Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Anonymous, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

  2. Mutante Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

  3. basil Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"


    Good grief.

    Sparrow? Harkness? Or some other one?

    Oh the lulz that can be had... Plymanon, I believe you've just had next month's theme handed to you on a plate.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    WTF? Surely this can't be actual scilon propoganda?!?

    If so, can some Britfag please record a prank call asking to speak to "Captain Jack"?
  5. basil Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"


  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    'fraid so. It was received in an email from Plymouth Org. Definitely makes one's eyes roll...
  7. xenubarb Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    That doesn't even make sense! Are they admitting they're pirates?
    Are they about to be the victim of pirates?

  8. basil Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    So who's gonna be the first person to leave "You are a pirate" on their answering machine?
  9. OpThetXVI Member

  10. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"


    There is a Plymouth OTC website here - Plymouth OTC - which is nothing more than a splash page with a donate button on it (Ryan - why did you give them a large chunk of your last wog-job paycheck?). While the Plymouth org is cramped, they are having difficulties keeping the place staffed let alone dragging defenceless public in for courses. However, I really hope that the org does buy a new Ideal Org building, as it is virtually impossible now to protest outside their Ebrington Street lair. We got away with it Feb -> Sept last year, as there was space opposite the org that was outside a building being developed. Now the building is finished and occupied, there is zero pavement space that we can set up on.
  11. basil Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Perhaps they should think about finishing the current unfinished, derelict, clogged up in red tape and building violations, Ideal Orgs before starting to think about their next one.

    Oh, and perhaps getting enough people in any Org to justify expansion, surely filling the smaller ones to make them look busy is better than a large, empty one (only slightly better than the current small empty ones).

    50 years ago, in post-war frugality, people would have been impressed by the big buildings going up, showing that the organisation that would fill it was prosperous and growing. That doesn't work any more, sorry Scientology.
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  12. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    the pirate-flag on that ship looks like it was shooped by a 4 year old who didn't even try to do a good job.

    And don't get me started on the poster itself... Pirates?? Really now?
  13. OpThetXVI Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    It may surprise you to know the Pirate Flag doesn't feature in the original photo!
    The ship is the Barque Picton Castle.
    Picton Castle TSCH06
    Home: Barque Picton Castle
    Wonder if the owners, and photographer, gave permission for that photo to be used?
  14. basil Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I was too amazed at the poster to notice, but that is awful. Did they draw it on with paint?

  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    The cult doesn't have a fucking chance. :D
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Given that it's Scientology I'm guessing they're going for one with less ambiguous sexual preferences.
    'course given that it's Scientology it's not likely they'd have a clue when making themselves look like idiots, either.
  18. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I had a hospital appt today, so decided to go pass the org as it was on my route. They have a huge pirate flag up against the wall in the front office (and they also had sci's who I didn't recognise at the front meeting table). I didn't have the means to take a picture.... but I must say, the pirate flag looked quite out of place in a 'church'. It looks like they are going all-out on a donations-drive to raise funds for this never-to-exist Ideal Org.

    I also saw the stress-test cart in town for the first time today in a long time. Recently, I've been waiting for people who have finished stress tests, and then I've been going up to them afterwards and informing them about the cult. This has resulted in Scientologists following that person afterwards brandishing a DVD and informing the confused member of public that I am a drug-dealing nazi communist hacker on steroids....

    The other day, I followed this one person for 150m as he left the stress test cart until he went into a clothes shop. I parked my scooter outside, and went into the same shop.... however, I totally ignored the member of public, and instead spoke briefly to a shop assistant about coats and hats. As I left, on cue, Mr Boyce appeared at the front-door of the shop, went straight in, and interrupted the member of public saying "Dont listen to what that man has been saying" (pointing at me).... Lets just say that the member of public was confused as to why a mad-looking Mr Boyce had followed him 150m up the street and into a shop, ranting on about a disabled person who was a complete stranger to them.... hohum.

