Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

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  1. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Reading reports and looking at videos in many places, it is interesting to note how different the attitude of police officers was from one city to the other.

    I think that it could be interesting to mention here the general attitude city by city, beginning by a general assessment of the present situation - using the scale below - with complements in tag style:
    - Cooperative (police grants special rights due to the specificity of scientology and / or anonymous)
    - Neutral (police grants the same rights as other groups)
    - Hostile (police tends to hinder anonymous' action; off-duty officers in scientology's pay-roll; arrests)
    - Mixed
    - No police

    I begin with the cases I know. Feel free to complete or correct me. References are welcomed (an asterisk refers to a report on this thread).

    Color code for evolutions: Improvement Deterioration Complex



    Europe: Berlin, D; Copenhagen, DK; Belfast, NI; Düsseldorf, D; Lausanne, CH; London Met, UK; Munich, D

    United States: Boston, MA; Buffalo, NY; Chicago, IL Moved from Hostile; Clearwater, FL; Los Angeles, CA; Nashville, TN; Philadelphia, PA; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; St-Louis, MO; Tustin, CA; Washington, DC [2]

    Canada: Edmonton, AL; Ottawa, ON; Toronto, ON; Winnipeg, MB

    Asia Pacific: Brisbane, AUS; Perth, AUS


    United States: Edinburgh, UK

    United States: Anchorage, AK; Atlanta (DeKalb), GA: Moved from Hostile, Austin, TX; Columbus, OH; Denver, CO; Minneapolis, MI; Mountain View, CA; Richmond, VA; New York, NY; Sacramento, CA.

    Canada: Montreal, QC, Ottawa, ON

    Asia Pacific: Adelaide, AUS; Melbourne, AUS


    Europe: UK: London City [4]: moved from Mixed; Manchester: moved from Neutral*

    United States: Detroit, MI; Miami, FL; Orlando, FL

    Canada: Vancouver, BC: Moved from Neutral


    Europe: Paris, F (in French); Birmingham, UK

    United States: Kansas City, MO

    No police

    New Zeland: Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington

    United States : Albuquerque, NM

    [4] Officer explaining to scientologists Anonymous' rights to protest (; speech of a Divisional Commander at the opening of new scientology HQ (, but the relevant section is removed from; Chief Superintendent commending role of scientology after 7/7 attacks and officers dining at scientology expenses (
  2. censor Member

    Berlin, Germany

    the cops in berlin were cooperative, we had a large partyvan (more of a partybus) and about 8 party-sheriffs. we were allowed to wear masks (thanks to the CoS namefagging video, they saw them). i talked to a couple of them, and once they heard the incident II story they were totally on our side - one of them even encouraged to make even bigger and brighter signs for Opration: Reconnect.
  3. actuate Member

    Alaska (Anchorage) was great. Last protest we had a some good luck wished upon us, and with this protest more of the same, along with compliments on being non-violent and sticking to local laws and statutes (except for the frickin sidewalk cross walk crowding, but it wasn't mentioned to us by po-po). Shit was SO win!
  4. Sweeney Member

    Philadelphia cops were very friendly. They had Civil affairs officers assigned to us the whole time. No sirens, no lights, no handcuffs, just several nice officers in overcoats with orange armbands. The best behaved protestors they've had, they said.
  5. ChefXenu Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    In Columbus, Ohio, USA the police were cooperative, no major incidents, no arrests, small problems were all handled with kind but firm warnings.
  6. Anon453453 Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    New Zealand


    Auckland: Four Patrol cars arrived at CoS org during protest, no action taken; policeman waved to protestors when leaving.

