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Discussion in 'Translations' started by Persian, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Persian Member

    "Farsi" is considered wrong. The official name for our language is Persian. Please correct it.

    Thank you.
  2. AR. Member

    Euhm from my understanding, the language that iranian/persians speak is farsi.
  3. from Wiki:

    "In English, this language is historically known as "Persian". Some Persian-speakers migrating to the West (particularly to the USA) continued to use "Farsi" to identify their language in English and the word gained some currency in English-speaking countries.[7] "Farsi" is encountered in some linguistic literature as a name for the language, used both by Iranian and by foreign authors.[8] However, the Academy of Persian Language and Literature has declared in an official pronouncement[9] that the name "Persian" is more appropriate, as it has the longer tradition in the western languages and better expresses the role of the language as a mark of cultural and national continuity. Some Persian language scholars also have rejected the usage of "Farsi" in their articles."
  4. anonymous612 Member

    To my understanding Farsi/Parsi is the Persian word for the Persian language, therefore technically the official language in Iran would logically be Farsi.

    EDIT: Just read the above. No opinion either way but I haven't heard any other complaints on it.
  5. Both Farsi and Persian are correct.
    using FARSI is more common when you speak farsi, but in english, sometimes we use Farsi, and sometimes Persian. they're interchangable.
    good luck
  6. Well, I think we all agree that it's not Iranian people's biggest problem right now!
  7. Persians speak "Paars", and most of the world pronounces that term as Farsi.
    The P becomes F due to Grimms' law.
  8. What are you taking about? who says persians speak "Paars"?
    persians speak "Parsi" or "Farsi"
    pars or Parsi is equal to Persian but there is no Pars language.
    anyway it's not our matter rightnow but I don't want any misinformation to be spreaded in this forum so don't confuse foreigners!

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