the Church of Scientology) own sister, Denise Miscavige Gentile, was charged with possession of drugs in Florida.

    There are a lot of parallels between Scientology and the Sovereign Citizens - members of both groups consider themselves above the law and will readily break it, if it furthers their own purpose. The long list of law suits against Scientology for the past 4 decades attests to that, as well as ex-members reports. Secondly, both groups consider the US government an adversary (e.g. Operation Snow White, and a review of scientology's policy manuals).

    David Miscavige has probably ordered a search of all members files to determine who else is part of the Sovereign Citizens Group - scared shitless, he is.
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  25. What I fail to understand is how the US government, notoriously zealous in such matters, has not labeled the whole of the Scientology cult-scam as a terrorist group. Shall I run down some notable qualifications?

    - Money laundering activities, showcased by the fact that they accept huge sums of money from their marks in return for a pocket full of woo
    - Stocks of arms at their international headquarters
    - Many suspicious deaths related to their organization: Lisa McPherson, to name their most famous victim
    - Repeated infiltration and attempted infiltrations of governments around the world: Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and the US come immediately to mind
    - Widespread evidence of human trafficking, slave labor and general mistreatment of staff: too much to list here
    - Shutting off of AIS on an oceangoing vessel required to maintain it on: Freewinds

    Feel free to add moar that I may have left out.

    Then again, the US government has proven itself time and time again to be a terrorist and rogue state itself, frequently cozying up to terrorist and mercenary groups internationally, when not actually fomenting and financing operations of said group. Maybe this is why they let David Miscavige operate his band of domestic terrorists.

    Hopefully, individual US states taking official notice of Scientology criminality and terrorism will take action despite the laissez-faire attitude of the Federal government regarding Scientology. Obviously , someone(s) important in the central government has told agencies such as FBI and BATF to back off the cult, as they continue to be useful.

    smokingman.jpg (lol)
  26. Anonymous Member

    I don't remember itt if it was mentioned how high up the Bridge Devon got, but it must be worth it to not be able to tell one of your friends is an undercover cop. Yup, all that auditing and clearing certainly boosted your perceptions of reality etc.
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  27. OTeleventy Member

    Knowing how to know, right? How's that all working out for you, Devon?
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  28. DeathHamster Member

    "Shit! This just keeps getting better and better!" - President, Iron Sky.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Inb4 she was an undercover OSA agent
  30. Is Ignatius Piazza another scientologist terrorist?

    Email the gun-toting clam and find out!

    Ignatius Piazza <>
  31. Anonymous Member

    It's not hard to go back and look.
    So two levels below the "Class 0" ability of "Recognition" :p
  32. Anonymous Member

    A comment about Front Sight on esmb:!/page18

  33. Anonymous Member

    • Through Front Sight, Piazza was involved in preparing actor Mark Wahlberg for his role in the 2007 film Shooter.
    • In 2002, he sued former Front Sight instructor Dean Gamburd for libel. The basis of the suit was literature which Gamburd had distributed linking Piazza and Front Sight to Scientology. The case was apparently settled.[25][26]
    • In 2002, Front Sight, Inc. and Piazza individually sued Diana Hsieh for libel. The case was settled out of court.[27] This lawsuit was in effect a complaint that Diana Hsieh had linked Front Sight with Scientology in a manner which Piazza believed to be unfair. The complaint accused Hsieh of linking the company to "hateful, bigoted and untrue statements" concerning Scientology.[28]
    WWP thread about Piazza:
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  34. s0kpupit Member

    If you go to the las Vegas celebrity center Facebook page you'll see they just posted a TWTH video entitled "don't do anything illegal, moral principles and precepts". Is that irony? Idk.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Looks like the cult got LV PR Director Rev Dev to turn over the admin password for the site. Too bad.
  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tonight: LA Sheriff Lee Baca to Grace Scientology Gala, Days after “Celebrity Center” Employee Arrested for Planning to Kill a Cop

    By Tony Ortega

    On Tuesday, Scientology’s Director of Public Relations for its Las Vegas “Celebrity Center,” Devon Newman, was arrested for her part in a bizarre plot to kidnap, try, and execute a local police officer to make a political point for the “sovereign citizens” movement.

    Tonight, Scientology’s Celebrity Center in Hollywood holds its 44th annual gala, and besides the usual church celebrities who are expected to show, we’ve been told that Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca plans to make an appearance early in the evening.

    For years, Baca has been an enthusiastic supporter of Scientology, showing up at many church events. But this time, we’re wondering if any press covering the event will dare to ask him about the Celebrity Center employee who was planning to kill a cop, or about Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, who hasn’t been seen in public in six years.

    Continued with open comments at
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  37. anon walker Moderator

    There is probably some law in Nature that states that by the time you're drawing on the bottom barrel scum to KSW, you're drawing from the shortest and weirdest and craziest end of the Bell Curve. I think DM has reached that point.

    Is it weird that I feel sorry for this poor, deluded woman? Sure, they're all minor predators in the Scientology food chain and I can certainly celebrate the Dead Agenting that will render this person completely incapable of raising one thin dime (not to mention that inconvenient 'locked up in prison' thingie.) for Scientology ever again.

    I do think it's pretty disgusting that she has NO ONE to lean on and had to contact a landlady from 15 years ago for help which did not come. That just makes me feel sick; in another life she could have done something positive and enjoyable, but Scientology has many traps for the unwary and ill-educated to fall into. Like the Gap.
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  38. Malory Member

    You got OT powahz, because you're reading my mind!
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  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Anonymous Member

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