Post your well wishes for Iran and its people here.

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Sol Mann, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Keep Fighting!! Your bravery against this unjust government has shown me the true Iran. I am with you in spirit and I respect your movement with the greatest reverence. Please don't let them silence you. The many have the power against the few and your oppressors will be destroyed. The rest of the free world awaits your victory. You will earn your freedom and the freedom of generations to come. Strength to all Iranians. Your fight will be rewarded and you will become a part of the free world. Free Iran!!
  2. I wish you relentlessnes as times are changing.
  3. DoNotGiveUp Member

    Fight back!

    Absolutely do not give in to fear through this. Fight back, stay strong, do not give up or give in. If there is anything I can do, please message me. I don't know what I can do from so far away, but I will do my best to make it happen.
  4. TheSwabbie Member

    My heart is with you all. This struggle will continue to be difficult, just as ours was 230+ years ago.. but Freedom is WORTH it!

    God be with you!
  5. Prayers...

    As Americans, we don't realize how lucky we are to have our freedom. My husband and his family left Iran during the revolution in 1979. My mother in law's brother was murdered by Khomeni's government. It is so hard to watch the news and see what all of you are going through. I wish you all peace and send love from America. I pray that your voices are heard and the violence toward the Iranian people will end. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  6. I'm a teacher and I'm telling my kids to turn off the cartoons and watch the news and see what's happening in Iran: it's important that they realize that fighting for freedom isn't just something that happened two hundred years ago, but that it's still going on right now. Everyone in America is behind you--every day I see people wearing green in solidarity. Don't give up the fight. We understand the struggle against tyranny and we're keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
  7. The Iran people are in our minds and hearts

    Continue your protest. In the end, it will be a benefit for your people and your country. The way to peace in the world is not religion. But democracy and education. The world is watching you protest and the Iran people are in our minds and hearts.
  8. tt23 Member

    It is you country, your decision, your fight, and we respect it a million. Hope we can help a bit keep your voice heard. Our hearts are with you.
  9. Path to democracy

    Best wishes and good luck to the brave people of Iran.

    In the countries where democracy now operates peacefully, it is easy to forget that we too had to achieve it with protest, and were opposed with violence. Nobody gives up power willingly. Often they are happy to shed innocent blood to keep their power. In the UK the civil war was 400 years ago, but there have been more struggles since then. Now is your time to struggle for your freedom and your rights. It is never an easy road. Nor does the journey end, as corruption may come back at any time and bad governments (like Bush in the US) can hijack the will of the people. So we must remain on guard to defend freedom, justice and the rights of the people.

    With all my heart and soul I wish you well and hope that you will soon enter times of freedom, justice and peace
  10. Support from Poland!

    Best wishes from Warsaw, Poland, European Union !


    Now, these pictures are only the history:
  11. Keep it up!

    Keep fighting for freedom! Best wishes to the couragous citizens of Iran from the USA!
  12. our best wishes and thoughts from Israel

    myself and my relatives in Israel have been watching in total admiration your corageous protest! My heart goes out especially to the women of Iran - for too long harshly imprisoned, repressed and denigraded by the fanatic religious leaders. I wish you success in your fight for freedom. And for whatever it may worth - i want to say that we here wish to see you as our friends. You must ignore the hatred your leaders try to plant in you towards the west in general, and my country specifically.
    good luck! we'll keep praying for your freedom, wellbeing and happiness!
    Orit (young woman from Israel)
  13. We are with you, Iran!

    Please know that the American PEOPLE are with you in this struggle for truth and justice. Never give up!! You WILL be victorious!
  14. Storm39 Member

    Keep fighting! Never forgive, never forget!
  15. My heart goes out to you all.
    You are a brave people, more then the western world, they only complain behind their pc.
    May God be with you.
  16. Don't tread on me

    American here...

    Ive been building proxies and crashing certain sites for 4 days straight...barely sleeping...dont give up

    Even our leaders will not stand up for you...our people will...

    Stand strong...truth will prevail
  17. atmasabr Member

    I am going to pray again.

