Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Anonymous, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Is Vicky "Sign Thief" Boyce still at the Plymouth Org, and more importantly, has she lost any weight yet?
  2. getbeckyout Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Hopefully she hasn't lost her OT super powahs of being able to mock up mass at will. Just wishing all the best for her...
  4. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    To answer your first question, yes..... and to answer your second question, no. :)
  5. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I updated another Plymouth thread the other day, but just in case people missed it, I'll add the news here.

    Firstly, it appears as though Ryan Kitson has blown. He has removed all his Sci friends from his Facebook friends list, and has not been seen near the org for a long time. He was targeted a while back with a semi-black op: Entheta comments were left on the SPT articles appearing to come from him, and disinformation was fed to the org that made it appear as though it was Ryan who was leaking data and who had serious withholds. We knew Ryan was already having doubts, and all it took was a bit of 'love' from ethics to finally wake him up and make him see sense.

    Robin Lowe and Viv Wheeler got married the other week in a low-key Sci ceremony.

    Ralph Angel has recently moved to San Jose in California, so please keep an eye out for him at the org there. I'm not sure if he's gone to try his hand at the music scene there, or whether he's been sucked back into staff.

    Tim Lyons (the quiet guy with the glasses) has, after years of manning the stress-test cart, only just been able to pass his Dianetics counselling course.... and he is having problems apparently trying to find people to counsel.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Vicky Boyce sunbathing on the Org's sun terrace?

    That would be a sight needing at least a gallon of eye bleach to fix!

    Pix or GTFO!
  7. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    She wasn't really sunbathing as such, but she was sat out on the bench on the terrace for a long time enjoying the sun, dressed in her fetching dianetics t-shirt...., while the lower-ranked stafflings slaved away in the mouldy bowels of the crumbling org.
  8. Sponge Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    What I wanna know is, what comes after the Ideal Orgs?

    I mean, once every current scientology town has an ideal org, sitting there, all shiny and new, and empty, what do they do next to get money? These ideal orgs certainly aren't being built because existing orgs are bursting at the seams and surely they must have learned by now that relying on the "if we build it, they will come" tech is utter fail. They can't even get the "if we build it" part right. Gateshead, Manchester are just dormant brick shells, without the proper planning consent for usage. Birmingham isn't in quite as bad a state as those but the last impression I got was that it still needs money to make it all ship-shape with all the usual shiny spangles before it is operational.

    With the tiny number of scientologists in the UK, and less hope than ever of that number increasing, how can they justify buying more square footage? It is just utterly pointless on the face of it.
    If ever anyone was thinking that the ideal org drive in the USA was some sort of member-subsidised a real estate portfolio gathering operation then the UK drive certainly confirms it.
  9. RightOn Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    COS will stop at nothing to make it look like they are always expanding. Even if they go broke doing it.
  10. RightOn Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Hey Stu!
    Is this the same Ryan ( the younger guy) from your earlier vids? What also happened to Sandra?
  11. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    That's only a side benefit.

    Miscavige is getting gullible twats (aka 'parishioners') to raise their own money to buy buildings which miraculously end up in his property portfolio.

    So, when the Cult folds, expect to see a chain of "Miscavige Motelodges" coming soon in you area ;)
  12. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

  13. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Yup - thats Ryan. He was sucked-in hard by the cult... I remember one time when OTIII was read out aloud outside the org, and he stuck his fingers into his ears and ran into the back of the org fearing the onset of terminal pneumonia from his implants....

    And as for Sandra, she was never seen manning the stress-test cart after my arrest. I knew she already had serious withholds from my hours of challenging her views... The last I heard was from around this time last year. She had just purchased a flat and had started working for British Telecom ful-time. I am unsure if she still classes herself as a Scientologist, but she is certainly not very active any more.

    Both Sandra and Ryan were personal projects of mine. I really wanted them both to blow, as I could see them wasting the best years of their lives manning that fucking cart. Knowing that the orgs two hardest street-workers have blown makes all my arrest bollocks of last year kind of worth it!

