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  1. People because the Iranian government tried to revoke the election, and they are very uncharitable, but apply only to the people of Iran Ahmadinejad
    Ahmadinejad's government showed how are people deceived

    Viva Obama , Viva Mousavi
  2. Wtf

    ok why am i not allowed to spurt political views, but when its pro obama then you can??

    ATTENTION: this is not political in any way. its for the iranians, and nothing more. please do not mention politics in here ;D

  3. In a sign of solidarity from Lebanon ...

    Keep safe and may God be with you
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    Heres a nother picture of Neda

    here is a nother picture of Neda before her tragic death

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  7. Nonsense. There are trillions of messages made, including calls, emails, texting and IM's, and cell phones, twitters, credit card and debit car transactions. There is necessarily very small sampling made compared to the total, so the focus has to be on bad guys...and there are a lot of those in the world.

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