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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Anonymous, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    An awesome raid on Saturday, August 20th. Vancouver now has a Sponge Banner! Mega-Thanks to Sponge and a profoundly generous Anon that donated the printing job, Anonymously!

    Van Anons arrived about 11:00 AM, and set up the Banner, out in front of the $cilon hovel:


    The scale of the banner delivers an impact across the street, to both oncoming and going-by vehicle traffic. Within minutes, there were honks and "Thumbs Up" from drivers!

    David Love joined Van Anons shortly after the banner setup. Gerry Armstrong, too. More about that later, but first: it was decided to move the banner to face the front entrance at noon. It was hoped that $cilons exiting the front entrance for lunch would be faced with it.


    The banner obviously terrified the $cilons. They left via the back door. However, David, Gerry, Onehuman and Kozz went to the rear door to greet them. Here's Kozz's video of that adventure:

    Next up? The $cilons called the Police!


    Here's David Love and Gerry Armstrong, discussing what a fine day in Vancouver it is!

    The LEOs were very open and very kind with us. The LEOs explained to the Van Anons that the $cilons inside the hovel were cowering, fearful that there was a terrorist assault taking place on their holy premises.

    To be continued:
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  2. Very sweet raid Auntie et al. A sponge banner hmmm. Better hope it doesn't rain, might get a little heavy.

    <3 to all
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Here's a cross-post of the LEOs, in conference with the Van Anons. Kozz apologizes for the shaky camera, but keeping the camera surreptitous was more important than holding it steady:

    First arrival of the LEOS, (remember, the $cilons called the police twice!)


    LEOs, David, Gerry and Van Anons in conference mode.

    To be continued:
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  4. Dianetics JR Member

    Epic sign is epic.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    This Flyer, again from the Mighty Sponge, graced all four corners of the intersection:



    Immediately following the placement by Kozz onto the pole across the street, a group of very young people/teens, stopped and read the flyer.

    A long conversation followed. There was a lot of pointing to the flyer on the pole, by various members in the group. It felt very good, seeing the potentials of informing younger people about the cult.
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  6. Anonymous Member


    David Love, deep in conversation with a Van Anon. It was wonderful for everyone, meeting and speaking with David, who was thoroughly enjoying the weather in the city on this day.


    David directed the attention of Van Anons to the illegal wiring outside the $cilon hovel.


    Note the green coloured tape, used to splice the electrical extension cords. Not enough petty cash around for the services of a Professional Electrician, we surmised.


    David Love told Van Anons that he would write and send a written formal complaint to the City Of Vancouver about this set of violations. A copy of the letter was posted to WWP, yesterday.

    Read it here:

    To be continued:
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Well done Canada anons xxx
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  8. Anonymous Member

    The guy on the extreme left in the photo below stopped and engaged us in conversation. The citizen was very well informed about the cult, and supplied us with some very useful information about the $cilon hovel.

    The citizen also had an appliance that was a self-contained match of some kind. It's a lighter, but used the concept of a match being lit. There were numerous demonstrations, outside the front-entrance to the $cilon hovel.

    Somehow, this activity conveyed the idea to the cowering $cilons inside, that their precious holy premises were about to be torched, and presumably, burned to the ground. The $cilons called the Police, a second time.

    An aside: the Van Anon in the pink shirt knows chapter and verse of the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms. His citations seemed to deeply impress the LEOs.


    I'll now cross-post Kozz's second Police video:

    Again, polite, open-minded LEOs, the same team that was first dispatched, plus another team, one in an unmarked vehicle. It was obvious to the LEOs that there was no &quot;terrorist&quot; activities taking place or even being planned. There were handshakes and high-fives all around before the LEOs left the scene.
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  9. Dragononymous Member

    I'm missing pictures of caek to complete this wonderfull day actually..It would be so purrrfect
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Parting Shot: Van Anons Luzling, after the Banner was put into place!


    Editorial comment: It was an AWESOME RAID!!! Optimum enturbulation was inflicted on Vancouver $cilons!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    There were awesome cookies, after realizing that the temperature for the day was to be in the low 90s, Fahrenheit, 32.2 Celsius. I fretted about melted icing.

    Peanut Butter, and Ginger Cookies, both of these stuffed with cream cheese + Cappuccino Cookies with a chocolate mousse filling were served!

    These were all gobbled up so fast by the Vancouver Anons, I didn't get a chance to document the goodies! :(
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  12. Dragononymous Member

    Nom-Noms shall be Nom'ed
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  13. 7pPt5.jpg
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  14. Dragononymous Member

    Purrfect example
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  15. AIN Member

    Epic sign was epic.
    One thing, you should have told the LEOs about the wiring, at the very least, it would have been documented.
  16. I think that David Love & Gerry Armstrong did point out the illegal wiring to the LEOs. The LEOs directed them to file a complaint with the city.

    LEOs are not license inspectors for city-building issues. Those are a separate municipal function run out of city hall.
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  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    I certainly hope we can keep this thread from being derailed by tasteless jokes about black cats.
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  18. AnonLover Member

    Wow - moar awesome summer raiding from north america this past weekend!

    And epic photo/vid essay was epic, nicely done auntie <3
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  19. Dragononymous Member

    you just made one...
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Very nice guise.
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  21. Excellent! You guys rock, Vancouver!
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Just one more, I can't resist it any longer. A pic of Donkey Anon, wearing his black masking tape moustache! Lol!


    And I'm here to tell ya, Protesting with the Vancouver Anon dudes and dudettes is awesome!

  23. Kozz Member

    nice post there bro. that face donkey makes is priceless
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  24. There is mega-thanks to Kozz for the intrepid focus on getting the events documented on video, no matter what; snow, rain, LEOs, riots, moonbats, plannerfags, it doesn't matter - Kozz Rocks!!! <3
  25. Ann O'Nymous Member

  26. BigBeard Member

    Has there been any official action taken by the city regarding the kluged outside wiring yet?

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  27. Anonymous Member

    Next time I'm downtown, I'll take a look at the situation. Unless there are sparks, smoke & flames, officialdom is rarely swift to act on these matters.
  28. Maybe the next door retail establishments are/would be concerned about the fire hazard adjacent to their properties.
  29. Intelligence Member

    The cookies were AWESOME!

    AND yes, the Inspectors must have acted fast. Intell just in tonight (Monday), the wiring is gone:)

    Thanks Vancouver Anons for a great welcome and awesome protest!

    "I'll Be Back"

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  30. Chipshotz Member

    Van Anons are pure gold.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Bumpity bump...
  32. Intelligence Member

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