Police raid Narconon Georgia, April 26, 2013

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by The Wrong Guy, Apr 26, 2013.

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    How about an EPIC BUMP to everyone over at Reaching 4 The Tipping Point like MM, EC, Free, ST and so many others.

    Thank you RO...:)
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    This is one of THE happiest Threads I've read in a some time. Saw it earlier today while
    riding a bus and passengers may have thought me was a little off I was smiling so much:)

    "Went in with GUNS and came out with boxes of evidence..." --- I LOVE IT-I LOVE IT-I LOVE IT :)

    *TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK Miscavige*

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    Little navy Davy,
    take the money and run
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  12. peek-a-boo you fucking clams, i wonder if this too much of wog news for scieno FB group to have in case if not get BlackRob on the case asap.

    any anon's in georga anon to do their little raid? of their own y' know just to gloat and rub lemons on their wounds
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  13. Best Thread Title Ever............

    Awesome Story, TWG (again,wtg), Ty

    "Police raid Narcononon, Georgia, April 26, 2013"

    It's Time, Time for Mambo#5 .........Woooot!!!!!!!!!

    David and Colin,

    It's gotta feel sweet, thx for all u do for those who have been taken advantage of and abused by Scientology's medically dangerous ripoff Narconon program.

    It's so nice to see this brutal scam crumble..............

    Google: Scientology / Narconon Purification Rundown

    Narconon, 100% Scientology
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  15. First, Scientology says "always attack, never defend". SCN "changes the subject" to the other party's actions by saying "What are your crimes"? But law enforcement has a way of controlling the conversation, at the point of a gun if need be. The subject is Scientology's wrongs (insurance fraud), and prosecutors are going to make that subject "stick" -- SCN can't "change the subject".

    Second, this is not an internal SCN matter (borrow $$$ from other SCNs to go up the bridge, never pay it back). This involves outside "wog" insurance companies that take these things seriously. Insurance companies might look at the "bottom line" and take a settlement offer from Narconon, but they don't know how much fraud has occurred over the years. And nobody knows how much money is recoverable yet. Also, other state insurance commissioners might be looking at Atlanta as a template for their own raids and prosecutions.

    Third, what's the end game for SCN? Treat addicts outside of US jurisdiction, perhaps on "The Freewinds 2" (more regging required)? Some families will pay the $30K to save their loved one, even without insurance reimbursement. So the Narconon money-making machine will be less profitable, but it may very well continue.

    Grab some popcorn, people, this is going to be epic !
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  16. both are big piles of steaming shit however.
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    Cult of death come a-tumbling down.
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  19. as expected "LOL entheta" and sticking fingers into ears classic thanks BlackRob for providing my daily dose of healthy lulz

    i would like if i could but like button doesn't appear like week of activity.
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  20. jensting Member

    What, you mean that the internal e-mail from Garry Smith in narCONon arrowhead about training all other narCONons (including the one that got raided in Georgia, a whole different state, if my limited knowledge of the US is correct) might lead the FBI to believe that this is a federal conspiracy?
    Oh, I hope so!
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    BlackRob, I think I love you.

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  23. YT mirror provided by yours truly, feel to spread it like herpes on a doorknob.

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  24. Enturbulette Member

    Let the dominoes start to tumble : D

    Bravo Jodie Fleischer, first great thing I've heard about local news in years...if ever!
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  25. RightOn Member

    watching them storm in there made me teary all over again.
    Someone please make a gif of that!
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  26. RolandRB Member

    As I have posted here before, they should have made the Narconon ex-execs End Cycle several weeks ago. Now they will be arrested and questioned and they will end up incriminating the CoS and even Lill' Nap' will end up being deposed. This will bring the whole scam down.
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  28. It really makes me angry how narconon is being portrayed. They have helped numerous people overcome addiction and live happy lives. I keep seeing scientology being stressed and its funny that's all thy can say about the place. It saved my life and I am not a scientologist and I can tell u that they DO NOT talk nor push scientology there. What I don't get is why a place trying to help people can get bashed so hard when there are people out there committing worse offenses and you do t see anything said about them. I do feel sorry for the family that lost their son but that is NOT narconons fault. Yes it was there responsibility but when someone leaves they go make their OWN choices. It is not their fault ge decided to do heroin, HE made that choice he choice to put himself in harms way. As for the fraud ots shitty but I do know that the lady that was doing it isno longer working at the center and tht have a great team. I still keep in touch with many of the employees and I know that it is being ran to a t. Government ran 12 step programs do not work for everyone including myself and they also give you a cocktail of pills that do not help it just replacing one thong for another. Narconin is the best program to me and I wis others could get their heads out of their asses and realize that.