    Today, I hung back, but in full view of the cart. This woman was at the cart for about 15 mins, and I was intending to inform her about the cult after she had finished.... but towards the end, out the corner of my eye, I saw all 4 scientologists pointing at me while talking to the woman.... (probably saying that I was stalking them, and that I was going to come up to her and tell her bad things about the 'church').... I didn't look at them directly, and after a few seconds, I slowly pottered off looking like a normal shopper. She must have been a little confused as to why they were telling her bad things about a disabled person on a mobility scooter, who seemed to show no interest in the stress-test cart, and who was just out shopping.....

    Fucking them up psychologically is such great fun :)
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  19. RightOn Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    This poster is one of only a few posters where Scientology was finally truthful...

    They say "the pirates have their next bounty in site"

    All true! They ARE pirates and they are after your dabloons.
    Never thought I would agree with COS! Bwa-ha ha!

    Oh and Stu! howdy!! and nice move! You twicky wabbit.
  20. Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I thought WE were the pirates. :(
  21. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Thats so jokes dude :D Keep up the good work.
  22. Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"


    And nice one, Stu :D
  23. RightOn Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    We are the nice pirates.
    They are the true scallywags who rape and pillage.
  24. Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    How nice of them, saying more to discredit themselves in 15 seconds than any protester could manage. What's that called again...foot...ball? Footbillet?
  25. xenubarb Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    We're moar like privateers...we only rape and pillage those who deserve it.

    Also, nice gambit, Stu, I lol'ed!
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    ... wat is this white knight faggotry?
  27. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Indeed a good point, we demand Plymouth Scilons provide a building more suitable for protesting.

    Trust all is going well Stu say hi to the rest for me. All quiet on the North Eastern front.
  28. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Oh man, this sounds like such fun dude. :)

    Should be noted that as with Pitmaston in Birmingham the scilons do mysterious things with ideal orgs. Expect them to move to some listed building some time in the near future. They will be looking to get money to buy it perhaps but the current owners will be allowing them to use it mean time. The current owners will be a front company for the scilons of course. The scilons will be reg'd and reg'd and eventually they will announce they have bought it after all, once they figure the pots about dry and it's time for a moral booster. It will either be this or a variation on the Pitmaston scam.

    The real estate market slump has cost them paper money but now is probably a good time to buy, especially if your the scilons cos you charge rent anyway.

    The fact they can buy Ideal Orgs isn't that impressive really. The organisation has pots of money stashed away around the world thanks to its ill gotten gains. Sadly it does impress the scilons because they see it as proof of how powerful they are.

    Like I say, any building they get should be better for protesting than the current one now.

    What ever building they move in to check with the Land Registry to find out the front company owning it. It will likely be one in a tax haven somewhere.

    Check also if it was part of a larger area of land purchased recently (the same day in Birmingham) that was broken down in to separate plots; you want to know the parent title deed and the owners of that. All history is available from Land Registry, though you might have to pop in for some of it or call them; I believe they charge £3 a title plan - you want the title register for the owner details etc.

    Company information, such as director names, can be acquired too but it depends which country it is registered in as to how you go about it. I did this for the Pitmaston building which is how we discovered the scilons bought it through David Gaiman's company, split the plot and then sold it on to 2 front companies and an investment company, all the the same day for £0.75M profit; it was the initial "same day" shenanigans that got us going - aside from the scilons being involved anyway.

    Naturally David Gaiman will not be doing that again, nor will Piers of Manchester Org on account of them being removed from the game. There are however other players and as time goes on they will be revealed.
  29. Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Ideal Org
  30. getbeckyout Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Great work Stu, Sue and I thank you for the late night, early morning phone call on Sat. Love the pussy, but now Sue wants another one, thanks.
    Speak soon Tony, be good. x
  31. AnotherSock Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    I was really gutted that I missed Sea Arrgh II: Cruise Control. If those stupid $cilon creatures are really dumb enough to pull this in... I may have to go to Plymouth's next raid.

  32. firebug Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"


  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Wouldn't have thought it possible to look like a joyless crew of fail whilst dressed as pirates, but now I know.