  14. weeblejj Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I wonder if dress up as a pirate would they let me in?
  15. RightOn Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    wow thanks for the update Stu.
    Excellent news.
    How about seeds of doubt for Vicki? tee hee
    I think she is too far gone.
  16. RightOn Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    sad but true.
    What will be the motel/hotel logo be for Slappy's Motels?
  17. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I think she is still revelling in the power of being the ED of the org, and is too far gone down the bridge to total destruction....

    [Edit] Pic relevant:

  18. RightOn Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    OMG... I cracked up, thanks for making my day Stu
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Vicky Boyce really is a fat bitch, and she should realise that if the tech actually worked she'd be at least a size 14.
  20. Django Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Nice job Stu, hope it was worth the hassle for you (it sure was for me....!...).
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Indeed. Sandra was kinda hot in a "demonic chick who will stab you in the back with an icepick as you sleep" kinda way.
  22. Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Stu, I think that Ralph would have gone to the Los Angeles/Orange County area (where the rockabilly movement is still alive) if he were interested in pursuing musical interests, but one can still hope that he stays away from the Cult in San Jose. Or resurfaces as a DeathMetal guitar God.
  23. xenubarb Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    It seems that the thrust in the UK involves binding people together under a banner slightly removed from Scientology.

    In Scotland, HAPI is forming their own clan under the Hubbard tartan. They invoke Mel Gibson and Braveheart, romanticized and removed from actual history.

    Plymouth founding a pirate crew, using Captain Jack Sparrow rather than one of the real life pirates who slaughtered, stole, raped and enslaved.

    So what's next? A Nottingham org forming a Band of Merry Men?
    A western-themed Hole in the Wall Gang?

    They're invoking rebels, scoundrels, thieves and bastards. While that might be more appropriate for Anonymous, it certainly isn't a very good alliance for the cult's PR machine.

    We *are* pirates! Our vessels are computers on the internet sea. Our booty is information, which we gladly share with the world.

    They're just a bunch of scam artists pretending to be a religion as they plunder the minds and bank accounts of their trusting, gullible victims.

    I think somehow subliminally, they're inadvertently showing their true nature by invoking pirates and rebellious Scots.

    /r/ piccies of Plymuff w/ pirate flags. Arrrh, mateys!
  24. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Cheers for the info a few posts back re: Ralph. Lets hope he dives into music and stays well away from the cult, but I do fear the worst....

    Also, I can't stop laughing from the irony that a dangerous cult that is renowned for extorting, stealing and underhand tactics chooses a pirate theme for.... erm.... extorting cash from its brainwashed brethren,

    I added it to another thread yesterday, but the Plymouth Ideal Org has a facebook group here - Welcome to Facebook | Facebook

    The Pavilions is a huge venue that is normally reserved for the likes of chart-topping artists, not a Jive band and a cult.... We are going to try and get someone into the event with a hidden cam system....

    There is an email address for the group - - which is probably Helen Goddards personal email addy
  25. weeblejj Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Emmm it says August 23rd does that mean we have missed it?
  26. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Oh shit, I seem to have lost a month lol.....


    [Edit] Now, if I was a Scientology clear or OT, I would have never made that mistake. I need to read some LRH....
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

  28. FUCK Member

    Re: Scilon Pirate Muster in Plymouth 5 Sept

    Barf. Wonder if anyone has checked to see if the cult has permission to use that image.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth Idle Org. almost paid up

    Church of Scientology Plymouth

    Attention Ye Pirates!

    There be a special briefing on the ideal org tomorrow!
    Hear the latest news and updates on our purchase of
    the building. Find out more about the building and see
    footage and highlights from Simon and Irina's knighting!

    Tomorrow at Plymouth Org at 18:20!!

    Captain Jack
  30. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Plymouth Idle Org. almost paid up

    It wouldn't surprise me to find it's already a done deal with the building of choice being owned outright by a Co$ front company, much like the Birmingham Pitmaston Building was, purchased a year before it was officially announced.

