Portland Ideal Morgue Opening - may 11 2013

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Charles Carmichael, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    How many openings does that make so far this year? Damn, someone is over compensating....
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  2. Would love to see your smiling faces! Maybe you guys can figure out why they needed $23 million to buy a building for $6 million. Of course they renovated it, but no way they spent $17 million on that.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Got dox on this event?
  4. Sorry, no. I know the new building is at 320 S.W. Oak Street in downtown Portland, and is called the Sherman Building. If I get anything in the mail, I will scan it in. I got this info from my mom when she asked me if I wanted to go.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Seriously, we've had one in Canada, the one in Italy, Pretoria next week and Portland the following. Have I missed any?
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  6. Quentinanon Member

    Think real estate investments, folks. That's all it could be. All their new morgues are, well, idle.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Thank you!!!
  8. Kilia Member

    Uh huh..
  9. Anonymous Member

    Do you mean 360... where the store front is?

  10. I'm so excited, so excited...........

    What ever happened to the new swing coats?.......
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  11. 1
  12. Anonymous Member

    No, pretty sure it is at least the 3rd this year.
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. anon walker Moderator

    LOL...they gonna need some big sheets to cover those windows!
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. No, there are more than 2 additional scheduled for this year :D
  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. If I lived a little closer I would so be there a Guy Fawkes mask and a wad of singles.

    Two birds with one stone
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  19. fallingspider Member

    March 2nd? hmmm I'll mark this on my calendar but not sure I can make any promises...This news does not make spider happy :-(
  20. Don't forget, it is also King Kong Night!
  21. JohnnyRUClear Member

    It's almost the fateful day, now. Will anyone here be there? I may be in a position to join you, and my GF mask -- well, I'm not telling him yet; don't want to get his hopes up after all this time sitting around.
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  22. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  23. Ideal Org. Opening or Scott Duncan: One Man Band singing "Tin Foil Hat" across the street?.......

    Sweet Baby Xenu, It would be a slaughter, One Man event killer..............
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  24. Opening postponed, building aint done.
  25. JohnnyRUClear Member

    lol failcult
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Failcult Buttchurch.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    I see not much has changed. They never could complete things on schedule.
  28. ateva Member

    Johnny, if they actually do manage to finish it, PM me the date of the opening and I'll share it with Starwaffle, Unperfekt, FLCL, and the rest of the oldfags.
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  29. does anyone know why videos can no longer be viewed on this site, while using an andriod?
  30. I'm hardly ever on a laptop these days.
  31. heatberd Member

  32. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I won't be the first to find out about it, but when I do, you won't be the last.
  33. SeenTheLight Member

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  34. BlackRob Member

    Anyone interested in Enturbulating? David Miscavige will also be in the house!

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Do it!!!!!
  36. Anonymous Member

    It's May 11th:

  37. Anonymous Member
  38. Anonymous Member

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