Pooks and Larry's Enturbulating Adventures!

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by pooks, Jul 12, 2011.

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  1. pooks Member

    Larry Brennan gave me a call a few weeks ago and wanted to know if I'd like to go to the Janet Reitman book reading and do some quality hours of enturbulation at the NY Org. I said sure!

    Larry drove down from New Hampshire and picked me up in Connecticut and we drove down to NY city on July 11th. Larry and I got into some srs yapping on the way down to NYC and we missed our exit and had to double back. Add to that, that we had some very bogus directions from google and it made the trip a little longer than it should have. Larry will freely admit that I am a better enturbulator than I am a navigator.

    Anywayz, we get to NY org around noon or so and start taking some pics of our being there so
    you knew it actually happened.

    This is me, with a sign idea I stole from one of the SF anons. I love that fucking sign and I got a lot of camera love with it. All kinds of people were taking pictures from their cars, stopping by and just taking a pic and commenting that they loved the sign. Gobs of thumbs up
    from NYer's.


    This is my partner in enturbulation Larry Brennan, who is without a doubt one of the nicest and most wonderful human beings that I have ever met.




    This is the back of the shirt that Larry created as part of the Volunteers SP's.


    After about 2 hours of hanging out at the NY org in 90 plus degree weather, we decided to get some lunch and walked a block to Times Square, and took some more pics.

    Prior to this we had a visit from two Sea Orger goons who took our pics, but I'll let Larry tell you that story.


    After lunch we hooked up with some of the NY anons who were kind enough to attend and join in with us and we started ramping up the entheta. I started yelling across the street at the Scios as they were coming and going from the org. I'd ask them where Heber was, where Shelley Miscavige was, or tell them DM was beating Sea Org staff. I mentioned that DM was wearing 5000 dollar suits while they were making 50 bucks a week or less and mentioned that DM was down stat and Scn was contracting. I was doing some serious master "baiting" of the scios. As an ex-scn cultist, I can't tell you how much fucking fun that was.

    Then an suv pulls up with the NY license plate "REBA" and out pops 3 Sea Org chicks, looking all serious business.

    Now for those of you that aren't Ex cult staff you may not have been able to understand what was going on, but after conferring with Larry, we both agreed that this was some kind of heavy hitting Sea Org mission that was arriving at the org. There are different kinds of "Sea Org Missions". Some are just advance men for the next big event, some are a "recruitment mission", but then other times it's an "ethics mission" or a mission to get stats up and you can always tell by the way the missionaires are dressed and how they behave. Larry and I concurred that this was some kind of heavy hitting mission that was there to kick some ass.

    All Sea Org Missionaires are treated with the utmost respect by both staff and public. No joking, no bad manners, just "yes sir, right away sir".

    So of course I start yelling at them. I told them DM beats Sea Org staff, that he's a downstat and Scn is contracting. That DM's a squirrel and is only interested in MEST (a Scio word for things) and not interested in making clears. Oh I just let it rip and they were held captive for a bit as they were trying to unload their luggage from the SUV.

    You could tell from the looks on their faces that they were PISSED OFF!. LOL!

    Please don't misunderstand I don't think like the above, but I know how the Scios think and I was saying stuff that I felt might break through the wall of indoctrination.

    Larry said that they probably went into the org and started screaming that there was obvious out ethics in NY org because SP's were standing outside harassing Sea Org members. A CRIME in Scn. Oh what fun!

    The Org had two or 3 body routers that were walking down to Times Square and convincing people to go into the org and see a movie or test or something. We don't know exactly what they were saying. And I started yelling to the people. " Don't go in. It's a cult, they only want your money". And I could see the Scio Body Router making the "they're crazy" signs, but I yelled we're not crazy, he just wants your money and next thing I know, the 3 people ran over to us
    and started holding up our signs and thanking us.


    You can't really see it here, but my peach visor has the letters SP made from rhinestones! When it comes to Scn, I love tacky!


    After being at the org for about 4 hours we walked over to the CLO which is the East US Management Org and did a bit more enturbulating

    Later on we attended the Janet Reitman reading, and I'll post about on an existing thread.

    I'll let Larry tell more of it. We had a fun day. Thanks NY anons for assisting us in a fun entheta filled day.
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  2. RightOn Member

    wow guise this is excellent!
    and indeed Larry is a wonderful man!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    LOL Pooks. Those three kids with the signs look like they are having the time of their lives.
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  4. Kilia Member

    Pooks and Larry..great enturbulation you made there! Bravo!
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  5. Anonymous Member

    np on the theft from Sanfagcisco fags.

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Well done you two.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Awesome Report, Pooks!!! Awesome Photos!!! Awesome Protest Signs!!! And Awesome Enturbulation!!!

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Hey, is that Smurf behind you, Larry? Looks a little sickly yellow.
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  9. pooks Member

    Yes I saw that and was going to take a pic of that Smurf sign but forgot about it.

    Glad you caught it. It says "Smurf this way", right on the side of the Scn building.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Larry and Pooks Welcome Wagon for the New York's "uh oh" S.O. mission. The timing is ...
    freaky great. I'm grinning at the thought of their Debriefing. lol and lol some more

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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. AnonLover Member

    wow - sounds liek good times!!!
  13. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Can't say it enough!

