Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Anonymous, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    LOL! Sorry! I think I was suffering from a bad case of PCT that day! :D
  2. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I think that there's a Hubbard rule somewhere that all orgs have to have someone on site 24/7. (If nothing else it gives staff a place to sleep.)
  3. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I went past the old org today, and there is scaffolding outside and a fresh lick of paint on the exterior walls. Same cannot be said for the ideal org.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I heard Int Base is a Worker's Paradise, and maybe some Sea Orgers would like to take a few months vacation on the RPF there.
  5. Beaker Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I have been offered a job here. I used to be married to a member who worked at the Plymouth Mission. I split from her and since becoming active in protesting against the cult of scientology I have been offered work at this new Plymouth Ideal Org.

    I believe that John Mappin, Irina Mappin , Duncan Williams and Ted Stourton are key investors in this new cult HQ for the West Country.

  6. Beaker Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    These newspaper and magazine titles below are owned by scientology and the Mappin / Williams Independent Newspaper group front companies. Have you seen them in Plymouth yet? They will be used to fund and promote the new cult Ideal Org HQ. Be warned!

    View attachment 422a225a56f41a4a0f2201e1d99504f9.jpg?ts=1287917126
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"


    View attachment 3a54ea5a19c9ae5d95c8e8bab6dcabce.jpg?ts=1287922657

    MORE PICS TO FOLLOW...................
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    THE CLAMS (Cont.)


    :) :D
  9. xenubarb Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    You gonna take the job?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    They say I can work on Staff there in the new year. Maybe I will. But I'm not a mug it's got to be a trick.Place looks in need of good decorators not bad Clams!
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    So you guys reckon that Mappin and co are Plymouth's "Piers Springthorpe"?

    Fascinating. There has to be some major investment coming in from somewhere and I guess they are the most obvious victims for it.

    Perhaps someone needs to explain the "Ideal Org scam" (ie they raise all the money, "donate" it to DM, then pay rent for the privilege of using their own building)?
  12. anon1959 Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    it is occupied at night.
  13. Beaker Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    There is a self evident 'admission' contained in this old press release from Duncan Williams's media 'empire' that money to fund his newspaper and magazine purchases was possibly 'looted' from another company. This one calling itself Worldview Spaceflight sounds worthy of further investigation.... ? It claims to offer support services to Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic Space Programme ????....... But this smells of Scientology to me? Is this yet another Sci front company operated by the Williams/Mappin? A Xenu space programme? ...... These Scientologist has irons in so many fires... (whoops! not such a good choice of words when discussing you, Dunkin, sorry!)

    "From Spaceships to Spitfires: Local Brit newspaper saved from folding by aerospace company

    A company offering astronaut training for domestic spaceflight has stepped in to rescue a local newspaper that serves a small English village famed for it's Battle of Britain spitfire heritage.

    PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 29, 2009 – Following the recent unveiling by Sir RICHARD BRANSON of SPACESHIP 2 there has been a huge surge in interest in domestic spaceflight. Training to become an astronaut is now entirely possible, profitable and set to become a 'must qualify' activity throughout the next decade.

    One British aeronautics company that has already benefited from this growing demand is WORLDVIEW SPACEFLIGHT LTD. A spokesperson, who admits the company has already turned in a 'comfortable profit' over the last quarter, said; "We are fully aware of the vital pioneering tradition that the English aerospace industries have played, now evolved to such a stage that allows Richard Branson to be able to offer a whole new generation opportunities to actually travel into orbit. As a flight provider we feel we owe a debt of gratitude to the very roots of this British pioneering spirit."

    This debt of gratitude has taken the form of a generous investment in a struggling local newspaper that serves a community in South East England most famous for it's WW2 Spitfire base. Bradwell-On-Sea in Essex was a key location for fight pilots to depart on sorties across the Channel and to protect the home front from invading Nazis.

    Published independently, THE BRADWELL BUGLE newspaper had feared that the recent recession might finally spell the end for this community's hard won right to press freedom and in particular it's much loved local newspaper.

    Fortunately Worldview Spaceflight Ltd's current managing director DUNCAN WILLIAMS also happened to have a background in publishing and a passionate interest in the history of the Battle of Britain. He remains a key shareholder at INDEPENDENT NEWS LIMITED, a well established media company that remains determined, wherever possible, not to allow the closure of Britain's regional newspapers.