    Words fail me, and I am too sleep-deprived to feel emotion. You have faced and experienced such terrible evil.

    Each one of you is making a difference. You are making the world a better place. Do not lose your faith or your trust.
  18. Cattypuss Member

    Don't worry - American leaders DO support Iranian protestors. But they have to tread carefully and not fall into the regime's trap of charges they are meddling in Iranian affairs. That in itself could backlash severely on the protestors themselves. Obama and his team want this change to come from the people's hearts. It's their struggle to extract themselves form underneath an oppressive theocracy. We can give moral support, encouragement and advice. But it would be a mistake to invade that place. The last thing the middle east needs right now is another Iraq. If the UN had any b*lls it would slap airtight sanctions on the regime and target it's funds.
  19. Azrael Member


    For all i ought to have done but did not do.
    For all i ought to have said but did not say.
    For all i ought to have thoguht but did not think.
    I ask thee for forgiveness.

    Lo there do i see my father.
    Lo there do i see my mother.
    Lo there do i see my brothers and my sisters.
    Lo there do i see my family line all the way to its beginning.
    Lo they do call to me.
    They bid me take my place amoung them,
    in the halls of walhalla,
    where the brave my live forever.
  20. i just wanted to post my well wishes to the people of iran
    all change in history is marked by the greed of leaders whom fail to learn where the line is this was self evideant in the truths of many changes for justice in the world the use of reglion to subjectgate a people is a far cry from what most people expect from the changes of the past to turn more talibanic in the stance of a governing body is not what perisan islam what suppose to be about refuseal of basic governing laws afforded to the people is not what the chosen few said they are for these are not what gives a government or a leader proof of gods will but the peoples backing love honor duty are what men of good faith whom govern a people are should be for not greed for total control of a land and its resoruces to support the chosen few but for all people to be governed in a law bideing way which comforms to its own laws and true ideals which was given to man by the will of god

    there is one god and allah is his name

  21. NEVER THINK Member

    What the hell is happening in iran, i am so shocked

    i used to think that najad is the best leader but now i definitely changed my mind

    who can do such thing to his people , there is nothing justify what they do to you !

    We all with u ,

    best wishes
  22. God Bless you and Keep you, Iran

    I doubt your ambitions are quite that far ahead or ever even meant to be, but you are an inspiration and a beacon for every country in the world- even and esp "the Land of the Free". Who doesn't cheer for heroes?
    Rock on!
  23. freedom!

    IN the philippines we embrace FREEDOM.... we support you iranians!

    we did the same! we liberate our country against a dictator!
  24. God Bless the Iranian People

    To All the Brave and Courageous Protesters in Iran:

    As I sit here on my computer in the United States and watch the bloodshed going on in your country, it makes my blood boil, even more so as my husband is also Iranian!!!! I feel absolutely helpless and so angry that these SAVAGES and BEASTS who masquerade as Government Officials molest and beat women and men who are looking for nothing more than their God given rights. A beautiful young girl named NEDA was murdered in cold blood and has become a symbol the world over.

    Believe me, your videos and messages are getting out and the whole world is watching. People all over the world are screaming for their Governments to do something to stop this bloodshed.

    My heart goes out to all of the Iranian Protesters, as does the hearts of millions of others the world over; believe me, you are not alone!!!!!

    Patricia M.
  25. Danielle20 Member

    God be with you all. Stay safe, continue to do what you think is right, we here in SD Cali will keep you in our hearts and prayers.
  26. Dear Average Joe: and Beloved People of Iran --

    Joe has spoken for millions the world over who, like him, stand with you in your hour of need. Those of us who have -- out of life's worst crises and despair -- learned to PRAY, to really pray with all your heart and soul to the Creator (call God whatever name you prefer, or simply "Father/Mother") -- know that it is moments like this, suffering like this, love like this, that awaken The Full Potential of A Human to Be the MOST anyone can ever be: Complete, Pure, Loving, Dedicated to a Higher Cause.


