Portland Ideal Morgue Opening - may 11 2013

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Charles Carmichael, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Amazing what you can do with After Effects these days. They must really have hated those right-hand trees a lot.
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  2. billybob Member

    It was obviously shopped, and the video proves it.

    The photos the COS released were shopped to enhance the amount of balloons, bushed, shrubs and confett, in part to enhance the trick photography provided by the fisheye lens effect.


    Notice some details in this press release photo which clash with the video above:

    They added all those fake balloons in the sky and in front of the trees around the side of the building.

    In the video there were merely a few dozen balloons. Here there are hundreds!

    Same with the confetti cannons. They fire off and disperse in a second in the video, well before any of the 20 some real balloons get above the huge monitor screens. Yet in the pictures we see copious amounts of this stuff floating in the air, strategically floating in such a way as to block the view beyond the confines of the adoring crowd space, obscuring the background and enhancing the entire scene. Plus you see hundreds of balloons already way up high in the sky, while at the same time the poor old man in the background is STILL pulling on the REAL balloon release rope behind the left hand screen, and he seems to be having trouble setting them loose!
    (He must really be sweating it out, knowing Miscavige is standing there watching, and probably clenching his tiny fists in rage!)
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  3. They used every sneaky photoshopping trick to make the crowd look bigger. It's fuckin OBVIOUS!
  4. Anonymous Member

    Added in balloons and confetti? Whoa, even if that were true, you're reaching pretty hard. (And I don't know that it is true, especially if more balloons and confetti were released after the video ends and the picture in the press release was taken then.)

    The biggest point is what now about the supposedly shooped in people? That's the most damning part that if true, showed that the cult was lying through their teeth on their attendance. Unfortunately, NOT.

    Either Rinder almost got away with one of the best trolls in a long, long time or he fucked up big time. I'm betting it's the latter.
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  5. OperatingSP Member

    Can you say ad hominem? I know you could!
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  6. HOC Member

    lolol these posts....

    you guys are so silly.
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  7. If it wasn't true that they shooped in people all the articles wouldn't say they had:
  8. lolol they are so silly OSA!
  9. billybob Member


    They publicly deny altering the photo in any way.

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Can you prove NOT? Dox plz. People who were there and actually saw the crowd dispute the numbers. Do I think the photo is shooped, maybe. Do I think they have perfected the art of camera angles to make 450 people appear to be 2500? Yep.

    Eye witness accounts are strong evidence of the lies. Deal with it.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I froze the video a couple of times, and it's very clear that the crowd on the right hand side ends about about the stage level and behind them there is an empty street and a parking lot. On the press release photo of CoS they Photoshopped a giant confetti mess in that place, so as to masquerade the empty street. My conclusion: it's a bit more sophisticated Photoshopping than adding people without heads in, but they still tempered with the real image to create an illusion that there was no empty space on the right hand side.
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  12. Bubbles Member

    Keeps arguing even after proven wrong -

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  13. Anonymous Member

    I can't see Photoshopped people, but I can see empty space on the right hand side of the video, stop at 9 seconds. This empty space is veiled on the CoS photograph by confetti. So no, the CoS probably didn't add people, but they did add an illusion that there were people underneath the confetti, while in fact it was an empty street. It's also no chance that the video was cut at 10 seconds, because had they showed you what the camera captured at 11 or 12 seconds, you would have been staring down an empty side street.
  14. The Wrong Guy Member

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  15. agree.jpg
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Wow, never say Tony O backpeddle on a story before. At least he's man enough to admit when he's wrong.

    Now what about Rinder? I have to admit that as much as I wanted to believe what was being shown on here, other than the balloons and maybe the confetti, I wasn't able to buy into the people being shooped in. Fisheye lens and shot angles, yes, but shooping of the people, no.

    But my biggest mistrust was because of Rinder. His whole story was about the trees being shooped out and people added in. He didn't even say anything about balloons or confetti.

    As long as Rinder is a full scilon, indie scilon or wannabe scilon, I don't trust him one bit. I'm here to get rid of the cult because they damage others and Rinder is not one of us, he's one of them.

    Rinder screwed the pooch on this people shooping. He potentially fucked over the Garcia case. He messed up the FBI investigation. He won't come clean on the crimes he could still be jailed for that would probably take out corporate scientology for good. And in the meantime he's collecting donations (directly going to himself, it looks like) for forwarding the goals of the indie scientologists. Why in the world is anyone trusting what Rinder is saying?
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Its especially galling now that many cities will not allow plastic bags (I know Seattle has done away with them, I imagine Portland is on the same track) but will overlook mass party balloon launchings which are ultimately as destructive to wildlife.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, the shooped balloons are going to kill the shooped trees.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    ^^ QFT

    Well played, sir, well played.

    Rinder is in for himself, or for the "church". All indications to me is he is working for OSA and never left. The sabotage on all these important milestones are only shadowed by Rathbun's sabotage.
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  20. .......and most of the posters here and journalists joined him.
  21. OTeleventy Member

    It was altered. The photo was altered to change people's perception of reality. Regardless of the methods, it was altered. (I, personally think it WAS shooped.) Fish eye? Maybe. Probably ALSO. But whatev. If you cannot acknowledge that it was altered, well, then I don't know what the fuck.