    Christchurch / Wellington: No police presence
  7. xenudu Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Melbourne, Australia

    We only ever had two cops at one time, and they mostly spent their time standing around looking amused or bored and texting people. They were cooperative when we went to parliament to have a group photo taken on the steps, just encouraging us to be mindful of the wedding groups that were around.
  8. Anon81608 Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:


    One police car honked when they drove by. Another one stopped and asked us if we were OK. The officer in the police car that was parked there the entire time let one of us pose in front of his car with a sign to take a picture.
  9. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Compared to the rest of the world, I would have to say the Los Angeles Police Department was overwhelmingly supportive of Anonymous. (But again, that's in comparison)

    First - the Co$ tried to block off the public sidewalk running along the south side of Sunset Blvd, directly in front of their big, screened off compound. Apparently the Co$ obtained a film permit and used this as reason for why they were blocking off access to LRH Way, but although there was a dolly crane literally parked in the opening of LRH, it never moved for the entire time we were there. And they never turned off that ridiculously lame, loud video screen of theirs - so how much filming could they have been doing? In any case, regardless of what they wanted to do, the LAPD would not allow them to block the sidewalk in front of their gay little club, so Anon was allowed to completely surround the intersection at Sunset and L. Ron Hubbard Way. Win.

    Next - in spite of the fact that not a single Anon had a sign that said "HONK anything", motorists tooling up and down Sunset continued to honk their horns almost non-stop. Even city Bus Drivers were honking! But not once did the Police pull over a driver and cite them for making a disturbance. Win.

    At one point - a very nice, very professional black police officer arrived on the scene. Anons on the curb just to the left of the Big Blue entrance were stepping off the curb, out into the street and handing fliers to motorists stopped at the light. Obviously, this isn't safe - and probably not very legal, either. When the Officer arrived, in a big black & white Bronco, he parked about 30 to 40 feet from the intersection, essentially blocking the far right lane, requiring traffic to go around him. He then approached us and reminded us that it was unsafe and unwise to walk out into traffic. He also said we lived in the greatest country in the world, where we were allowed to demonstrate and say what we want like this. He encouraged us to have a good time and thanked us for behaving ourselves so well. Then he walked over to the center of Sunset, where a few other officers were already standing. Meanwhile, he left his vehicle blocking the lane. This meant that there was no immediate traffic directly in front of the Anons on the curb. As time went by, some of the Anons went back to stepping off the sidewalk and into the street to give out more fliers. I specifically checked to see what the police would do or say - but not a one of them came our way or remonstrated the Anons any further. I could see that they were watching us, but they never made a fuss about it again. Win.

    At another point - there was an elderly man wearing a tan jacket who has since been confirmed as a member of the Co$' ranks - either as a hired PI/Security or as OSA. He continued to wander through the crowds of Anon, at various times claiming to be just curious, just passing by, or possibly even supportive of Anon. At one point - and the details have been posted elsewhere - Tan Jacket Old Man revealed that he was carrying a hand gun. Almost immediately, Anons were alerted, one Anon made a sign with an arrow pointing downward to TJ, which read, "THIS MAN HAS A GUN". Anon photgraphers started snapping away, tagging this person for life as NOT ANONYMOUS. Shortly thereafter, the Police approached him and questioned him. Although he claimed to have a permit to carry the weapon, he certainly didn;t have a permit to be showing the gu nin public and in either case, his mere presence with a firearm in the middle of a protest - no matter how peaceful - was inappropriate and potentially dangerous. The Police escorted him away from the group of Anons, and TJ crossed Sunset - and immediately joined ranks with the Scientolgists at Big Blue. I don;t know about anyone else, but I have no doubts he was with them. Good job on the Anons who spotted him and flagged him and good job on the LAPD. Win.

    In general - Yes, there were many officers who, you could tell by their expressions, were not as openly supportive or maybe even downright nonplussed about Anonymous being there. But think about it - a large group of mysterious, unidentifiable people in masks in a potentially volatile situation. Cops are supposed to be suspicious and on the lookout for trouble and troublemakers. Masked individuals often are trouble makers. But I think the overwhelming majority of LAPD understand that the only trouble we want to make is for the Co$, in response to the trouble they are making for the rest of the world. Win.

    Now, over at the Shrine, it was another matter. The Police presence there was clearly in support to the Super Adventure Club's cousin-pokin' event. I haven't heard any confirmation of this yet, but it is possible that these were off-duty officers, as the area in which the Anonymous presence was active wasn't as high-profile as Sunset Blvd. Also Anon was in fewer numbers here.

    At the Shrine, the Police (off duty or not) effectively "cornered" Anon to one small stretch of side walk, across the street from the backside of the Shrine Auditorium. They also - through the power of magical yellow CAUTION tape, created a veritable maze through which Anon could only approach the protest site by going all the way around a 2 block area, always staying across the street from the Shrine.

