Police raid Narconon Georgia, April 26, 2013

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by The Wrong Guy, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Sure he did not take anything from those scams. He said so. He wouldn't lie, wouldn't he? Specially to escape prosecution. Remember, idiots, this guy RUN NARCONON!! LOL how stupid can you be?

    And no, I was not involved in the scams myself, but I will send some evidence that was missing "after" Mr. Catton left .... as I said, bend over, Luke ... use the force!
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  2. BigBeard, the conviction is not against Narconon but against individuals .. .say it with me: I N D I V I D U AL S!

    It wont affect Narconon as they will through people under the buss, ehem, Mary, ehem, Luke.
    not Herro
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Apparently these idiots are not stupid enough to write grammatically incorrect stupid shit like this horror show sentence of yours, dimwit.
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  4. Random guy Member

    I think the verb you were looking for was "ran".
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  5. Anonymous Member

    oh what does it matter to you what names Hubbard is denominated by? el ron is just extended form of L Ron, are for example nicknames like Ronnie or does it have be formal LRH in order to pass by your standards you really should tolerate more than mere el ron hes been called worse things, are you honestly disregarding this entiire source just because of friendly nickname given you should be thankful he isn't referred as homotard, flubtard ect IMHO far more offensive things and I myself wouldn't be offended as history major if someone "degraded" a historical figure by their given niucknames given by the people or the press at the time surely you have a thicker skin than that
    dr.evil just more insanity just pushing you should know what sort of names Hubbard goes by here in WWP
  6. Anonymous Member

    So you are saying that insurance companies won't be reviewing all of their billings related to every Narconon to look for more discrepancies and that Narconon's recent successful attempts to tap into insurance money are not in serious jeopardy?

    Read Gary Smith's e-mails around how key insurance billings were becoming to their financial success.
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  7. eddieVroom Member

    That is a matter of state law, and is only applicable to prosecutions made by the state under those codes.

    Credit card fraud is not insurance fraud.

    Multi-agency investigations are not prosecutions, nor is sharing evidence.

    The action seems to have crossed state lines, which makes federal prosecution and RICO a distinct possibility.

    But, hey, keep on postulatin' little clam...

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  8. Let's see how many Narconons actually get shut down. Let's see how much it impacts the money coming in. Either way they will continue to be opened one way or another. They will throw someone under the bus and carry on biz as usual.

    Lucas Catton ran his own credit card scam and insurance fraud and pushed for stats to be up. Now he is scared of going to jail. We will see who wins at the end. Luke, son, brace for impact.
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  9. Random guy Member

    Dox? Or are you just postulating things again?
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  10. jensting Member

    The news have reached Germany. Good.,12431.msg31323.html#msg31323
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  11. BigBeard Member

    Go back and read what I actually said, to whit, "...a criminal fraud conviction or two...", I was speaking of criminal fraud convictions of NN GA staff and management, which the IRS does pay attention to, not the organization.

    Also keep in mind Georgia is just one state. Other states, and the Feds, do allow criminal prosecution and conviction of corporations in cases of criminal fraud. And I'm hearing at least one of those states is taking a very keen interest in what's happening in GA regarding the credit card and insurance fraud situation.

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  12. RightOn Member

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  13. anonfly Member

    Why does insurrance companies have more power than people who are in trouble whit Narconon and talking about it????
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  14. Random guy Member

    Because insurance companies have economic oomph.
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  15. Quentinanon Member

    They have well-paid lobbyists and attorneys who aggressively advocate for their interests. I think the scientology crime syndicate made fatal mistakes when it defrauded insurance companies.
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  16. The Internet Member

    The hubris of the Narconon staff is stunning... unless....

    Say, are insurance companies insured like banks? If so, you could imagine a situation where people inside an insurance company might intentionally overlook a number of tarted up claims.
  17. Triumph Member

  18. Quentinanon Member

    Yes, they are insured. Those are called RE-insurance companies, but to minimise their own premiums and deter fraudulent claims, they need to prosecute clear-cut cases of fraud.
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  19. only to individuals :)
  20. OTeleventy Member

    Wasn't the fraud perpetrated here perpetrated against individuals?
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  21. wolfbane Member

    Hmm. Interesting question. It seems to me the parents who paid cash AND unknowingly had their insurance bilked got defrauded. Plus the Insurance Companies themselves got defrauded with the billing for doctors who were not seeing patients.

    Fraud. It's a bilateral thing when it comes to Narconon. :)
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  22. Quentinanon Member

    If it isn't fraud, it isn't scientology.
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  23. Hubbard trained OT8 Quack John Allender and The Squirrel Busters will be reincarnated as the Scientology Fraud-Squad ferreting out squirrels and LRH frauds.

    "You can trust us, we're not like the others, we even have frieking cameras on our heads."
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  24. eddieVroom Member

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  25. Derail, this video does not belong in this thread.

    Accusation made against David Love and not answered do belong in this thread.
    John Allender
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Really, we get it. You troll the same threads at the same time very day. You understand we're on to you, right?
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  27. "we"? what are you, a fucking leaderfag? Or a fuckin indie with nothing else to do? Go write a book about Scientology, why dontcha.

    PS: narconon still open and Lucas Catton injunction is in progress. Brace for impact (not the mag, see what I did there?)

    PS: I am OSA
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Please lead your ass into a fire. DIAF troll
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  29. Random guy Member

    Possibly, but you're still moronic.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Lucas really got to you didn't he? LOL, you're anger amuses us.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Lucas isn't here. Who you talking to buttwipe?
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Oh look what dropped by.

    Hai OSA.
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  33. Oh! Stop it! That hurt!!
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  34. wtf is going on. narconon still open despiote all outr efforts and these fuckers continue to kill peoples. do you thingk we'll evaer shut them down?
  35. Anonymous Member

    You spell like jack the ripper. I think that's hot.
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  36. thnk you very much. its hard to writ english word. modaratioer, change captcha, hardto see good and typing

    naconson is open, fuck
  37. Luke, you were involved, you know it, there is evidence. You are going to do time, that is all. David Love can tell you how to become a snitch though. Throwing people under the bus you already know.
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  38. Random guy Member

    You don't give in easily, do you?

    Did you know David Miscavige is ripping off staff and public by constantly raising money for the Super Power project, which has been used to raise about one-and-a-half time the amount needed so far, and they are still shilling for it. Do you think it will ever finish it? They have failed to do so for 14 years...
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  39. Yes, the supa powah building will be open. but that is a misdirector, the original post above was against Lucas Catton for being involved on insurance and credit card fraud when he ran Narconon. So don't derail, faggot. Stick to the issue at hand (ur small penis)
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Why do you care about either of these non events? How does pointing them out further our cause? Wait, they don't.
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