Please post pics of bloodshed here. (warning: graphic content)

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Death-to-basij, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Please post pics of shot/injured people here. I need as many pics as I can get, so I can print them and hand them out to people at the demonstration tomorrow. To inform the ignorant!

    Lotfan ax haye koshte va majroohin ra inja post konid ke betoonim be donya neshoon bedim jenayate in regime ro.

    So far I have the following:




  2. Please add to this collection!
  3. thank you, death-to-basij and all iranians showing the world what dignity means. a warm embrace from chile.
  4. ^^^ thanks.

    please add.

    Protest tomorrow! need more pics!
  5. u post pics

    Dear iranian freedom fighter
    u post pics here - i use pics and i put together slide show on youtube
    the world must see what is happening in Iran
    You do not fight alone - u have our hopes and prayers with you
  6. Keep up the good work and the pressure.

    Keep up exposing the Basiji, Security Forces and Iran's brutal regime to the world. Don't let these people who lost their lives or got severly hurt, arrested, tortured be forgotton. The IRI can't hide any more.
  7. Junius Member

    Help me get images of the Basiji up. My blog is a source in helping with the identification of the men responsible for these atrocities

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