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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Andy Downs, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. laughingsock Member
    FBI launches national facial recognition system
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has fully rolled out a new biometric identification system that includes facial recognition technology.

    The FBI, working with the Criminal Justice Information Services Division, says the Next Generation Identification System is now fully operational.

    The system is designed to expand biometric identification capabilities across the country and eventually replace the FBI's current fingerprint system.

    The system includes two new databases.

    One, called Rap Back, enables FBI authorized entities the ability to receive ongoing status notifications of any criminal history reported on specific individuals. The bureau says that it will help law enforcement agencies, probation and parole offices, and others greatly improve their effectiveness by being advised of subsequent criminal activity of persons under investigation or supervision.

    The second is called the Interstate Photo System. IPS facial recognition service will provide law enforcement agencies across the country an image-searching capability of photographs associated with criminal identities. The Feds say it is a significant step forward for the criminal justice community in utilizing biometrics as an investigative tool.

    This latest phase ois only one portion of the FBI's NGI System. Since phase one was deployed in February 2011, the NGI system has introduced enhanced automated fingerprint and latent search capabilities, mobile fingerprint identification, and electronic image storage.

    More than 18,000 law enforcement agencies and other authorized criminal justice partners across the country will have access to the system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    I'm sure we can trust them not to abuse this awesome new power they now have.
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  2. Hugh Bris Member

    Bet you didn't know that with forty-nine M16 rifles (first seen in Vietnam, BTW), the University of Maryland Police Department can fire 4900 5.56x45mm NATO rounds in 8.57 seconds. That's assuming one shooter per M16. The weapon can fire up to 700 rounds per minute with a 100 round magazine.

    The police would only have to reload 7 times to have enough fire power to kill every student in the University of Maryland.

    I guess them Maryland kids are a lot wilder than the rednecks I went to college with
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  3. Andy Downs Member

    The song remains the same

    Dashcam Captures South Carolina Police Officer Shooting Unarmed Man For Seat Belt Violation

  4. Andy Downs Member

    Insane Traffic Stop Tests ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Law
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  5. Andy Downs Member

    I watched a documentary today about miners in Africa who were going on strike.
    The Mining operation they worked for colluded with the police to have the peaceful protests stopped

    The local police came out and opened fire on these workers, killing all the worker's leaders and then some.
    As I watched you didn't have to imagine where this same scene had played out in other parts of the world.

    Hong Kong, Ferguson, Occupy Nashville (My home town), NY, Oakland, Ukraine, Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Dakotas, Lafayette Park, Bagdad, ISIL, Civil rights movements, Women;s right to vote, Waco, Chicago, Birmingham

    What we have exported from the so called Democratic countries is how to get a McDonald's and the Pinkerton Guard to replace your local law enforcement, and if not replace, "ADVICE" them how to stop anything that may be against the will of big corporations and or governments.

    We ship off factory jobs and kill union rights under the guise of progress. We allow the World Ban and WTO to create their own laws that directly govern our country. In reality all anyone does in a global community is serve someone's stock price.

    We are simply numbers to them. No more no less. No more valuable than a hammer, laptop, or desk.

    We are human. and each day I read about a group standing up against something that is important to them own lives,...
    I feel hope.

    It will not be pretty, but it is possible. In Ferguson a Police Chief will probably have to resign from a Missouri town post.
    Not that long ago, that would have never been in the cards.
    However today, Ferguson represents what can happen if enough people get together.

    Shit stinks all over this planet. But the power of the individual and those they associate with can make a change.
    We have to gear back up. Get in the trenches again. Make some planes to bring attention to issues we hold dear.
    We have to double down on everything. While the national news media is focused on low hanging fruit (sizzle with no steak)

    It's time to slaughter the fatted calf. Make a gesture, make new friends. make something happen that can;t be ignored.

    I am never going to quit.
    Who is with me?
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  6. meep meep Member

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  7. meep meep Member

    I know that doesn't sound very impressive but including all my socks we are legion.
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  8. Andy Downs Member

    This October 4, at 5:12am EST was when my father drew his last breath after having his airplane shot up by FBI agents in the Jacksonville Field Office.
    I was 18 months old. I have only one vague memory of my dad that fades more each day. It is practically gone...I can no longer see his face.

    My story is not unique enough in our world.
    I am tired of it.

    I have some video of some of my lectures recorded. I need someone with a version of Final Cut to edit them and make them look good.
    Does anyone have these skills and software

    I think if I can get these lectures out we could use them to start down this road.

    PM me if anyone has ideas.

    One idea for the big picture is to travel around the country inviting people who have lost their loved ones at the hand of The Police State
    I don;t mind starting this idea out. It would take a lot of help. A lot of networking. A lot of couches being offered to sleep on by like minded friends.

    But if we did a national tour and each city bring people out who are tired of the police just might work

    Whenever someone with a version of Final Cut can come forward, the who group can decide based on by speaking/entertainment skills if you want me involved.up front.
    If not me I am sure others can be found. Either way you are going to all have to see what I have done and make your own judgements.

    Let me know
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  10. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Ok long dong, doxing a cop who did what exactly? We removed the link to the dox. I can't find any info.
    What is the back story here?
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  11. failboat Member

    (The song and subject matter and thread title warranted a bump, IMO)

  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Bump for importance and crawling red mites.
  13. Russell Lee Member

    Little Victoria,Texas pd just acquired a drone. Why?
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