    The real pisser about this tactic is that the Co$ was effectively blocking public sidewalks, even refusing access to the residents of the community around the Shrine. Lame.

    I don't know if anyone called or has tried to call the LAPD to confirm the capacity in which the Police served there at the Shrine, but I believe if the Officers on the scene were "off-duty", they essentially become rent-a-cops, and their allegiances may actually be with the Co$, simply to be willing to take the job and carry out these injustices in the first place. Again. Lame.

    But overall - like 99.99% overall - LAPD were super-encouraging and I think it is even more important than before that we maintain a highly cooperative and positive relationship with them, partnering with them whenever possible, and that the police departments in every city in America should be called to mirror their example. Freedom of Speech and Peaceable Assembly are Constitutionally protected rights. It is the job of all police departments to protect the rights of every American - not just power-mad, money-grubbing Cults.
  10. NoWant Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Denver, CO USA:
    The police have both praised us for our cooperation, and nudged us to clear sidewalks for pedestrians. They let us sing, dance and chant, but they pulled over the Ecto Cruiser for playing Party Hard too loud on its stereo. A verbal warning was issued to the driver but no tickets. The Scientologists who were filming us kept getting closer, and at one point, the police told them to go back to their own side of the street. I got the distinct impression that the police will not allow it to get loud and rowdy, nor will they tolerate baiting from either side, but they seem to prefer warnings and instructions to tickets or worse. They're cool. :)
  11. Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    San Francisco, CA: SFPD loves Anonymous! :D

    They were right behind us on 2/10. They were giving us an escort when we were walking around the block on 3/15. I personally made sure to thank them on 3/15 and they were getting some serious $cientology Bullshit 101 lessons from Tommy Gorman himself. They gave the flash-protestors on 3/22 some mad support since the North Beach precinct is annoyed as all heck with the Scilons. LOL

    For the next protest, we're thinking of getting them a card signed by everyone that's there. So there'll be 250+ signatures saying "Anonymous" LOL!
  12. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Woaaaah hold on a minute. CWPD was EXCELLENT. Don't be lumping them with Atlanta. CWPD does not equal CW governing body.

    Clearwater PD: Cooperative.

    Understands the need for masks, and at least at last comment/protest allowed Guy Fawkes masks. Knows about Co$ and stalking/PIs/harassment, apparently informs people of this, at least one officer thought masks were a very good idea, recommended researching specific stalking laws (Florida Stalking Law 784.046 and Florida Stalking Law 784.048 ) and pointed out that there were some less obvious PIs we probably didn't notice, and cwpd in general understands Anonymous far better than Co$ does(not that that's hard).

    An anon speaking with Lt Steffens in particular:
    I found it helpful and generally the same as what I saw.

    I saw that blog and we had darn well better do that too, not the least because as one of the other cwanons pointed out, a card signed "David Mudkips" 200 times would be brilliant.

    In fact, I think it'd be a good idea if everyone who found their PD helpful did that.
  13. John_Smith Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Toronto, Canada

    Concerning 2/10:
    Police were Neutral/Cooperative, watched us from across the street on bikes, let a small number across to the CO$'s front doors to protest there, no hassles.

    Concerning 3/15:
    Neutral/Cooperative, we had a nice police escort to take us from Yonge/Dundas square to the Co$, they laughed when the Imperial March was playing during the march to the Co$, gave us a buffer zone of one lane on the street, did not let us across to the Co$ on 3/15 (apparently the Co$ had put up a major bitchfest from last time), helped people across the street and were overall pleasant.
  14. Shadowflare Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    They basically love us. All last protest they were really cool to us, never cited anyone for honking and a squad car even slowly drove through the lane with two laughing cops blinking their sirens at us and one of the cops waving out the window at us. Word from the inside is that they hope we do this every month, and they really get a kick out of our lulzy antics. During both protests, the scilons in the building called them inside to complain about us, but both times the police told them to stfu.
  15. Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    San Diego, CA: Cooperative.