    While you fight your fight, and often have no breath to pray, and perhaps even at times despair (understandably, for you are revealing the Truth about the world, its crimes, its complacency, its corruption -- and its doom that is inevitable unless you and others like you triumph -- there is no sin in feeling despair in the face of atrocities, Evil, agony, monumental injustice): MILLIONS LIKE ME, MILLIONS LIKE JOE, perhaps even billions of us PRAY TO OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, WITH ALL OUR MIGHT, FOR YOU.

    I have witnessed miracles from prayer. One of them you have seen: The Soviet Union collapsed from the prayers of millions who, after having lost entire families to torture chambers, could only, finally, Pray.

    No one in the media out there writes truthfully about how God ended Communist totalitarianism in Russia. Well, now that you know how the media Really Work, don't be surprised.

    Russians prayed their country free. They also fought. They also did all kinds of things to bring down the system. And one day it all crumbled into ashes...

    Don't believe the media that tell you "Russia is for Ahmadinejad" or "Russia today is just like it used to be" -- these are the same lies, for the same obvious reasons.

    Many of us are also working with Russia and through Russia to expose the lie about Ahmadinejad. After all, who said "Ahmadinejad is better for Israel?" That is all you need to know right now.

    KEEP FIGHTING. DON'T HESITATE TO DEFEND YOURSELVES. CRANK IT UP A NOTCH: you must. The world will mourn its fine musician, why not: but they will still be praying for you, and pressing with you, and in a week, once that has also passed, you will be a whole week closer to freedom.


    Do not allow anyone to sow divisions amongst the forces of Resistance. STEP ONE is all that matters: step one is the end of Khamenei's tyranny and the end of Ahmadinejad, a vile criminal and usurper.

    Step Two must begin at the logical point: Moussavi is the LEGITIMATELY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF IRAN. Whoever backed him will have a role in his government.

    DO NOT GET AHEAD OF YOURSELVES: those are tactics being used to sow discord.

    Trust in God. Russia had Gorbachev -- then Yeltsin -- then Putin, now Putin + Medvedev.

    Putin did not come ahead of Gorbachev. Putin emerged after Yeltsin. And he has done WONDERS for Russia, regardless of all the Enemies of Freedom attempt to say or do.

    YOU WILL WIN YOUR FIGHT, FOR GOD IS WITH YOU. And when God is with us, who can be against us?

    Joe, and all the rest of you: PRAY MORE. If you cannot throw stones at these monsters in human form, PRAY HARDER. There are also ways to gain strength in prayer (just like in anything else: practice makes perfect.) TALK TO GOD. Talk to God BELIEVING GOD IS PRESENT and feel God answer, and help. Watch GOD HELP.

    Children of Iran, Beloved Children of God, whatever your faith, however weak your faith, however enraged or despairing you might feel: FIGHT THE BATTLE, for Liberty is always WON THROUGH COMBAT, not through shyness... The forces of Evil are great and armed: you must be GREATER, and act as One.

    ONE WITH GOD: you can do anything.

    As the Adidas people say: IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.

    They will not hurt Moussavi, or Khatami, or Karroubi, or Rafsanjani. They would have already done so, if they dared. But they fear they might yet need them to save their own necks... So do not be afraid: FIGHT. YOU ARE WINNING. YOU WILL WIN.

    The martyrs are received by God: their suffering ends. YOU WIN YOUR WAR, WITH GOD ON YOUR SIDE. And we pray.
  27. Lara Member

    posted this in off-topic cus i didn't know where to post it. i'm not very good with words so here is a drawing of what i want to say. we are with you.