    Says Duncan; "I got my first break thanks to local media some time ago and so when I heard that this area, with such a significant history for air flight, needed a little support, I knew I might be able to step in and offer a lifeline... "

    As a result the small English village community of Bradwell-On-Sea are delighted. Staff at the paper are also relieved as their jobs are now saved by the surprise intervention.

    At one time Bradwell was probably safeguarding the very freedom of speech that we all take for granted today. Now THE BRADWELL BUGLE, with it's iconic Super Marine Spitfire masthead, is once again going to press!

    # # #

    Bradwell-On-Sea is the historic home to Battle of Britain fighter pilots.
    "Our local newspaper remains committed to upholding the hard won values of press freedom..." - Editor "
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Yes, there is activity. Something's up at the Ideal Org.......
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    They called it 'a culture of Dark Arts". The secretive, smirky world of gathering profitable stories for tabloid newspaper exclusives. Something that links the old pals network of John Mappin, Duncan Williams and Benji the Binman.

    Since those greedy muck raking days the central players have moved on to 'better things'.

    Duncan promotes himself as a 'son of Plymouth'. A 'respectable businessman' who has done well for himself and even found God! Praise be to Jesus, brother!

    Like his old pal John Mappin, both men have far reaching, and very unusual, business investments. Dunk has modestly only trumpeted his Independent News publishing group, when in reality his portfolio of interests stretches a good deal wider, with hotel companies, marketing agencies, a Cornish boat yard and even a looney tune aerospace project all under his belt.

    Impressive indeed, for a simple man from Plymouth who used to like a drink or too. But do the Christian's you regularly preech to nowadays know all of your past? The Scientology and cult involvements? The tax dodges? The dirty work for the gutter press? Your affiliation to Narconon drug rehab groups. Your continued association with John Mappin and Camelot Castle?

    Yes, Duncan, it is hard sometimes to shake off your past. Very hard when it's a murky one like yours......... And we're watching you, WE watching YOU hard, MISTER WILLIAMS!!!

    (A word of advice, Dunk: It's against Sutton Harbour rules to sleep aboard a moored yacht in the harbour complex. Get a hotel next time, you tight wad, maybe Camelot or Experion, eh??? Or else the Harbour Master will have to kick you and your boat out....... !)

    Be seeing you, Dunk! ........ Oh yes, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! :D

    View attachment 75cbb183769135d153c5d8ee3de05a39.jpg?ts=1288432550
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"


    Is the wall and barb wire to keep Annons out or Scions in ??

    pl14pq - Google Maps

  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    The West Country Connection

    (TOURETTES )in most cases , medication is not necessary

    Sorry,meant TURRETS,LOL

    pl14pq - Google Maps

  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Duncan Williams
    31 Oct 2010 at 17:08

    "THE SON newspaper - why not join us and become a new redtop reader... ?"

    news newspaper Posted by Duncan Williams
    THE SON - tabloid newspaper evangelists required!

    Read All About It!
    The Son is a proactive, provocative and uncompromising newspaper which aims to put Jesus back at the centre of society. Written and presented in an easy to read tabloid style, based on the UK’s biggest circulation newspapers, The Son is an ideal tool to reach believers and unbelievers as well. As well as exclusive news, showbiz and sport from the paper, we bring you some groundbreaking exclusives and insight from The Son’s brilliant team of columnists.

    Mission Statement
    We have a simple goal at The Son:

    "To use what God has given us, to share him with others."

    The Son doesn't belong to us… or even to you! It's God's and we will humbly obey him and serve him in this ministry for as long as he wants. If you love the Lord and The Son, get involved.

    Son Evangelists Required!
    If you think The Son is awesome and you want to get involved, here's how you can become a partner.

    This is your paper and we’d love to offer you the opportunity to get more involved. We are looking to set up a network of people that can get involved in this growing ministry by promoting The Son in their church, village or area.

    People ask us, “How can we get involved?” – well here’s 3 ways:


    We believe this is a great ministry that enables people to read about the Christian life in a relevant, interesting and non-patronising way. Please pray for those involved in writing, producing, promoting and financing this project.