    The Co$ still has shed loads of money sloshing around from the relative good times; David Miscavige would have to be a complete dribbling imbecile to have frittered away the hundreds of millions, billions, of dollars Hubbard had stashed around the globe in front companies etc. so it comes as no surprise when Co$ pulsl such stunts as being "successful" in acquiring their Ideal Org.

    These exercises are not just in fleecing members they are moral boosters too. Ask a scilon about dwindling membership and attendance at events and they will speak glowingly of masses of books & DVDs published in dozens of languages, newly opening Ideal Orgs around the world and other tangible evidence that they see as being of Co$ "expanding".

    It's false expansion of course made possible by them having quite a lot in reserve cash, as we all know at the end of the day it is only long term sustainable with actual contributing members - although it is likely to go on for some time yet as it is. It is not really impressive.

    One of their latest "successes" is one of their least impressive: they have been in getting massive increases in page hits on their websites, which they kindly attribute to Anonymous publicity. Like golly I wonder how much that cost them, given most hits are from India. Duh, get a clue Miscavige.

    Meanwhile, in Plymouth, I suspect the new building will over better potential to protest than the current org, which it has to be said is quite awkward to protest outside of. As to Plymouthians, well they're very familiar with the scilons and I doubt this will change them, although there is always fresh meat at University each year.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth Idle Org. almost paid up

    £200k is pretty phat lewts tbh.
    Wouldn't it be p. easy to check who owns the building at this moment? Cos if it's a CoS front, it'll be lulz.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth Idle Org. almost paid up

    If we knew which building it is then sure, Her Majesty's Land Registry web site will provide the info for around £3. Once the location where the owning company is registered is found from them then is a question of enquiring with that locations Companies Records, if such enquiries can readily be made.
  33. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth Idle Org. almost paid up

    Sadly, the location of the Idle Org is being kept a secret (even to the publics) until they have purchased the building outright. I have a hunch that it is a building (an old hotel) in Lockyer Street on the Hoe... (just a gut feeling).... but there are many large buildings currently on the market. We still have eyes and ears in the org, and I'm sure the location will be leaked soon.

    Once the location is known, I'm sure that a Land Registry search will provide some interesting information....
  34. timthephoto Member

    Re: Plymouth Idle Org. almost paid up

    so if those uplines, can send moneys downlines to buy a building, and then the building does not in fact "vacum" fresh meat in...
    does uplines keep paying the electricity bills and rates or does it just get sold again quietly?
  35. mickturate Member

    Re: Plymouth Idle Org. almost paid up

    it'd be nice to front up to an Idle Org....
    the one they got at presnt is unlulz due to other folks around it not liking 'protesters driving away their trade' hmnnn not sure they quite got the picture...but I digress ( particularly haet that twunt in 54 who sells shite & calls plodz at every oportunity & ses: i don wanna get involved)

    has plymouth $cli loons got access to this ca$h? theres no one going thru' the doors as I see....
  36. Swede Member

    Re: Plymouth Idle Org. almost paid up

    on the other hand it might be pretty funny to check previous owners AFTER (if ever) they get a new crib.
  37. getbeckyout Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    [COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="3"]She is more like Mr ED the talking horse, (TELEPHONE WILBER)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
  38. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: Plymouth Idle Org. almost paid up

    although this does seem like a bad thing, if it's gonna be located anything like the Brum Ideal org then it'll have next to zero public walking in off the street. If they close the mission/org as a result then that's gonna cause even more probs, an Ideal Org will cost more to run than the mission or normal org. Running both places will be a total cash drain, they may keep it open as they move into the new place but I doubt it will be around for long after they move in.

    What's more, if the IO is more visible then that means any protests will be more visible, they're firmly hidden away while they're in that back road, but soon?
  39. pedrofcuk Member

    Re: Plymouth Idle Org. almost paid up

    is sarah burroughs still in plymouth? yes i'm name fagging but this is serious stuff, a name is but a label, you are not your name... sarah, it's me! i'm here to save you from them!
  40. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth Idle Org. almost paid up

    Its not a name that I recognise. Is/was she a Scientologist public or staffer?

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