    Cooperative because they continually looked after us, securing corners, and let us know ahead of time of important regulations (keep sidewalks clear, can amplify voice, can't amplify music over 50 ft.) and their intent to enforce to the spirit of the law, rather than the letter. Whenever we got too loud, they asked us to turn it down, to which we immediately complied. They occasionally asked us of our plans and if we would be moving on, probably only in small part due to mild frustration with our SoCal inability to keep to a schedule (or a plan, for that matter). The plainsclothed lieutenant, who was there on the 10th, was mistaken for being with us and apparently the Corp gave him trouble, so he got informed on YT and everything, and he was decidedly unamused (especially after we'd proven on the 10th that we were one of the more sedate protests he's ever covered).
  16. Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Richmond VA cops were very nice. They did remind us about masks but overall they didn't bother us.( They all gave up before we

    Richmond Va PD- Neutral
  17. Absentis Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Ottawa, ON - Complete apathy. Marked police cars have occasionally parked nearby for a few minutes before zooming off. No problems at all. :)
  18. namewithheld Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Austin, TX

    I'm going to say neutral, but there were only about 3-4 cops at the second event (compared to about 10 at the first). I spoke with one of those cops and she was very happy for the paid overtime we were providing her with for standing in the shade and watching a peaceful protest. I'm not aware of them granting us any special favors or restricting us in any special way, so neutral but a happy neutral.
  19. Jack the dog Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    The London Bobbies were lovely. Very kind, very understanding, some of them were quite nice to talk to as well.
  20. K_Anon Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Adelaide, Australia

    SAPOL was generally very happy with us both on Feb 10 and Mar 15. We notified them and REQUESTED police presence to the protests, and they escorted us on our march and stood outside the building with us. Both times we got to chat with them and give them flyers :)

    Only 2 'incidents' at our protests so far. On Feb 10 a Scilon was told to GTFO after harassing Anons, and on Mar 15 some fags decided to attempt to break into Scifag HQ. They were caught and warned before being escorted back to the rest of us where the protest was otherwise without incident.
  21. Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    I assume by 'break into' you mean walk through the unlocked door that the CoS claims any public member can enter, wouldn't want to give anyone any ammunition with out of context no sense of humor quotes.
  22. sonofaxeman Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Montreal partyvan was quite helpful. Police describes as "totally on our side". Repelled butthurt scifags complaining to them. Friendly, very approachable. I'd classify them as cooperative.
  23. Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Sacramento: Neutral, they were sorta aggressive in holding us to 1 corner two months ago, but last month they just chilled. They "can't take literature while on the job" but seem to understand why we use masks
  24. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    West Midlands Police are brilliant and pretty supportive, they always check in us to check we're ok.
  25. Sanjuricus Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Manchester England: Neutral.
    Most of the time they merely observed, CSP's rather than actual cops in the main as well. As long as the pavement was clear they had no problems. Even when threats of violence were manufactured by Scientology their only reaction was to bring out a few ATS officers which I suppose they are obliged to do in the case of threats etc.

    One CSP bitched about a coat that was left unattended but thats about it that I'm aware of....and I make a point of watching the Police at protests. Gives me a better idea of how they are going to react. :)
  26. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    There seems to be evolutions in the police's attitude, like in the UK.

    Pleasr report the situation according to the OP format.

    Thanks in advance.
  27. lafayetteanon Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Perth Australia: Cooperative *On may the 10th they blocked off roads for us to cross, they took our pamphlets and actually read them, and then defended us when $cieno's tried to say we were loud and unruly. really really happy with the police force.
  28. PFD Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Brisbane, Australia....

    I've had a fair bit of contact with the city police and i have to say they're been fantastic thus far.

    We are yet to have any issues with them even after the numerous things scientologists have called up to have us removed for flashing raiding their Dianetics tables. If the police do make any requests of anons, we happily accept them.

    They do listen to even the smallest report of anything that happens during the raid and are quite happily to help us make sure our permit is going to work for them and us.

    They are aware that BrisAnons aren't there to start trouble but of course are fair with the parties involved. So anything the scientologists may say they'll look into (but usually have the attitude that it's just a scilon overrating anyways ;) :p)

    For the may raid, some anons had wonder down to a Dianetics table, a few cops asked them to keep distance after a scilon complained then another ask them to go back to where we have the permit for. We had some scilons make threats towards anons that we reported and a flag stolen :(. After these very small events, the cops decided they'd watch over us and come along for the march back. The two cops that were present at the rally were awesome, quite friendly, so kudos!
  29. BahamutXone Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


    The City of Ottawa has a requirement for police presence at all demonstrations. That said, they usually stick around for an hour or two, then seem to decide that there are better things to do.

