Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by pwnon, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. pwnon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    That's what we did. There's a reason none of the pictures from last protest include anything that resembles an anon from <10 feet away. I had a giant Ushanka (which covers the head and the ears) and sunglasses. You can easily make out faces, regardless. Thanks to Greensboro, we're gonna be the next Ocala. Yay!

    Fun Fact: I lost my faith in any type of government after dealing with this city. The argument that actually beat us was a google image search of our protests. The attorney saw an unmasked anon, used that to say we don't require or need masks, and told the council we don't qualify. If Anonymous doesn't qualify for this exemption, nobody does and it's a useless piece of article.

    Sorry about the obvious angst, but NC has put in, easily, 300+ man hours of researching, legal advice, emails, harpoons, council meetings, planning, reviewing. I mean, it's obsessive because it's necessary, the way Gboro is. Facepaint is okay, to an extent. Sunglasses are okay. Fake mustaches and beards are okay, to an extent. Hats are okay. Combining those is not okay because it would cover over half your face, which would be illegal. Bandannas aren't allowed, scarves can't cover the face. Even fucking doctors masks aren't allowed. Period.

    Not to mention, one of our anons risks himself to make the case heard and the papers call it "weird news" and shun it and the Council either compares us to the Klan, says no because it would "let the Klan put they masks back on" (PROTIP: Klan wore hoods, not masks. lrn2difference), or had straight, outright hostility towards us.
  2. pwnon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    Sure, $130 glasses. Facefagging has never been so stylish! Dollar store sunglasses are a more convenient and cost-effective option.
  3. Mutante Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    I bet you wear dollar store jockeys too ;)

    On your face.
  4. pwnon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    No, that would violate the anti-mask legislature in this state, which is what this topic is about. And should return to.
  5. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    /r/ NC permission to contact-harpoon the living FUCK out of everyone remotely associated with Greensboro and not wearing a police badge.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    Yet you don't see your mistakes in presentation? Anonymous does not REQUIRE masks. If masks were required, then no one would protest where masks are not allowed. You would have made MUCH better headway if you had cited FAIR fucking GAME in stead of trying to say we have a set of goddamned MASK RULES, as if we have a leader or some shit like that. Seriously. There will ALWAYS be more than one path to a destination.

    Calling yourself ANOYMOUS is not always the BEST route, though it be true you are. Going in person in stead of SENDING AN EMAIL, with printed DOX of the FAIR GAME POLICY (and all other Scilon harassment policies), and ask to be able to wear masks for the sake of PROTECTION from the cult -- not as a requirement of Anonymous -- would have at least gotten MORE consideration than it did.

    The response of the attorney's googling Anonymous and looking for maskless protesters is the EXPECTED response! There's nothing to keep you from DISPLAYING the GF masks as a symbol of Anonymous.

    But GOD DAMMIT you're fucking STUPID for thinking it's REQUIRED ... the masks are THERE because of HARASSMENT.


    This sort of shit is why you're being warned to keep in close contact with the police. Don't you think they read this board after you made the request to break the law without REAL justification?! Sure, it might be a minor law. But I digress:

    Coming here to vent frustration, calling police officers names, making requests to "harpoon" people or even harass with a LOAD of letters and email, will only make ALL of you look WORSE to them.

    As for the people who say they cannot protest without a mask: That's fucking ridiculous! OTHER CITIES have maskless protests. And you know what?! People haven't refused to NOT go because of masks (that I'm aware).

    I have a way they can protest without a mask: GROW A PAIR and face off against the cult!
  7. Anon777707777 Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    ^^ You. Shut the fuck up or get the fuck out.

    If you hadnt realised, they are trying to utilise a legitimate exemption in the law to allow themselves to wear masks in order to prevent Fair Game. They even told the council/attorney this. And, for the record, Pwnon has not asked for harpoons. In fact, when I requested emails, he specifically told me that he didnt want the council members or anyone else 'pooned because it would make them think less of Anonymous and perhaps be seen as harassment.

  8. pwnon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    Our presentation was "Masks are required because of Fair Game." We then said the only reason people don't wear masks are because of either being fair gamed already or because they live in a state that does not have an exemption like we do. We full doxed. Assume less, suck my dick more.

    We did go in person. Get fucked. We sent the emails with all the information. Get fucked again.


    Required to prevent harassment. Fuck off.

    Other cities do have maskless protests. We'd rather not be one of those, kthx. And It's ironic that I'm being told to grow a pair by someone who posts anonymously. Can't put a user to a post? Fuck off, lurk moar, die in a fire.

    And before someone asks, yes, I am mad.
  9. pwnon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    <3 Scotland so hard.
  10. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws


    Be careful, I'm going to respond by quoting sentence by sentence. I only do that when I'm fucking mad.

