Post your well wishes for Iran and its people here.

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Sol Mann, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Good luck and hold on. The whole world is with you.

    Please, Pray for us...

    Tehran, Iran

  3. We pray for the Iranian People

    We in Britain pray that truth will prevail for the people of Iran and that the leadership of Iran will see that God's will can only be achieved by truth. We pray that the people of Iran have the strength and courage to bring about a free democratic government.
  4. Iran

    I think we get caught up in the loss of american soldiers and not what they have fought for. Yes most would not have volunteered to stay in Iraq for a year but they would and did volunteer to go. Why is he talking about Iraq when the forum is on Iran you may ask? Well I have a unique look into the life of the middle eastern people. My wife is Persian (Iranian) and I am a former US Army soldier. I remember being taught as a kid that the strong should take up for the weak and the weak should take up for themselves. I think for the first time in history that is what is starting to happen. I am far from saying lets go to war with Iran or Korea or any country like that. Well to be honest if I had any answers to important issues like this I would be in Washington DC not South Carolina USA. I just wanted to say what my wife said to me when I ask her how she felt about the situation in Iran. She said like any culture in the world you have the crazy fanatics, but most of the people in the world no matter the region they are truly good people. Iran does not have a voice because the fanatics drown it out. Now that the people in Iran are trying to shout out and stand up they are being pushed down again and again. My wife told me when she was in grade school in Tehran she had to stand up and say death to America, Russia, and Jews every morning before class. That is what we are dealing with. People who are brain washed from the time they were born. I dont know what to say or believe anymore I have no idea if the election was fixed anymore than the next guy. The media tells us what ever they want us to hear and that is all. I just hope for world happiness were ever it is. I also add spread the wealth we need to stop making the rich rich and the poor poor. The only people who can do this is us. Support small business and good products.
  5. Another US--wish I could help. We support you!
  6. Iran

    Don't give up. Just fight and fight no matter what. You want change you cannot quit in the middle of the battle because it was to much. Good luch and god be with you all

  7. I think crushing oppression is awesome. Just look a the Soviets. The Cold War was great. If it wasn't for that we wouldn't have got Top Gun, Red Dawn and a whole bunch of great movies and games. You don't get awesome movies out of boring neutral areas or peaceful relations.

    I'm hoping that they all end up under the sway of religious extremists and it ends up like Dune. Religious warrior fanatics and Desert Power. All we need are the sandworms and I'm betting that genetics will make this dream come true one day. You can't tell me that dream isn't worth while. You know it would be awesome.
  8. Fight on

    I write to all the protesters in Iran, who stand up for what they belive and are brave enough to risk their lives for it!

    All of you have already done so much, and your actions will most certainly inspire other nations and people who are opressed by authorities.

    Good Luck


  9. IranProud Member


    man khejalat mikesham, vali hamvatanam go for it! Make your self free from the beast
    get rid of this canser
  10. The whole world is watching!

    السلام عليكم from America!

    Your strength in the face of violent repression is an inspiration to all people who struggle for freedom and we are honored to stand in solidarity with you. The courage of the people of Iran will make tyrants all over the world tremble with fear!
  11. Greetings from England

    Just wanted to say good luck to you all in Iran - I admire your courage

    I hope that perhaps when this is all over we can all get on a bit better too?

  12. Keep Peacefully Protesting

    Good luck and don't give up.Your vote counts!
  13. All the best

    Greeting from Denmark ... Keep on fighting ... all the best
  14. a surprise

    Shalom to all the iranians people
    I am a jew from israel and i really hope you will succeed in your battle to real democracy.

    you might not know this but Iran and Israel were really close friends before the Islamic revolution in 1979. Israeli workers built many buildings in Teheran in the time before the revolution. Even a short time after it, in the Iran-Iraq war, israel gave weapons to the iranians to help them during the war.

    I really hope you will manage to get rid of the Ayatollahs and of Ahmadinejad, i hope we will become friends again and we will live in peace.

    in my dreams i see young iranian tourists traveling in Tel-Aviv, while a group of israeli youngsters are traveling in Teheran... please do well in this battle, please get rid of all the fanatics that ran iran in the past 30 years, let's bring peace and joy to both israeli and iranian people...

    waiting for good news
    your friend from israel
  15. Anonymous Member

    I just want to wish you all the strenght to carry on this fight for the freedom of your country! May history be at your side. Isnsjallah! From the Netherlands!!!
  16. best wishes

    my best wishes and support for my irani brother and sisters
    may god the ONE unite all people.
  17. Thanks friend. Actually good Jewish-Persian relations go back thousands of years.

    I'm sure 30 shameful years in our history won't be enough to destroy 2500 years of friendship.
  18. Good luck and be safe, we are all with you in spirit!
    From the Netherlands
  19. enrolls 205

    Best wishes to all of our Iranian friends asking for freedom, for fairness, for their human rights, and for their voices to be heard and respected.

    The world is watching. We wish all of you well. We want to hear what you have to say. We want to see what you are trying to show us. We want to read your words and opinions. We want you to have your freedoms and rights.

