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Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by Shhh-IRAN, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Shhh-IRAN Member

    I have probably the biggest presentation/meeting of my long career tomorrow. I'm prepped and ready to go, and should be sleeping, but it's a big day in Iran today.

    I continue to be obsessed with this fight for freedom. It's been weeks now -- not sleeping enuff, not working enuff, not paying enuff attn to my family, blah blah. I know many others who live outside of Iran are in the same boat.

    I'll be wearing green to work. No-one there will know why.

    I will. You will. And I'll continue to bring Iran up in every conversation I can.

    Many more than 2 mins of silence here for the martyrs/detained/families and the protesters there today. If only thoughts and prayers were a sufficient shield.
  2. Hechicera Member

    I know this feeling!

    Good luck on your presentation.
  3. It's not pointless if it means something to you. That's all that counts really.
  4. Kat-IRAN Member

    Lack of Sleep!

    Since I'm also familiar with these feelings, I also know that the lack of sleep can enhance your performance in your presentation tomorrow.
    With thoughts of the big day in Iran tomorrow - channel that desire and determination for freedom. Good Luck!

    Yeah, I can be pretty corny, lol, best part is it's real
  5. Twister Member

    I too have become obsessed with this fight. It all started when a friend in Saudi Arabia sent me the Neda video before I saw it talked about/broadcast anywhere.. I bawled like a child; my heart began to weep that day and has yet to stop.

    I have worn a green ribbon around my wrist for weeks now. I love when people as me why; it's a great time to educate everyone obsessed with the latest BS the American media feels supersedes this amazing movement against such tyranny and abuse (MJ, Gates arrest, etc).

    I went to a rally for 25 Jul and felt like I had done something to help; it was a truly moving experience... but still, inside the sadness continues.

    I do feel hope, that this *is* going to happen (revolution) and oddly enough, the ones who bring me that feeling of "yes!!!" and "woohoo" every once in a while are those inside Iran. Listening to the chants at night from all over Iran, the fantastic way they are approaching all of this with pause, forethought and planning.

    People of Iran: my heart aches for the pains you are feeling today and have for these last 30 yrs, but know you give me hope with each passing day and your spirit is truly *very* inspirational.

    Thanks Shhh, good to see that someone else feels the same way. Now, time to go don my green and get to work. :)

    In Peace...

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