    Buy It!

    The Son is currently quarterly but our readers would like it monthly. For £30.00 per issue (plus postage) you can buy 100 copies. Some people buy them and stick them through letterboxes, others give them out at libraries, cafés, businesses, etc. Be creative! It’s a great way of sharing great news! If you'd like to buy copies of The Son, call us on 01752 225623.

    Sign Up!

    Just click here and complete the contact form. Don’t worry, you’re not signing your life away. As a Son Partner* you will be informed about news and events as well as developments and future plans.

    If you have any questions (or ideas!), please give us a yell on 01752 268635 or email

    *I agree to be a Son Partner. This commitment has no binding or legal consequences. It simply means I am keen to be involved in supporting this ministry and I’m happy to have relevant information sent to me. If I have signed up as a Church, I have permission to do so from the Church leadership.

    Comments (1)

    Posted by Duncan Williams 14 Nov 2010 at 15:06
    EXTRA NEWS: 1000 copies of The Son newspaper to be distributed in Manchester over Christmas too!
  19. Sponge Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    ^"The Son" newspaper, oh lol. Tits on page 3?
  20. ScriptKiddie Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Do they actually leave their store occupied at night, or is the light in the back just left on?
  21. Anonymous Member

    Not a Plymouth Scientologist, NOT! Here is proof of his VM and IAS membership. 'Pastor' Williams, what do you say to this??????
  22. Tiny Tim Member

    Would love to know how you came accross that little gem! ;)
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

  25. anon1959 Member

    is anyone ready to raid?
  26. getbeckyout Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    It's on all kept his websites, Tim. And also available by typing in lucky extensions to his file databases. Then if you hit the right extension it becomes visible to all! :) More to follow!!!!
    Here's another little piece of proof that Pastor Williams Randolf Hearst is knee deep in Scientology backhanders and commission payments for publishing cult propaganda tat. Just like the vile David Gaiman and his V&V vit peddling business, milking 'donations' and cash from the cult innocents, so Williams too is profiteering from flogging the gullable L Ron Hobbit 'scripture' in book and magazine form........
    And the name Russ Baragan is a nasty one; Cult top brass working out of the way to (un)happiness in Hollywood HQ.

    View attachment FAX-08712341992-02073529599-1303554211%255B1%255D.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Definitely worth keeping and distributing any docs he has published on his website.

    And sending them to the Christian churches he claims to be working for.
  29. Anonymous Member

    ytyc34.jpg <<<<<DANGER<<<< This Your town Your Choice title (which we believe is Sci owned by proxy through Williams and his Independant (sic) media company have been spotted at distribution points around Plymouth. The Waterfront bar, The Barbican Centre, The Theatre Royal, The Coach Station (in the barbers) and at Starbucks. It has to be admitted, though, that there are no pieces about Scientology contained in these mags - some stuff about Christianity is included.
  30. Anonymous Member

    In case of 'sermons' being proffered or booked by unwary UK Alpha Groups, those wishing to alert their local Christian churches (particularly in Plymouth) as to the sinister past of this pAsstor Williams, attaching documentation that Anonymous is fast obtaining, you can contact Alpha direct at via these addresses:-

    Find a course running near you.
    The Alpha Course International Head Office and Alpha Ministry Offices

    The Alpha Office
    Alpha International
    Holy Trinity Brompton
    Brompton Road
    SW7 1JA
    +44 (0)845 644 7544
    +44 (0)20 7584 8536
    International Enquiries

    Please contact your local country office.
    Website Enquiries

    Please email:
    Make a donation

    If you would like to make a donation to Alpha International please use our online giving service.
  31. kernowanon Member

    Perhaps a Mod could move all this Duncan Williams information over to the Duncan Williams thread???
  32. Anonymous Member

    It is certainly true that the Sci's have made definate moves to infiltratwe and recruit from within the Christian community. Their cynical cross logo is a blatant attempt to lure the unsuspecting victims into the cult. If it is the case that pASStor Dunkin Williams is using Alpha as a means to recruit into Scientology we must warn him off and warn the good natured, sometimes overly trusting, Christian community of what Scientology is REALLY all about..........
  33. Nataku Member

    <Archie> Hello. Archie here. Am making a film for the Guardian about hactivism/Anonymous. Looking to interview an UK-based Anon IRL. Identity can be concealed. Please make contact if you can help or know of someone who may be able to.