    Pooks and Larry frikken ROCK!
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  14. Anonymous Member

    You say you want Rhinestone SP, Pooks, you got it!

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  15. Orson Member

    Bravo to you guys and to NYCanons for joining in with you. Well done to all.
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  16. anonsparrow Member

    Wow great job you guise! When was this? RP was NYC this weekend. Dam.. so nice.
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  17. pooks Member


    You inspired me. I used a lot of your lines on the Scios there, plus some of my own.
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  18. anonsparrow Member

    I am humbled. <3
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  19. tikk Member

    I stumbled on a similar one earlier today:

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  20. mirele Member

    Pooks--you look FABOOOOOO.

    Larry--I want a Volunteer SP t-shirt.

    Both of you, fantastic work on enturbulating the bOrg.
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  21. BlooAnon Member

    This thread makes me happy.
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  22. LarryBren Member

    Oh My God!!!! I'm pretty sure we hit at least three states trying to get into NY City. Finally, after about an hour of being lost, we notice that we had entered New Jersey and I said &quot;screw it we're continuing south and raiding Clearwater&quot;!!! I told Patty after we went south, north and south of the City again that when I got back I was going to start a thread on WWP entitled: &quot;Driving with Patty.. OH MY GOD!!!!!!111!!eleven!!one!!&quot;

    Still Pooks is indeed a wonderful person and an incredible enturbulator! She hollered so much and so loudly that I was getting horse! She and Anons with us definitely saved a number of people from going into the org with body routers. Three from Algeria came over and joined us (Patty showed a pic of them holding up our signs). A group of four others also stopped from walking in the org, listened to the shouts, read the signs and then walked away.

    Others from Jordan, France and Germany (and who knows where else) came over to tell us of they were with us, to get their pictures taken with us and our signs and to otherwise support us.

    We also hollered at a family with a little girl who was looking inside not to walk in and told how they abuse children. They walked away from the org.

    People were saved from scientology this day. And Patty and Anon NY were a huge part of that.

    I'll put here what I just put on the thread about Janet's book:

    No raid can be completely entertaining without OSA.

    When Patty and I were there alone a couple of OSA Goonies swung around behind us to take pics. I said to them &quot;Hi Guys come on over&quot;.

    They started to snap pics and I said &quot;Wait&quot; and then held up my sign about David Miscavige beating Sea Org Members so it was just below my face and could get in the pics. Then I told them to snap away and they did. In my mind that gives the pics they take more enturbulation value.

    Then the guy on the left asked me who we were. I responded that we were members of &quot;The Volunteer SPs of Central and Southern New Hampshire&quot; and he wrote that down. Then he asked how many of us there were. I responded that there were 150,000 of us just like their Volunteer Ministers. He also wrote that down, seemingly taking it serious. I know, huh? OMG!

    Anyway, they then just looked at us seeming to not know what to say next. I just kindly said to them &quot;this is never going to end boys&quot; and they quickly walked away into the org.

    So here is their fabled, fearless OSA:

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  23. LarryBren Member

    Oh man the NY Anons were awesome!!

    Here is a little about them from another thread on which I just posted:

    &quot;A few hours before the reading at the Half King, the Volunteer SPs of Central and Southern New Hampshire expanded southwards and swore in its newest members from NY City:




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  24. LarryBren Member

    LOL thanks.

    I gave out the last of my Volunteer SPs T-shirts and hats (and OSA Goon hats):(

    But when I can swing it, I will get more made:)
  25. LarryBren Member

    And we are humbled that you are humbled (and that you proudly wear our Volunteer SP T-shirt":)
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  26. LarryBren Member

    Oh yes, they did indeed love it. They laughed and got all excited holding the signs as we also took pics of them with their camera. They told us they were from Algeria.

    Others from Jordon were just as excited and had us take their pics with some of us too.

    People who said they were from France and Germany also stopped by to give their support as did various others.

    All and all it was a lot of fun.

    And, BTW, it was really nice seeing and chatting with you!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    They could always go work for the Mormons when the cult fails...
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  28. Ann O'Nymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    you done with your faggot ass drunk posting?
  30. Anonymous Member

    Please stop. Don't need another derail.
  31. adhocrat Member

    Those two fail at tie tek
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  32. Savi0r Member

    Noooo don't wish that on them!!!
    what have they done to you!!
  33. Smurf Member

    Give me 5 minutes with the Latino and he'll be PTS in no time....
  34. Kilia Member

    Nice pics!!
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  35. TinyDancer Member

    The story and the photos in this thread are brilliant.

    Pooks! Looking GOOOOOD, woman!
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  36. Anonymous Member

    You'll probably have a WIN there, Smurf! The guy looks stupefied.

  37. anonsparrow Member

    "this is never going to end boys" - For keeps.
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  38. anonsparrow Member

    AK-47 looking good. You fuck them up with your sheer good nature.
  39. Anonymous Member

    She's looking fabulous. Is it a personal question or has she lost a shit load of weight?
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