    Being anonymous requires that your identity is not known. LERN2FUCKINGWEBSTERSDICTIONARY. If I can see your face, you have failed at anonymity.


    You mean like attending a meeting of City Council, unmasked, with a large collection of informative documents and explaining fair game, providing Supreme Court cases, and citing the actual law by name to the full council, mayor, and city attorney?

    Plz2be telling me how that helps them avoid fair game.

    EXACTLY YOU FUCKING MORON. If you don't have the masks, you get harassed. YOU SEE THE LOGIC?

    You said it, not me--wait, no, I said it too.

    Oh baby, you do NOT want to lecture ME about how to interact with the police.

    I have two responses for you.
    1) I've posted on WWP probably once a week minimum for the past fucking year that I have confirmation from the police that they read WWP.
    2) Wait, emailing a publically available address, citing actual statute, explaining how they made a mistake, and expressing my disappointment as a United States citizen at how my government has failed in its duty to its people is AGAINST THE FUCKING LAW?!

    Excuse me? I have always had the greatest respect for police. If you'd read this fucking thread, the police have been the most supportive governmental branch to the NC anons. I don't know what you mean. Are you talking about calling one of the officers "ACG"? IT STANDS FOR AWESOMECOPGUY YOU FAGGOT.

    Well fuck if harpooning is out there goes half of what has been done in the history of Anonymous.

    Clearly I need to get someone from Atlanta in here to confirm that Atlanta gets fair gamed.

    Pwnon's over there, whenever you realize you need to fucking grovel for his forgiveness.
  11. anoncaek Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    <3 six and scotland
  12. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    That earns me a caekshake right?
  13. ethercat Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    I'm in Atlanta and I was fair gamed - house picketed, neighborhood flyered, house watched, followed by a PI - way back in 1999 and 2000.

    I know of no one here who has been fair gamed since then, unless you call it fair game when you get the finger, are told to get a job, etc. at raids.

    I think maybe the fact that we're out there NOT wearing masks scares them.

    Well, that, and our Georgia stalking law that allows the judge to order a convicted stalker into psychiatric treatment.
  14. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    Whew, pwnon, I trust you are feeling WELL AND TRULY backed up!

    I think there's been enough vitriol for a little bit, so let's all calm down now. Keep breathing...

    and enjoy a cute cat!

  15. pwnon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws


    aw, what a cute kitty.

    What were we talking about again?
  16. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

  17. Anon777707777 Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    Got this response from Terry Wood (Douchebag attorney)

    Wood, Terry to Robert, me
    show details 12:50 PM (6 hours ago) Reply

    So tempted to start arguing semantics of law...

    EDIT: I just noticed, Robert is Robert Morgan, no idea who he is, about to shoot an email to him asking who he is and why the reply to me might have been sent to him also, not gonna be cheeky but im curious...
  18. pwnon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    It has begun. Robert Morgan = city manager (er, should I say temp city manager? They just fired their last one. He actually just got a raise too. Like 2800 a month. On top of his already 155k a year job....)

    Terry Wood is now gonna just redirect all messages to lower levels. <3 bureaucracy.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    OK, I'll offer an apology. Sure, 0/10. What the fuck ever.

    It got everyone excited though :D
  20. pwnon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    Maybe this is just me being all butthurt still, but I love the blatant and painfully illegal hypocrisy that Greensboro allows.

    Masked Protest = Waaaaaaaaaay dangerous.

    Yesterday's Tea Party in Greensboro.

    Pitchforks are okay? Mother fucking pitchforks?!?!

  21. Anon777707777 Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    Turn up at the meeting with a pitchfork and a rope, with that photo in hard copy.

    Win ensues.

    Or incarceration, but I would take a chance on that...
  22. Stutroup Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    Well, at least she DOES have corks on the tines!


    Sorry, I had to say it ....
  23. pwnon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    A thousand points to you for knowing they are called "tines"!

    And minus a thousand points for the comment in general.

    Of course, I thought of that, but how hard is it to remove the corks?
    But we're not using this to our advantage at all. Knowing the City, they'd go after this woman and that's not our goal here.
  24. Stutroup Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    Though I did mean the post in sarcasm, I still agree with you wholeheartedly on this situation.

