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Discussion in 'Translations' started by Persian, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Persian Member

    "Farsi" is considered wrong. The official name for our language is Persian. Please correct it.

    Thank you.
  2. I Ran Hubbard Member

    is wikipedia the arbiter of all things, cause M-W and wikipedos agree.

    /r/ change it to فارسی
  3. come on Persian!
    Persian and farsi are both correct...maybe we prefer "persian" in english, but let our friends to use both of them and don't cofuse them with minor things.
  4. Farsi is the dialect of it should properly read Persian-Farsi, unless you want to be grouped in with Dari or Tajik ;)
  5. danyal_e Member

    ya ur rite farsi is a dialect of persian from the provence of fars
  6. if you want to diffrentiate the country dialects, you need to say Persian-IR or Persian-Tajikistan etc.. just like English-US, English-UK etc.. it's not the best practice to come up with names

    Farsi is fingilished version of the local name of the language

    tho this is not our main concern right now

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