Police raid Narconon Georgia, April 26, 2013

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by The Wrong Guy, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    It sounds like insurance billing code diddling is universal in Narconons and other purification rundown fronts:
    To fill out the forms, they'd need a crooked doctor, or just fill in some other doctor's name like Narconon Georgia did.
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  2. what's really funny that's is what they say at flag and next upcoming internal memo leak. FB group will enter full assume fetal position of oklahoma narconon is forced to move or even better close, i wonder what scienos thought of trois-rivieres did they go full spin until win- mode(even more so the FB group.)? certainly from my observations scilon YT trolls went full baaawwwwwww mode while others outright disappeared from the interwebz.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I can't wait for the dox.
    I can't wait for the dox.
    I can't wait for the dox.
    I can't wait for the dox.
    I can't wait for the dox.
    I can't wait for the dox.
    I can't wait for the dox.
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    Feeling pretty crappy today, but thanks to this thread, I am feeling much better. Thank you!


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  10. patriot75 Member

    RENEWS for Authorities from the Bunker:
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    Good, good!
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  14. eddieVroom Member

    Wait, wait, wait...

    You mean to say that "wog" definitions of fraud and the like supercede glorious leader Ron's cherry-picking-at-the-moment custom dictionaries?..
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  15. RolandRB Member

    It's not "fraud" - it's "flowing Power to Source". It is okay for Scientologists to flow power to Source because that is doing the greatest good for the greater number of Dynamics. And if some wog laws say otherwise then that is religious persecution.
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  16. wolfbane Member

    Although the Daily Mail's retread is nice, I'm disappointed in the lack of spreading this raid is getting. For those well-skilled in pooning media outlets, don't forget to plug Lucas Catton's book as a source for "more of the story." Even though he wasn't directly connected to Narconon of Georgia, there is a nice little stockpile of damaging info ammo in his book that paints Narconon in a way never betrayed before - as nothing more than a Scientology feeder-line org in a different wrapper.

    Have You Told All?: Inside My Time with Narconon and Scientology

    Key points this book makes that are relevant to expanding on the story that Narconon is being investgated for fraud that hasn't been picked up on yet:
    • Unqualified staff with bogus certifications are often rewarded with Scientology auditing/training, are controlled/judged/manipulated and put through ethics & lower conditions just like org staff
    • IAS fundraising for "grants" including a FSM-like profit being made by the person doing briefings
    • Behind the scenes Sea Org connections to Narconons run deeper than you think
    • OSA has been involved at the highest levels of decision making
    • Drug education programs have way more Hubbard doctrine in it than they admit too and in at least one area (Boston) schools PAID for the program to be given to kids
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  19. Narconon expose vids from October, 2012

    Is Mary Reiser still working for Narconon elsewhere since her 'resignation'?

    Mary Reiser on 'treating' addicts: "I can only try to guide the way."

    She needs to be sent to prison for fraud.

    Anonymous will gladly 'guide the way' for this lying, scamming bitch.

    RIP: Patrick Desmond
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  20. Mary Reiser is lying scamming bitch, i wonder where is she now that narconon was raided did she intio religious "retreat" much like our other favorite old moedia clown Tom Davis. pussies both of em they disappear when pressure comes on.

    justice is coming Patrick.
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  21. Intelligence Member

    Posted: 4:28 p.m. Friday, April 26, 2013

    Statement on behalf of Narconon patients' families

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  22. wolfbane Member

    ^^This. And according to Lucas Catton's must-read book for all things Narconon...

    Mary Reiser's operation at Narconon of Georgia was a disorganized train wreck for a VERY long time.

    Mary Reiser's operation at Narconon of Georgia lost more "reaches" (PR induced students that got sucked into the scam) than they kept. This was well known amongst the Narconon FSMs (resellers) who never got paid on time for the "students" they sent there for Scientology's cold turkey scam, and when they did get paid it was typically a reduced sales commission due to the student not completing the program. It was so bad at one point, Lucas often sold programs for other Narconons when he was still a FSM even though he lived in Georgia.

    Mary Reiser was getting paid big bucks for a VERY long time as a field auditor who would be brought into Narconons to provide staff with Scientology auditing. This money making potential added up enough over time that eventually the iHelp branch of Scientology bawled because they weren't getting their cut of Narconon staff auditing profits.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    This picture will become The Definitive Picture when NN Georgia is mentioned.
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  24. anon walker Moderator

    Still wondering why OK state senator Brian Renegar flipped over to pimping for NN, especially AFTER six deaths and accounts of fraud and medical malfeasance.
    Guy sticks out like a sore thumb. Somebody's gotta be asking questions. One doesn't just start defending a fraudulent scam after it's been exposed.

    Not without good reason.
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  25. lots and lots of money thats what slappy's been doing for past two decades

    bribing and political hardball, make your opponents themselves and carry on the scam as usual regardless of the opposing evidence....

    the cult will keep doing this until they run out PR fodder

    DM must be panicking as we speak.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    He seems to be under some kind of stress.
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  27. Hey David, you talk a lot of shit on the boards but do not have the balls to come clean yourself and respond to the accusations about your jail time, throwing wife under the bus and snitching for the cops.

    Dooo eeettt faggot!!!
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Hey! Please report upline that David Miscavige is FOOCKED. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell them not to put any more money into this sinking ship.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    John Travolta and Tom Cruise Silent About Scientology’s Narconon

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  30. PTS Member

    ^^^ like ^^^
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. wow David, you are now reaching. You should also mention that Obama did not say anything about Narconon. Trying to cash in on Tom Cruise's fame to get hits on your articles? LOL weeeeakkkk!!
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  33. billybob Member

    Smart move, using the links to John Travolta and Tom Cruise to promote this important story!
    Maybe one of those Hollywood reporters will become interested, and get a chance to ask Travolta or Cruise for their thoughts on Narconon in light of the recent deaths, fraud charges, and lawsuits. That would be lulzy!
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  34. RightOn Member

    Travolta and Preston at Hawaii's Narconon Opening vid.
    I don't know how many times this vid has been mirrored, but it may be a good time to snatch a copy before they all dissapear
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  35. David Miscavige and Golden Era Producuctions present:

    Travolta and Cruise: 2 Clams on the Run in:

    ............... "The Silence of The Clams"...............
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  36. there is no way those deluded two cultists would be regain their santy anytime soon whatever convinced Travolta to stay inside the cult even he didn't hide the fact that he disagreed with the cult's management in 1983 any sane person would turn away from the cult after DM's amazing PR plunders if that can't convince them NOTHING will. those two they're so deeply entrenched in the cult so they refuse to accept any criticism from the opposition no matter how hard often they are proven wrong, if you want to see average mindset of a scientologists see their behavior on the net, they just run away and ignore any negative impressions of the cult specifically see the Facebook group or scilons plaguing YouTube comments. same applies to IRL too, denial and childlike behavior everywhere.

    Id downvote you'd to hell for attempting to derail the thread and for being, how Obama is related to all this, i want to hear your scilon logic no matter how convoluted it is

    just come out of lurking and face the shistorm coming your way, you pussy
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  37. Documented Return: Scientology Sea-Org member Ivar Haglund has returned after 25 years to begin his second stint on the LRH Billion Year Sea=Organization Contract............

    Keep Clam and KSW......
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  38. BigBeard Member

    I'm hoping there's enough in the DOX the police got to prove a legally hard link that narCONon is directly controlled by, and part of, the Cof$.

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  39. Random guy Member

    Won't the already public records from the Desmond case prove that?
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