    Fail ahoy, cap'n.
  34. xenubarb Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Why did you fail to quote the whole thing?

    What do you think "mostly" suggests?
  35. Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Don't worry HT... we can haz playmates nao!!!!!!
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    To Stu and others,

    They follow a playbook (probably written by DM) for all of these Ideal Orgs.

    First, some SeaOrges come into town and meet with Org leaders and OTs and identify a bldg. They give them a cookie cutter copy pasta for the Ideal Org fundraising. It required picking a "theme". For Chicago it was Amelia Earhart type flyers, Columbus was explorer with pith helmets, etc. They take group photos in ridiculous outfits. The get cookie cutter newsletters or websites to push the Ideal org and fundraising. The start up boards with donation lists and weekly targets and how much people have given and a big push to give enough money to make it up to the next IRL level up. (there are photos of these whiteboards taken by Anons from Columbus and one other org)

    The must have some formula to identify a bldg that costs exactly as much as they can milk out of the public, staff, scilon businesses. They start negotiations to buy the bldg and usually have fundraisers inside the new bldg along with CGI videos and renderings of how great it will look. They also have the same architects draw up the interior plans which are pretty much similar for all Ideal Orgs. (See Montreal, or chicago, or columbus, or sydney.. there is a thread on here devoted to the blueprints)

    Eventually in six months to a year they might buy the bldg... Have some big catered parties in it and then the next phase of raising money for renovations begins. And most of the time they submit some zoning, building permits, etc. And like Nashville and Dallas, start hitting up for tradesmen and volunteers to do most of the work, probably illegal in many places, certainly not up to code.

    The really sad thing is that they hit up everyone who has ever done scientology in the area and convince them this is the biggest thing ever, because an Ideal Org is their field of dreams. The tell existing staff or anyone who thinks they can just quit their job and do scilon full time that the new Org will attract thousands and that they have to donate early and often to secure a spot on the new staff. They tell them the money will be rolling in and they can get paid well for being able to do this full time. Go look at Dallas or Nashville or vegas where they are now begging for anyone to move there as none of these people have any staff, and barely any publics.

    The sad thing is the locals have now invested over a million in a new org, so they realize when the bills start coming in they will lose everything and are literally slave prisoners to trying to make it work because they can't go back now. They can't go part time and do the minimum to just get by like they did at the old orgs that were small, but manageable. It is an anchor around the necks of struggling, declining orgs. They will put all of these orgs out of business or at least they will be without electricity, etc. It's like the killing off of the missions... but the goal here is that some of the new bldgs might succeed and be able to spread a new image of these celebrity-type centres everywhere.

    The gambit I guess is to rob as much from people as they can now and lock it up in highend real-estate... Scientology is investing in their future by aquiring fancy new bldgs at the expense of the people. It's like the stupid library book campaign scaled up to millions of dollars.
  37. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    ^^^ Thanks for the insight!
    Tony> Was great catching up with you the other night.
    Anon1312> There is only Anon-e-mouse really left from the old Plymouth cell apart from me, but I'll pass your wishes onto him.
    Also, thanks everyone else for your best wishes etc :)
  38. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Moar accurate!

    Their ads make my head hurt, they are horribly made by vastly underqualified people who are denied sleep and a decent life. Not that I feel sorry for the bastards when they have only to walk out the door.

    Shame it is not Plymouth in *New* England.... lots of lulz could be had with the failfags that were the Puritans who shipped over in 1620 with useful things like candelabras and pianos, instead of, I dunno... shit that would help them survive. That would be a better analogy for the scifags than pirates who are at least capable.
  39. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    ITT: a gimpy religious-bigot wog on a failcart runs rings around packs of super-powered OTs. (WTF???)

    Also, this:
    ...should be printed out and handed to current Scilons, IMO. I couldn't stop reading it, and it doesn't even concern my money/future.
  40. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Plymouth "Next Ideal Org"

    Wasn't it VeggieTales that had the movie "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything?"

    New protest poster?

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