Portland valentine's raid

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Wa, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Wa

    Portland valentine's raid

    Soup pdxfags.
    The V-day raid thoughts as I know of them are currently something to the effect of:

    1) Infiltrate CoS, videotape their sign up sheet or whatever (Einstein said he saw one in there), any other names you can get (desk thingies, whatever), before you get kicked out.

    2) Go down to Dollar Tree, pick up a bucha cheap cards (preferrably not folded), and write messages of missing them and saying we love them and wishing they were as happy as they used to be, things like this, sticks the names on them, sign it by anon or humanity or something.

    3) Hand deliver to CoS with camera, see what they do.

    We are way open to suggestions, need to fine tune this before V-day (two days, guys). Hopefully we can get this shit together and fo sho tell the members of CoS that we are NOT against them.

    IRC meeting about V-day raid 2/12 7:00 PM
  2. Huzzah Member

    Valentines are still a viable option, but alternatives probably should be discussed; she has a point when she says they'll likely just throw them out... Their people would probably just force themselves to think of it as a taunt.
  3. Wa

    I figure they'll just throw them out, but if we can video tape the cards, show they're personalized, loving, and then tape them throwing them out, and then get this video to the members, or public, I think it might show for something.

    Huzzah; how do you mean a taunt?
  4. Huzzah Member

    Well, like I said, "force". You know how it is when somebody gets on your bad list, and you want to do everything you can to keep them there.
  5. Re: Portland valentine's raid

    We need to listen to what Tory Magoo says. She's been there, she understands the mentality.
    Don't do something just cause you feel like you have a good idea, listen to the people like Tory and WBM who have been doing this for years.
    And for future reference, this--
    is a bad idea. One, it's private property, and two, it would make Anons look like a bunch of assholes. We don't need names cause we don't target individual "parishioners". There is already plenty of evidence to support our views and get the public on our side. Busting into one of their churches is going to turn people away in a major way. This isn't fucking spy versus spy.

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