    I wouldn't suggest trying to use the pitch fork in the least. It would likely turn out as you predict.
  25. esquire Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    heres an idea i am throwing out at 4:30 am, but what if we make the "church of anonymous"?
    they cant ban a mask if its has religious use, that is religious discrimination. im sure there are enough anons to "follow" it and make it a "mainstream" religion (i think one million is the required number) you know what? thats a bad idea, forget i said it. we cant make up a fake church to take down a fake church

    /tired stupidity
  26. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

  27. Anon777707777 Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    As a similar vein there, how much does it cost to set up a legitimate non-profit organization and is there a yearly payment needed to maintain the status?
  28. pwnon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    That's not even an idea to entertain. At that point, we'd ask someone to namefag themselves just to go through this same process. Not to mention, the City would see right through it, you know? It'd be lulzy to start the Stopping The Con Organization, but not something that would make a difference.

    And since this is gonna bump the topic back onto the front of WWP:

    Read here:
  29. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    Not feasible.
  30. pwnon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    Without giving any important or corruptible information out:

    Our issue with the decision of the City Council (moreso, the handling of the request) has been picked up by a "higher up" method of help. This person has already spoken to the City twice today, and has sent a request to their "research team" to look into the statute itself and the handling of the case by the City, to see how the issue can be resolved more sensibly.

    I can state that the issue is now moving in a more favorable manner and is being treated with more care and concern on our behalf than in the past.
  31. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    ITT North Carolina gets things done despite other people fucking around. <3
  32. anoncaek Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    except that not all the NCfags find out until reading this thread.
  33. pwnon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    Except that it was posted 20+ times in the chat we made involving the masks. And you posted in the chat. After that. lrn2scrollup
  34. Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    This seemed like a good place to linkdrop:

    CND: State Codes Related To Wearing Masks

    It's a (very incomplete) listing of state laws regarding wearing masks in public, compiled for patients with Chronic Neuroimmune Deseases who need to wear masks in public for surgical reasons.

    1 - Very incomplete, i'm making my own better, more complete listing to come later
    2 - Local Laws & Regulations may include maskLaw which overrides state laws
    3 - Last Updated December 18th, 2009 - this info ages like M$FTware, i.e. it gets worse with time

    message me with fails and info
  35. Mr E Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    What about full face motorcycle helmets? "What, I road my bike here?"

    FYI, mine happens to have a pic of Guy on it that I hand painted. :D
  36. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    I've been told (although I don't have any personal experience) that those things are fucking hot as hell. It might work for you, but for those of us down here in the southern states you might as well sign your own death certificate.

    Besides, most states that ban masks actually ban them based on intent, not the specific item. Therefore you wouldn't get away with a helmet because it's obvious you're using it to hide your identity.
  37. ravenanon Member

    Re: Possible Avenue For Anti-Mask Laws

    It won't work in ATL for sure and yeah like 612 said way to hot!
  38. m0dulat0r Member

    I found a way to wear a mask in North Carolina but I highly HIGHLY suggest and recommend taking the time to apply for city and county approval and I would personally type up the documents if I were you to and make sure there is no loophole to arrest you for wearing a mask even with a signature. You will also need a Parade/Assembly permit; as always usually.

    § 14‑12.11. Exemptions from provisions of Article.
    The following are exempted from the provisions of G.S. 14‑12.7, 14‑12.8, 14‑12.9, 14‑12.10 and 14‑12.14:
    (1) Any person or persons wearing traditional holiday costumes in season;
    (2) Any person or persons engaged in trades and employment where a mask is worn for the purpose of ensuring the physical safety of the wearer, or because of the nature of the occupation, trade or profession;
    (3) Any person or persons using masks in theatrical productions including use in Mardi Gras celebrations and masquerade balls;
    (4) Persons wearing gas masks prescribed in civil defense drills and exercises or emergencies; and
    (5) Any person or persons, as members or members elect of a society, order or organization, engaged in any parade, ritual, initiation, ceremony, celebration or requirement of such society, order or organization, and wearing or using any manner of costume, paraphernalia, disguise, facial makeup, hood, implement or device, whether the identity of such person or persons is concealed or not, on any public or private street, road, way or property, or in any public or private building, provided permission shall have been first obtained therefor by a representative of such society, order or organization from the governing body of the (CITY) municipality in which the same takes place, or, if not in a municipality, from the board of county commissioners of the county in which the same takes place.

    Provided, that the provisions of this Article shall not apply to any preliminary meetings held in good faith for the purpose of organizing, promoting or forming a labor union or a local organization or subdivision of any labor union nor shall the provisions of this Article apply to any meetings held by a labor union or organization already organized, operating and functioning and holding meetings for the purpose of transacting and carrying out functions, pursuits and affairs expressly pertaining to such labor union. (1953, c. 1193, s. 10.)
  39. ravenanon Member

    I'm not sure there is anything left to protest up there
  40. BitBy01 Member

    tfw a decade late and also a newfag

    got bored at midnight and looked up mask laws, found out NC is cucked, end up here, now 3:03 and have read this entire thread a couple times, think I'm having an aneurysm

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