  28. Support

    Just to say I think all you decent Iranian people do a very courageous thing and I fully support this protest against the election results. Not because I fit in to Ahmadinejad's stereotype of an 'evil' British guy aligning myself with some spurious anti-Iranian agenda (I don't think there is one and I personally have lovely Iranian friends I deeply respect) but because if there really was nothing to hide, the Iranian govt could easily resolve the situation and satisfy the demand for a re-count. However they choose oppression instead which tells you something! Anyway, Take care everyone , I pray peace will come soon your great nation. If anyone wants to add me on Facebook I'm Jimmy O'Neagh. Your struggle is not un-noticed. RIP all who have died and peace to those who are detained.
  29. Lauren Member

    From Joan Baez

    [ame=]YouTube - Joan Baez "We Shall Overcome" (2009)[/ame]
  30. heidir Member

    just wanted to say my heart has been breaking

    my heart has been breaking as watch what this cruel government fight its own people

    people everywhere should have the right to freely assemble and peacefully express their opinions

    the people of Iran have immense courage to take to the streets to express their outrage and fight with their bare hands against the fascists that run their country

    what amazing human beings

    -an american
  31. my daughter and i are watchingq

    I am a mother of 2 daughters here in America. I don't know what much I can do from here. But I want you to know that I am watching and keeping track of this struggle. I am sharing it with everyone I know on Facebook, my blog and my Twitter account. I am a non-religous person who still believes in God. My first daughter is a Christian. We are watching you and loving you and praying for you. Your side of the world and ours have been devided by extreme religous views as well as extreme political views. But we are all human and I feel safe saying that most of the families that I know want nothing more than peace and love among all humanity. No matter what religion we are, peace and love should prevail. It is said by God in almost every religion. Forgive us our trespasses. I hope you are reading and know how much we want peace too no matter what the media puts out there.
    All of my love and prayers.
  32. The corner

    You people have turned the corner in the fight for democracy in Iran. Your leaders are exposed as the petty dicatators that they are, we in the west wish you luck and wish we could support you with more than words.
  33. God save iran!!!!

    America is with you. Do not think you are not in our hearts and minds. We applaude your strength and we mourn your losses. I am saddened by the images of Neda and others and I am inspired by the images of the masses of Iranians protesting in the face of the threat of death. I fight with you in spirit and I would fight with you in flesh if I could. Do not believe our media!!!! They do not represent our people. God be with you.
  34. Can you teach me omnipresence?
  35. Merdeka

    Salam dari Indonesia. Keep up the good fight!!!! Merdeka atau...

    Just watched a documentary on Discovery Channel about female football players in Iran and was saddened by the tragic irony of the green taxi cabs for women. The color green has taken on a whole new meaning now.
  36. nerodiahunter Member

    stand for freedom

    Just want to tell those that who are standing up for their freedom that you are in my prayers
  37. SparkyzHope Member

    We haven't forgotten you

    Our news services here in the US have a very short memory and I'm afraid the Iranian protests are not getting the attention they deserve.

    I just want to let our brothers and sisters in Iran know that, although your struggles are not the lead stories on CNN, we haven't forgotten you.

    All the best and stay safe.
  38. It is time for FREEDOM!

    Our fellow neighbor Iran;

    The hearts of millions here in Turkey are beating alongside yours.

    As anyone who is familiar with both countries would know, Turkey and Iran are very similar. What is upon you know is clearly going to be upon us in a few years. We are with you!

    You will never fall. If we look at history, it has been proven countless times in our history that those who resist eventually rise. Do not believe the lies of those who try to steal your courage.

    It is time to become a whole, and you are setting a great example.

    Keep fighting with endless courage. The entire world is watching as the oppressors -who have made the biggest mistake of their lives by underestimating the power of the people-, are crumbling in your restless hands.

    Fear not, for you have already proven your true strength. Every day, the guilty are weakening moar and MOAR. And soon they will shatter.

    so, FORWARD!!!
  39. JohnDoe Moderator

    You people are so brave!

    Keep going your freedom is so close - I'm sure I can smell it in the air:)

    My heart breaks with every beating, every killing, every violent act, I weep for you and with you.

    I pray constantly for you, and I know God is at work and some day soon we will see the victory that He will give you.

    I thought it was amazing that having been called dust, God sent a sandstorm which enveloped Tehran for two days!

    Please don't settle for anything less than a free democracy - don't let people have died in vain.

    You have lived under Zohak for long enough, let Kaveh arise and bring freedom to Persia!

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