    The Internet / new media / technology are all changing the way people protest, communicate, exchange ideas (and funny pictures of cats with text on top). We can make friends with other people all over the world, now, which leads to understanding other cultures and countries and people. In Thailand, protesters communicated via Twitter. In the US, Howard Dean's campaign gained a huge support base via WWP brings people from all over the planet to protest human rights abuses.

    In short: You are not alone. We care. Stay safe. Don't give up!
  20. Remember you are fighting for people across the planet who have been stomped on and spit upon by corrupt power elites. We will never forgive you if you give up. Good luck, and we pray for your safety and success.
  21. Synapse Member

    Best wishes from Seattle, USA. We admire your bravery here!
  22. Notes of Love and Support to the Good People of Iran

    Hello. I am an Jewish guy in New York City who sends my love to all Iranians (greens and others -- despite how they may feel about me), as well as my sincere wishes that in the coming weeks and months Iran undergoes a peaceful change of government and succeeds in moving on a path of love with their neighbors and the world in general. Iran is a place of so much history and there are many Iranians making beautiful art and doing good, important things. It is a beautiful and wonderful culture. Not my culture, but a culture that I appreciate and one that must not be slowly asphyxiated by a repressive government.

    The greatest irony in governance is that moderates are typically rather quiet. When things go too far, moderates must take a stand -- in a peaceful manner if possible. The silent demonstration in Tehran moved me greatly.

    Please be vocal in your needs. If there is any way the outside world can help, please know that many of us are willing to take action on your behalf.
  23. Thank you for your most kind and legitimate authority and support in this matter. We know that you are the rightful owners of Israel (G-d bless her lands eternally.) and must become the sole hegemon of the middle east as you are THE most TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED and RATIONAL of all the states and ergo, you are entitled to complete and unquestionable control.

    Iran is now at your beck and call. Do with it as you please oh great leader. Use it as a site to recreate Purim itself!
  24. arikira Member

    LOL. Well, not exactly the response I was expecting. In any case, I'm guessing this person isn't even Iranian, or if he/she is, he/she isn't (likely) a green. If you'd like to know something about Purim, read the story. It is, like all biblical (and related) texts, just a story. :)

    I do not claim any authority, nor hegemony. I am only on this board to wish you, and all in Iran the best during these scary (but inspiring) times.

    Love always,
  25. I am posting from Saudi Arabia and I am sure your views are in some ways aligned with my satirical representation of the situation I am sure.
  26. Support for all Iranians

    No government should ever beat, attack, kill and censor it's citizens because they have something to say! God gave you a voice, use it at your own free will! Stay strong, fight for your rights, the world is behind you.
  27. atmasabr Member

    I don't believe you.

    Your language is flowery and extremely elegant, and you sound exactly like someone who knows how to speak like a flowery and extremely elegant American.

    That just is not possible if you're from another country, even another English-speaking country. And I highly doubt the likelihood of people from most non-English speaking countries having enough of an understanding of English-speaking Jews to hyphen out the word God.
  28. Yes, the possibility of any non-English speaking country to have any of its people mastering English through education and acculturation is entirely impossible.
  29. VeritasPyre Member

    Especially since it is known that the Arabian Peninsula as a whole is one of the most acculturated regions of the world. Wit, and sarcasm are not possessed by Americans alone.
  30. atmasabr Member

    This ain't mastery of the English language.

    This is live, breathe, and dream in college-educated American Englsh mastery of English.

    More to the point, and maybe this is stereotype and false, but most people from non-English speaking foreign countries who have mastered the English language do not give up the unconscious influences of their native cultures. The poetry of their art is beautiful to behold because of its spice, the hint of a different voice.

    There's none of that there. Especially considering the subject matter. This sounds like Ivy League mixed with homegrown racism to me, not Ivy League mixed with something else.
  31. I support Iran people

    I'm south korean. I support Iran people's action for justice and democracy.
  32. Snark Member

    Best wishes and mad respect from Vancouver Canada.
  33. arikira Member

    PLEASE!!! Stop this!!!

    This is strinctly for well-wishers.

    Stop the flaming.

    Just say good luck and god bless (whomever is your god -- it doens't matter).
  34. arikira Member


    Please register or use a nickname so that people can make sense of who is saying what.
  35. Every night I pray for Iran. Not for one side to come out on top or for a liberating civil war, but for the safety of its people. These are kids, not much older or younger than me, taking to the street against an oppressive and violent regime. I pray that this doesn't turn in to Tiananmen Square 2009.
  36. we support you in our prayers and we will make sure that this would be heard by all
  37. Fierce_Guppy Member

    You Iranian protesters are to good for Mousavi but...

    ...I do realize it is not really Mousavi, as such, you're fighting for. To fight for individual liberty, even if it is just for a little bit more, is grand and noble and I am in awe of your sheer strength of will.

    You've got balls.


    Christchurch, New Zealand.
  38. Hopes

    I follow the news and hope for the best. Know that you have supporters here in America.
  39. saixbe Member


    in the face of turmoil, hope and dreams!
    in the face of injustice, patience and courage!
    in the face of evil, goodness and defiance!
    nothing can silence truth... nothing can kill God!
    nothing can hold back the righteous

    i support peace and prosperity and human rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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