Post Game Toronto Halloween Raid

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Kadidlehopper, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Kadidlehopper Member

    Post Game Toronto Halloween Raid

    We had a total of 8 people saying there were gonna all come out, Only a total of 4 were there at one time..

    I am so disapointed in toronto right now.

    We had Humphery, Death hamster, and two other anons come by.

    Avery came by and dropped off a bunch of flyers (Amen to you sister)
    And Mr. Black A IRC anon Came by and wished us luck aswell.

    According to TorontosRoots He apparently Went by around 6, but by then we had already packed up. He too met the boy who asked if We liked mudkips.

    There was a guy with a pumpkin on his head and a camera crew following him, Apparently he was trying to break the world record for the longest time to have a pumpkin over you head, (according to a crewmen the pumpkin weighed about 50 pounds) so I gave him some info and flyers and am apparently going to be on Geniuss world recoreds (I was sure to get my sign in the shot)

    I also told him to go ask the Co$ flyer boy about Xenu, He did. XD

    I had a sign taped to my Tripod, (I brought in hopes of attaching a camera to, to get some good shots) that said "Ask a Scientologist about Xenu" along with some sites, and as soon as I set it up and faced it to the door the flyer boy ran inside and closed the blinds.

    I also was issued a Death threat by a Thin Blonde curly haired $cientologist.
    I was shouting out how the Co$ was convicted in France and as she walked out of the church and crossed the street she looked up at me and said "You're a dead man" and made her fingers in the shape of a gun and pointed it at me.

    I lol'd and asked if Tom Cruise was going to pull the trigger.

    Other then that we handed out many flyers to people and talked to alot of people as well and although yesterday may have been a attendance fail, I think we got to alot of people and spread the word to everyone.

    Here are some pictures taken by Death Hamster:
    TParty311009 pictures by MockerRule - Photobucket
  2. auchraw Member

    Re: Post Game Toronto Halloween Raid

    Sounds like fun. We don't need massive numbers any more; just enough to remind them we're still alive and kicking them where it hurts. Quality not quantity.
  3. VANCANANON Member

    Re: Post Game Toronto Halloween Raid

    Looks like you did a great job flyering and getting the truth out to the general public "Kadidlehopper"
    I agree with "auchraw"
    We all can't make it everytime.
    Sometimes we got to make the lutz in small doses.
  4. puck35 Member

    Re: Post Game Toronto Halloween Raid

    Good job.

    Low attendance can be a bummer, and it's a cliché, but it's important to keep raiding month after month. (Or as often as you can.) Here in Montreal the numbers have gone down since last year, but there's about ten of us who are hardcore and show up at almost every monthly raid.

    We've done some recruiting mini-raids, passing out a new flyer that directly invites people to check out the info on etc., and that gives the web addresses of the Montreal Anon blog and forum if they decide they want to join our cause.

    Anonymous is all about maintaining a continuous tsunami of information that the Co$ is powerless to stop. The important thing is to keep getting that information out there, and even a solo flyering raid contributes to our collective action. :)
  5. humphrey Member

    Re: Post Game Toronto Halloween Raid

    Sorry I didn't notice your death threat Kadidlehopper, my handler showed up right when we ran out of flyers so I left then anyway, but I told her acid was a lot better. Than scientology

    I'm gonna move back to the city at some point but I'll go the global or whatever in February at least either way, I just wish I could flash raid all the time and stuff like this, I know where I could get a printer and I could just give out thousands of flyers since the stalking won't get any worse

    I used to do a lot of solo infiltration and urbex and I have a good ethos for that stuff they would hate it but I left the city because they already terrorized me so much it's a good reason to protest but I wasn't doing it at the time so I don't know what it was about

    Bye for now humphrey
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Post Game Toronto Halloween Raid

    Good job.
  7. Avery1 Member

    Re: Post Game Toronto Halloween Raid

    Nice work. Sorry I couldn't stay. Thanks for the recap.
  8. Re: Post Game Toronto Halloween Raid

    I'll bet that the SO members are saying that the Psychiatrists budget is running low, so they couldn't afford to pay everyone $50 per raid...

    Maybe I'll show up next time... I could use some cash :)

    And I'll be security for Anonymous!!! (I was security for the Sea Org for 2008 - seriously)

  9. HellRazor Member

    Re: Post Game Toronto Halloween Raid

    Next raid:

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