    <Archie> I am here. My colleague and I have already interviewed a US-based Anon associate. Looking to interview a UK-based anon in person who is involved in operations and has a proper understanding of how the movement operates. We are london-based but can travel if needs be.

  34. Beaker Member

    Try contacting Duncan Williams...

    Plymouth media business owner is bowled over by Bartercard

    &quot;This is a unique trading system that revolves around bartering,&quot; says regional magazine publisher Duncan Williams. &quot;It has been most welcome in the South West. Our company has been an active member of the Bartercard network for over 6 years now.&quot;

  35. Beaker Member

    Plymouth media business owner is bowled over by Bartercard

    Look out for the Bartercard logo in Plymouth

    PRLog (Press Release)May 09, 2011 – It is with great pleasure that Independent News Ltd. is pleased to announce that Plymouth Argyle football club and Plymouth Chamber of Commerce have both joined us in the Bartercard network.

    &quot;This is great news for local group trading,&quot; says Plymouth born media owner Duncan Williams.

    Bartercard is committed to helping Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) grow and achieve financial success by facilitating a trade exchange network that offers dynamic and effective ways of conducting business.

    Although the concept of barter is thousands of years old, bartering through Bartercard is the most innovative way of combining modern technology.

    Bartercard helps develop a pro-active community of businesses with indirect and direct marketing channels which increase your customer base, increase sales, increase profit and improve cashflow.

    The City of Plymouth welcomes Bartercard; &quot;Come on, you Greens!&quot;

    # # #

    Independent News Ltd. - Established publisher of UK regional newspapers and magazines. Offering distribution and marketing opportunities in key locations throughout Great Britain.

    --- end ---
  36. Anonymous Member

    Mr Suri, who also owns Plymouth's Reel Cinema, told The Plymouth Herald: "The Church of Scientology has bought the building.
    "Someone bought it on their behalf, completing the deal last Friday." (Plymouth Herald newspaper 12 months ago)

    So, I wonder who purchased it on their behalf ?
    (Land Registry site may reveal)

    Anyone know if the multi-billion £ project has started, or is it yet another Mappin scam to raise more funds for the Church C of $ bank account ?
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Oh,this one is just priceless! But if the insanity that is The Sport newspaper could be run by the insanity which is Scientology,then maybe we should start a boycott of this newspaper.
    Cross plot : mapping out your career dreams as a Christian in media

    Once again a conference held at the Hayes Centre in Derby by the Church and Media Network on the 13th - 14th of June has proved to be a resounding success.

    Plots hatching at the Hayes Centre in Derby
    PRLog (Press Release)Jun 16, 2011 – &quot;It can sometimes be a lonely place, working in a media environment and holding faith to one's core beliefs,&quot; said one young delegate. &quot;The conference offers support and reminds me I can map out a good career for myself and am not alone.&quot;

    Far from it; the annual Church and Media Conference is become a real oasis for all Christians working in media, it continues to offer a place to meet, exchange ideas, listen, plot and plan future dreams.

    Speakers this year included big hitters such as BBC controller, Danny Cohen, who proudly announced; &quot;'Songs of Praise' is celebrating its 50th year and I'm very conscious of that anniversary. I think it is the longest-running religious programme in the world.&quot;

    Other past speakers have included Duncan Williams, the regional magazine and newspaper publisher, rumoured to be behind a recently attempted 'ethical consortium buyout' of the Sport Media Group.

    Williams described the Church and Media Conference as; &quot;One of the most inspiring events I have attended. Life changing!&quot;

    So, is Britain actually regaining it's Christian voice; is this being reflected in powerful changes of attitude within the media industry?

    &quot;I think we still have a very long way to go,&quot; admitted a regular attendee. 1464502284 &quot;But this Conference is certainly doing more than a little to help map a pathway.&quot;

    For more info:

    # # #

    Ozone Marketing Ltd. has been at the forefront of contract and B2B publishing since its formation in 2003. Based in London and working closely with major newspaper and magazine companies, Ozone is able to offer its clients value advertising opportunites.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Christian? My fucking arse!..................

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