    This message by tiffany has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  29. Would you prefer to go and spread your bullshit where it might be more appreciated?
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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    And speaking of bullshit, predictably, this morning the cult issued another self-congratulatory press release:

    International Narconon Directors Join Parents of Graduates to Celebrate Release of 40 Years of Positive Outcome Studies

    April 27, 2013

    As parents of Narconon drug rehab graduates offer thanks to international directors and executives for saving their children's lives, a compilation of result statistics offers corroborating evidence of Narconon program workability.
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  31. sure you aren't you fucking crack fiend(and i don't fucking care whenever NN saved you or not) if you don't like it fuck off, why are you here anyway OSA told you so there is no way in fucking hell that some scieno on their free will of all things comes to WWP defending bullshit that is narconon, gp somewhere else advertise your bullshit

    who takes responsibility for those deaths are the evil overlord xenu? the fact is still that narconon's staff are untrained(often hired immediately upon graduation they arent nurses or medical personnell) and not medically compotent when it comes to medical emergencies have a fatal convulsion that is withdrawal of opiate addiction and tell me if it's still the best for you just becase you were scammed scuccesfully and are spber enough to post your bullshit here doesn't prove jack's shit, you aren't justified to judge persons actions and you obviously dont know anything hell of severe addiction, you're probably some random slut rhat was court ordered to do narconon for DUIs or some lesser non-addictive drugs

    what sort of rehabilitation does courses anyway? Cult that is indoctrinating in LRH quack tech that doesn't fucking work.

    i know you're lurking here and i DARE you to come out and post again.

    TL;DR: the bottom line is if you don't like it

    fuck off
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    From the email of Gary Smith complaining about an insurance company that wouldn't send payments directly to Narconon, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Narconon Arrowhead is in the same (sinking) boat of fraudulent double-billing, and the insurance companies should check with the medical professionals who supposedly provided treatment to see if it ever happened.
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  34. firebug Member

    If you are in contact with the employees ask them why Mary Rieser is still working for Narconon. The fact is the fraud, corruption and abuse within Narconon is systemic, even if they demoted Mary nothing will change within the organization.,12201.msg31119.html#msg31119
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  35. patriot75 Member

    I just felt the need to have Gary Smith's insurance dox in this thread as well.
    Gary Smith Insurance.jpg
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    Let's hope the police manages to get something out of all the paperwork they impounded.
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  37. as long there is rot in state of Denmark there will be something thats pretty much given that scienos get busted for what they do arr day erryday: scamming scammers that scam. this is possibly the year 1968 all over again

    and remember this guys whatever happens they've got their license revoked so something good ought come of this.
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  38. Intelligence Member

    Published on Apr 27, 2013
    April 27, 2013 - Recorded voice message "Here you go David Miscavige, you and your OSA Goon Squad can suck on this Entheta for a while." Scientology's drug rehabs, Narconon, are facing big troubles around the globe for fraud, civil conspiracy, wrongful deaths, and trading drugs to patients in exchange for sex.

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  39. Anonymous Member

    I'll be the ethics officer...
    "We're winning. You know LRH said the fleas like the biggest dogs. We're the biggest dog so we've got these fleas. DOn't worry, we've got 'Flea Off' and we'll take care of the entheta. Don't you worry about it, You just keep giving us money to go up the to pay for the Idle mORGues, contribute to the IAS, that's the is the time,how much you gonna give us, $5K or $10K? You were the one spreading entheta, so hand over the jack, JAck."
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