    Who really cares anyway? The fight goes on. Scientology still sucks and hurts people.
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  22. rectilinear wide angle lens
  23. snippy Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    I learned to laugh like that, when I was a cute girl who liked going out to bars without an escort.
    You'd be amazed how well it works.
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  25. jensting Member

    Agree. I use one myself - viewing angle 90 degrees (pretty much perfect for this application). However, what about the hand that appears out of nowhere? And the balloons and confetti are not convincing...
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  26. The rectilinear wide angle lens is not good at producing hands and making convincing balloons and confetti.
  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    Mark Bunker Returns to Terry Boyd's World

    Published by Mark Bunker on May 19, 2013

    I was invited back on this Portland area radio show to talk further about the impact of Scientology's new Ideal Org in Portland. We talked about Study Tech, Drug Free Marshals and tax dollars going to Scientology based schools.

    Here are some links:
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  28. DeathHamster Member

    The boundaries of reality:



    Everything seen outside those shrub boundaries is faaaake!
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Lydia Krauskopf Hopwood
    Wow, I went to the re-showing of the Portland Ideal Org grand opening last night. COB's speech was amazing. I was at the Battle of Portland in 1985 and had no idea of the suppressive sources who had rallied to take out our religion as well as all religions. It is TRULY AMAZING what we were able to accomplish by coming together as a group to fight this suppression. And since then, we have done nothing but expand. Now with the Golden Age of Tech Part II coming out, things have never looked better for Scientologists.

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      Juliian TannoThis is awesome. I could not make it to the event, my closest org is 200 miles away, could you send me a message about the highlightsof the event? I was at Portland also. :)
      Sunday at 1:06pm ·
    • Lydia Krauskopf HopwoodI'll just tell you here, Juliian Tanno. Basically the whole thing was orchestrated by the psychs, the IRS, and people who had been thrown out of the Church, to bring us down, as well as other religions. If we hadn't won the battle in Portland, there were several other cookie cutter law suits waiting to happen that would basically destroy religion. I guess no one was expecting us to rally to the occasion. All of us converging on Portland and the courthouse is what caused us to win. The judge in the appeal basically said, "I'm hearing all this testimony about Scn, but I see all these Scn'sts and they are nothing like what is being said" and he threw out the $39 million verdict.
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      Lydia Krauskopf HopwoodIt was all bigger than we could possibly have known.
      Sunday at 1:13pm ·
    • 276016_100000137082150_236113979_q.jpg

      Valerie BergI had totally forgotten about the Interpol connection . For me, that spoke volumes about how far we've come. A major source of suppression was just a blip on the screen.
      Sunday at 3:02pm ·
    • 211877_1256736235_184547452_q.jpg

      Lydia Krauskopf HopwoodYes, I agree. And as COB mentioned, whatever happened to deprogramming? I hadn't even thought about that term in about 15 years.
      Sunday at 3:04pm ·

    • Juliian TannoThanks for the data, it was really something
      Sunday at 3:05pm ·
    • 211877_1256736235_184547452_q.jpg

      Lydia Krauskopf HopwoodYou're welcome. :D
      Sunday at 3:06pm ·
    • 369911_1253239723_758720955_q.jpg

      Juliian TannoYou have not heard about deprogramming because there was a legal precedent that made it kidnapping and the main guy behind it Ted Patrick was put in prison.
      Sunday at 3:07pm ·
    • 211877_1256736235_184547452_q.jpg

      Lydia Krauskopf HopwoodWell, that's good. All these attacks fall by the wayside and we continue on.
      Sunday at 3:08pm ·
    • 369911_1253239723_758720955_q.jpg

      Juliian TannoI just routeded onto my next ext course!!!
      Sunday at 3:08pm ·
    • 211877_1256736235_184547452_q.jpg

      Lydia Krauskopf HopwoodAwesome! Which course?
  30. DeathHamster Member

    Here's the boundaries of the shrubs, as photographed (possibly including a bit of the Oak pedestrian crossing):


    In CoS' photos and quicky video, did the shrubs disappear and huge crowds suddenly appear? No, the crowds were shooped in.
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  31. WTF
  32. Anonymous Member

    I find this very disturbing. Do they really think they saved religion? That is some seriously deluded shit.
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    I'm sure that various other cults were worried. Established religions? Not so much.

    That whole exchange has the smell of Dev-T or Developed Traffic: A pretend dialog that is wholly designed to be overheard/read by third parties, sprinkled with PR points disguised as a conversation. (In one picket, two handlers were doing that. Every time I'd walk back and forth in front of the org, they'd be looping in the same "conversation".)
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  34. Anonymous Member

    I would buy tickets to see someone destroy religion, just for the spectacle, and to say that I'd seen it.
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  35. How many people did Scientology shoop onto that photo?
  36. Anonymous Member

    > 9000!
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  37. Anonymous Member

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