    Oh, and when one irate tattoo/bong shop owner called the police on us, they actually v& what appeared to be one of the store's customers.
  30. WNYanon Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Buffalo, NY


    The cops we've dealt with for the protests for the most part have really evolved and now understand our situation and why we're protesting. One of the cops that was somewhat of an asshole to us at the first two protests has changed and has actually taken a liking to us (as much as he can without looking biased). It was great, he was cracking jokes and making small talk with us towards the end of today! Not much other police involvement to report besides one of them telling us one of our members couldn't wear an alien mask for when we branched out for a flier raid (masks are illegal to wear for protests in NY). I guess this is at the cops disgression since they are not illegal to wear when in small groups not at the protest..

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    that guy two months ago was just a dick overall.
    he'd stop bicyclists on the crosswalk a because they didnt walk their bikes on the sidewalk.
    different cops the other times, and they get nicer as time goes. they even critiqued the signs and want us to really make something interesting because they have to watch us (hired by scilons!)

    so i'd say they're.. casually supportive?
  32. The Duck Man Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Düsseldorf, Germany:

    The police were EXTREMELY cooperative, except for the mask thing, which has been forbidden at state level by the Secretary of the interior for NRW. Many said they would join it, but that their boss wouldn't find it that amusing...
  33. CVAnonymous Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Auckland, NZ - No cops this time, just a friendly Warrant Officer who kept an eye on both sides. We had WONDERFUL private conversation.
  34. Anonydox Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    I'd say that the police in Copenhagen, Denmark were cooperative.

    In Denmark it's actually illegal to simply carry with you to protests, things like masks that can be used to hide your identity. Doesn't even matter if you use them, yet the police allowed us to wear the masks, though not over our faces. But we were allowed to have them strapped to the head. One step closer to getting full permission to hide our faces. The police have generally been very friendly and understanding at all our protests. Not giving us any trouble as far as I can remember.
  35. Killawog Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    At the Tustin protest, we had PI's trying to follow us as we left and we had Cops escort to twart the tail. Awesome!!
  36. Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Boston MA Cooperative I think
    Except we were only allowed on the three of the corners. I don't know why we were not allowed in front of the building.
    When ever the mayor is holding a big speech in Boston the Firefighter (god bless them) go down and protest because they don't have a contract. Now of course they have more numbers but that doesn't matter they stand in the middle of the street and block the way. Nothing ever happens to them. But there Firefighters so they can do that!!!

  37. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    The police seems to have changes their behavior in Florida (Miami, Orlando) and in the UK.

    Should we let local people handle this or is a more global action necessary?
  38. subgenius Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    Farmington Hills Michigan: (Tools)
    Here's my post game post:
    "I'm so angry I could spit.
    The FHPD refused to come over to talk to me even when I got as close as I could without going on $cilon property. They of course were once again parked in their lot, which is what I wanted to talk to them about.
    But of course the $cilons were free to walk up to them and talk to them, and did.
    Still wondering whose side the cops in FH are on?
    I will be raising this issue with the new chief and city council.
    Total bullshit. I gotta cool down."

    I've written a letter to local government. For gosh sakes I could have been having a heart attack and they didn't come when I summoned them.
    They wouldn't have had to even get out of the car. Could have driven across the lot 50 feet.
  39. anonski Member

    Re: Police force's attitude towards Anonymous worldwide

    St. Louis, Mo: Very cooperative.

    No problems at all with the police, and in fact a certain Major told us that we were allowed to make as much noise as we wanted, as long as the Scientologists were the only ones complaining.

    We did have a situation where two anons thought it would be a brilliant idea to call ahead and schedule a free stress test at the org on protest day, and then tried to go in and claim it. They were politely told by the cops to leave or get B& and V&.

    The U-City police also gave us explicit permission to chalk the sidewalks directly in front of the org at 3am in masks.

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