Postgame london June 23rd

Discussion in 'Europe' started by garlic, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. ZORRO Member

    I might be in loldon this summer I 'll join you
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  2. WhiteNight Member

    Dude, you've changed since I last saw you:

    Hehehe. It will be good to have you come with us. I'm making the thread for the next raid right now.
  3. cl0ud Member

    we've never had a problem with stand on their side of the road. both sides would be great with more numbers, shows dedication. :)
  4. WhiteNight Member

    With a week's notice we rustled up half a dozen. Next time we're looking at a dozen, plus however many you can bring. And more again after that, with luck.
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  5. cl0ud Member

    abolute minimum of 10-12 from us i would say
  6. WhiteNight Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    Agreed. The fun, lulz and total irreverence is the reward for anons coming out and giving 'em socks. But it's still important not to cross that fine line surpassing the cult in dirty deeds. Right now Anon have incredible support from general London public, and officials too it seems. We'll keep it that way and we'll win the war.

    Rawn says that not acknowledging a communication hangs the taytan's attention at that moment in time. Even 1000s of years from now you will need powerful audittting to clear up all these unfinished comm-cycles on the time-track. What they did was suppressive - hanging your attention like that. Tut-tut.

    Is Dave the guy at the start of our little Youtube clip? He must be the PES then - Public Executive Secretary. Very grand and important title, granted and trusted upon him by Rawn. "Lackey" or "Whipping Boy" is more like the terminology wogs would use to describe this job. Or even "unpaid slave labour" could possibly fit here too. I've done all the shit he does - door-to-door mail drops (1000s per day), body routing with "BE, DO, HAVE" survey, selling fuckin books etc etc. Using 8-C (command control) on the public, and having to have a very thick skinned to not let all the insults and kick backs get to you. Coz Rawn says the Bank (reactive mind) will fight any attempt to free the individual. So crazy Dave believes he is somewhat of a crusader, one of the top 1% of planet earth who has enough 'free theta' to be able to perceive truth, where 'normal society' is just not aware enough, acting out past life implants deep rooted in the reactive mind.

    ...anyway, I could go on. Rawn's take on life is the ultimate rabbit-hole.

    Or how far down the bridge did I go? The only 'bridge' action I did was the purification rundown, so happily got rid of all the radiation and drugs that were lodged in the fatty tissue (lol). But they still managed to convince me to part with €30,000+. I paid for a lot of security-check auditing and word-clearing actions. I studied the subject quite well though, and for many years. All of Rawn's tech is more of a hindrance than a help. None of it is useful. The real mind control stuff is in the "Overts&Witholds" (all critical thinking is because of YOUR nasty deeds, not the 'groups'), "PTS/SP" (all critical info on $cio is manufactured by suppressives - 2.5% of the population), and "Misunderstood Words" (any disagreement you have with Rawn's perfect technology is because YOU have got a crashing misunderstood word that creates strange ideas in YOUR mind). I had bought into this shit in my early 20's and only relatively recently deprogrammed myself - nearly 14 years on.

    All of $cientology is a poison chalice. Rawn was a parasitic individual in that he used the good works of others to piece together a 'tech' that had enough workability to act as the cheese on the mouse-trap. You have momentary feelings of brightness, calm, serenity, then sold on the idea that this is only the tip of the iceberg. And like the heroin addict chases the dragon, the "able" are put on a hamster wheel chasing a figment of their imagination, all the while generating enormous financial gain for such a devious $cam, makes guys like Madoff look like harmless rogues.
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  8. Random guy Member

    Funny thing: The cult is running circles over in the US to gain sympathy and respectability from the locals and society at large, but fail now more than ever. Anons seems to get a lot of sympathy, even respect, and they are wearing mask and cracking bad jokes!

    Way to go Gents!
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  9. WhiteNight Member

    Brits are more cynical and pragmatic than the US public. Americans are more liberal with their definition of a religion and they're almost afraid to insult anyone's religious beliefs. In Britian, everyone can fuck off and if they have a problem with that they can fuck off some more.
    Oh, and most people over here can remember when the CoS was banned and Hubbard & his high-ranking followers weren't allowed to enter the country.
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  10. ZeroC Member

    That's him, we initially called him Steve but then Dave / Crazy Dave seemed to stick.

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  11. Anonymous Member

    sounds like a roaring success

    dauntless, defiant and resolute

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